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5 Best White Label Online Course Platform

5 Best White Label Online Course Platform

White label online course platform – Interested in branching out but don’t have the time or resources to do so? Why not try white labeling? In this particular instance, we’ll be talking about a unique form of white labeling.

It’s a bit surprising how online courses can even be a white­-label product, but it is a thing nowadays and there’s an excellent opportunity there. If you’re interested in starting one yourself, here are some of the best white label online course platform you can check to get you started.

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1. Teachfloor

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The first white label online course platform that we’ll be going over is Teachfloor. It’s one of the best white label online course platforms in the industry, especially when compared to other platforms on this list.

The biggest advantage Teachfloor has over other platforms is that it already has a large community of teachers already using it. This means that you don’t have to worry about building a user base from scratch. Moreover, you also get to choose what type of branding you want for your online course.

You can choose from various templates and styles that suit your needs. Obviously, you can also make your own custom branding from scratch if you want.

So far, Teachfloor’s only disadvantage seems to be its lack of integration with other tools for course management.

This means that you have to manage your online course entirely through the platform. However, you can still use external tools to help you manage your marketing.

2. Thinkific

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Another great white label online course platform is Thinkific. It’s a very well-designed white label platform that makes it easy to create an online course that has a professional look and feel to it.

Thinkific’s biggest advantage as a white label online course platform is its ease of use. Even compared to other online course platforms, Thinkific has a clean and simple design that makes it easy to use by anyone.

This even includes non-technical individuals like content creators and marketers.

Moreover, unlike the previous entry above, Thinkific also has a wide range of features and integrations that you can make use of. These range from marketing tools to tools for course management and analytics.

There are also a lot of pricing plans to choose from. This makes it more accessible for individuals who want to white label an online course.

3. LearnWorlds

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One of the best white label online course platform that has a lot of integrations is LearnWorlds.

It has integrations with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Squarespace.

Thanks to this, it’s much easier to sell your online courses on your own website. It also has a lot of templates you could choose from similar to other white label online course platforms out there.

With LearnWorlds, you’ll be able to create your online course with a unique look and feel to it with much less difficulty than before.

There are also many tools for you to make use of. These include a built-in live chat and sales funnel builder. These tools can help you to make your online course more interactive and engaging.

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4. Teachable

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When it comes to ease of use, Teachable is only second to Teachfloor. Its very user-friendly interface allows people of all ages and backgrounds to be able to use this online course platform very efficiently.

This fact also extends to the user side as Teachable has a clean and modern design that makes it easier for individuals to discover and sign up for your online courses.

Not only that, but it also has integrated support with other marketing tools out there that’ll make your online course marketing a bit easier. 

5. Kajabi

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Lastly, we have Kajabi, another white label online course platform that is also easy to use. Though its biggest strength compared to other white online course platforms in this list is definitely its marketing capabilities.

This platform gives you tons and tons of freedom in how your online course and content are structured. Unfortunately, though, its mobile support is quite lackluster. So it earns its place as the 5th instead of first.


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If you want to start your own online course but you don’t want to create your own platform from scratch, white labeling is the best way to go.

With this, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and resources creating your own platform. You can just use an existing platform that is already established.

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