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What Does BMF Mean on TikTok

What Does BMF Mean on TikTok: Get New Friends

What Does BMF Mean On TikTok – On another day of scrolling TikTok, you find a new word you don’t understand. BMF. What does BMF mean on TikTok? Why does everybody on your FYP make a video with this word in the caption?

What Does BMF Mean on TikTok

What Does BMF Mean on TikTok — All you Need to Know about Popular Tiktok Slangs

TikTok is fun, but sometimes the slang people use can be confusing. Worry not! This article will tell you all you need to know about BMF and the other TikTok slang.

The Most Popular Meanings of BMF on Tiktok

what does bmf mean on tiktok
Recording Video Together – Freepik

Does BMF mean Be My Friend? If you think BMF stands for Be My Friend, you are right! This term is mainly used when people are looking for new friends or mutuals on TikTok. | What Does BMF Mean On TikTok

They usually make a simple self-introduction video of their age, things they like, and other interesting information about themselves. After that, they will put a BMF hashtag on the caption so that other people looking for mutuals can easily find them. If you want to get a new TikTok friend, you can also make a video like this!

BMF also can stand for Best Male Friend or Best Mates Forever. But these terms are rarely used on TikTok. It is mainly used as a text message language or something we say directly to our best friends. | What Does BMF Mean On TikTok


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The Other Meanings of BMF

what does bmf mean on tiktok
What Does BMF Mean On TikTok

Now that you know what does BMF means on TikTok let’s find out whether this word has another meaning. It turns out BMF has many other meanings, which are different from what we often see on TikTok.

What does BMF mean in Urban Dictionary? There are some meanings we can find here besides Be My Friend. Another popular definition of BMF sounds a little bit rude. According to Urban Dictionary, BMF also can stand for “Bad Motherfucker.” | What Does BMF Mean On TikTok

While it doesn’t sound very polite, the meaning is quite the opposite. The term is not used to mock or insult someone. On the contrary, it is used to compliment a person who has an excellent style or attitude or shows impressive behaviour.

We can find this term on social media. But it is popularized by the movie “Pulp Fiction.” So, after knowing the second meaning of BMF, do you think you want to use it when you post something on TikTok?

If you are a fan of Rick Ross, you know he has a song called BMF, which stands for Blow Money Fast. This term is not very popular on TikTok, but music lovers, especially Rick Ross fans, are no strangers to this term. When you just got some money, but you use it all up very fast, and it disappears in the blink of an eye, you can say you just BMF—Blow Money Fast.

TikTok is such a fun place. It can be a place to wind up and have fun, learn new skills, and interact with other people. The trend on TikTok moves at the speed of light that it is so hard to keep up. But don’t worry; now that you know what does BMF means on TikTok, it won’t be hard to learn new slang on this platform.


Some social media have slang to make it easier for the audience interacts with each other. Such as BMF, moots, etc. You need to know it because you’ll use the platforms for your business, get the new connection and open the opportunity for your business. Stay tuned to our blog to get updated information for your business.

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