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What Does CF Mean on Instagram

What Does CF Mean on Instagram: Choose Your Best Friend

What Does CF Mean On Instagram – Instagram is famous for its great features, including CF. If you are an active user of this messaging app, you might have been familiar with this feature. But, not all Instagram users know what CF is and what it stands for. This page will show you everything you need to know about this popular feature among Instagram users.

What Does CF Mean on Instagram

What Does CF Mean On Instagram? 

what does cf mean on instagram
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So, what does CF mean on Instagram? Well, CF on Instagram stands for “Close Friends”. This is a popular abbreviation that people use for a private conversation with concerned individuals on Instagram. The setting will allow you to post to selected Instagram users you add as close friends.

In other words, what does CF mean on Instagram? It requires you to set up a list of your close friends or family. This feature will provide you with more privacy. In this way, you can control personal messages or posts from irresponsible people. One of the great things about CF is that the tool doesn’t only allow you to add but also remove friends from the list.

Since CF enables you to pick up a few friends that can see your posts, it enables you to keep your Instagram story private. This is a beneficial setting for Instagram users, especially if you have many followers. The setting will allow you to prevent all undesired followers from seeing content, posts, or messages you upload to your account. | What Does CF Mean On Instagram

CF on an Instagram Story

But what does CF mean on Instagram story posts? If you are on the list of someone’s CF, the green colour will pop up around your friend’s story circle. Just like the CF tool on your Instagram account, you can leave the list of someone’s CF anytime you want to.

What You Can do with CF

You can do various things with CF on Instagram. These include:

  • Messaging only close friends.
  • Create video notes.
  • Sharing photos and videos.
  • Personalize the theme of your Instagram.
  • Watch the Instagram stories of your friends.

How to Add CF to Your Instagram

what does cf mean on instagram
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Having more friends on Instagram will provide you with a lot of benefits. If you want to add CF to your Instagram account, here are things you can do.

  • First, make sure that you download Instagram and install the messaging app.
  • Then, you can click on an icon at the application’s bottom right corner. This will allow you to view your Instagram profile.
  • After that, you need to type in your username on the top part of your profile. Make sure you choose the “Close Friends” icon and tap it.
  • Click on “Get Started”, and from here, you will be directed to the list of your friends. It allows you to pick up the ones that you wish to add to the feature.
  • For the last step, make sure that you select your CF and then tap on Create List to end the process.

Instagram gives you some features to quickly communicate with close friends and family. Like CF, that gives you the benefit of making an internal space special for you and them. So, how many CF do you have? Don’t forget to update all the business and digital marketing here! We always give you the right direction to know more about it.

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