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5 Best White Label Video Conferencing or Webinar Software

5 Best White Label Video Conferencing or Webinar Software

White label video conferencing – Perhaps you’ve read our previous article on white-label online course platforms and thought: What if I wanted to do some web seminars instead?

Is there any white label video conferencing software you could use? Well of course. Using a white-label video conferencing software is a great decision to make as it’ll make you look more professional in the eyes of the attendees.

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5 Best White Label Video Conferencing

1. Zoho Meeting

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Zoho Meeting is the first white label video conferencing software option we’re talking about in this article. Its strengths come from the fact it is a mature product that has evolved over many years.

It is a robust video conferencing software that has a lot of features and integrations. It is worth noting that Zoho Meeting is behind a freemium business model and that although you can use the video conferencing software on its own, it is most robust if you use it along with the entire Zoho Office suite of productivity apps.

If you don’t know where to start for a white label video conferencing software, Zoho may be your best choice as it’s very easy to use even for those unfamiliar with the tool.

2. BigMarker

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Another big name in the white label video conferencing sphere is BigMarker. BigMarker is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create your own video conference software by using the BigMarker widgets.

This means that you can brand the software with your company name and even integrate it with your existing systems and accounts (CRM, email marketing, etc.). BigMarker is primarily a webinar software, as you can conduct and broadcast webinars as well as video conferences.

It is also mobile-friendly and highly customizable with a large selection of themes and designs.

All of this makes BigMarker a very good choice if you need a white label webinar software to use.

3. Pexip

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Pexip is another solid contender in the white label video conferencing software category. This software is a cloud-based, video conferencing platform that is hosted by Pexip themselves.

Pexip is a video conferencing solution that is built for businesses that need video calls and webinars to be a seamless part of their daily operations. Pexip comes with a wide range of features, such as screen and content sharing, recording and playback, polling, and a wide range of integrations.

Pexip is primarily aimed at businesses that need a high-quality video conferencing solution. That said, Pexip can also be used by consumers — it just has a few more features than something like Zoom.

Though if you’re solely looking for features designed for the general user, Zoom may be a better choice as Pexip’s other features will be useless to you.

4. ClickMeeting

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If you’re looking for a white label webinar platform that’s cheap and easy to get started with, look no further than ClickMeeting.

Despite being on the cheaper end of white label webinar software, ClickMeeting definitely holds its own weight. It’s a browser-based solution, meaning you don’t need to install it on your devices to get it to work.

This of course comes with pros and cons, but its pros are much higher than the cons of needing to install it on your machine.

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5. SpotMe

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If you need a video conferencing app for your enterprise-level events and plans, try looking at SpotMe.

SpotMe as a webinar software offers tons and tons of brand customization that’ll get your brand to stand out among others.

It also has a lot of other schemas you can choose as well. So if you happen to no longer need it for a webinar, SpotMe can still pull its own weight.

Its main downside is that it’s quite expensive, so if you’re still a smaller business, its price range may be a bit outside of yours.

Conclusion White Label Webinar Software

There are a lot of options out there for white label video conferencing software, and we have covered a nice selection of them here.

If you are looking for a white label video conferencing software, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

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Though most businesses won’t need something as extreme as a customized and personalized video conference experience, it’s definitely a plus point if you can afford it.

In business, brand recognition is paramount, so if you can help increase your reputation this way and you happen to be able to afford it, there’s no reason to not use these white label video conferencing software.

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