What Does Moots Mean on TikTok

What Does Moots Mean on TikTok

Hi, let’s be moots! Have you ever heard that term when you open TikTok? If you have, maybe you are now wondering, what do moots mean on TikTok?  

Social media is full of slang. The people there are so creative that they always coin new trendy words. Now, let’s find out the meaning of this word to level up your TikTok game.

What Does Moots Mean on Tiktok

What Does Moots Mean on Tiktok?

“Moots” is short for “mutuals” or “mutual followers.” It refers to people who follow each other on TikTok and actively engage in each other’s posts, such as giving likes and comments.  

When someone asks you, “do you want to be moots?” it means they are asking you to follow each other’s account. They probably find that you have similar interests with them, and it is always more fun to have more friends on TikTok.

So, if you find an interesting account that you want to interact with more often, you can simply leave a comment: “Hey, let’s be moots!”

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What Does It Mean to be Moots?

Now that you know what does moots mean on TikTok let’s move to another question. What does it mean to be moots? What do you have to do to be moots with someone? 

After seeing your content, someone will sometimes follow you, and you can follow them back to be mutuals. Sometimes, it goes the other way around. You follow them first, and they follow you back.

But there are times when you have to ask them first to be moots. This is not always because people are arrogant, but simply because they want to have mutual friends with whom they really can interact. Social media is fun because you get to talk to other people about the things you love. There is no point in the following someone if you barely interact with each other. 

So, don’t be shy. If you want to be mutual with someone, drop some comments. People are usually happy to get new friends and followers on TikTok.  

Moots on the Other Social Network

The word “moots” is not only used in TikTok. In fact, it started on other social media platforms way before TikTok became very popular. The term “moots” has been used on Twitter circa 2015, especially in the Twitter K-Pop community.  

Moots meaning in Twitter K-Pop is the same as moots in TikTok. It also refers to people who follow and closely interact with each other. The term was so popular back then because the Twitter K-Pop community feels close to each other. K-Pop was not as famous as today back then, and K-Pop fans sometimes get unnecessary hate from other people. As a result, they stick close to each other by gathering as many K-Pop moots as possible. 

Maybe you are wondering what do mutuals mean on Instagram. The meaning is the same with mutuals in other social media platforms. As long as you follow and closely interact with each other, you can call yourself a moot with someone. 

You now know what does moots mean on TikTok and other social media platforms. Don’t hesitate; it is time to get yourself some new moots!

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