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How to Get 7000+ Subscribers with Upviral Campaign

How to Get 7000+ Subscribers with Upviral Campaign

In this case study, we focus on how an Upviral campaign leads Saastronautics to have 7000+ leads in just 1 month.

Finding quality leads with a high probability of conversion is important, and very challenging. You need a reliable method to identify your top leads and discard the false ones. However, finding the right leads through conventional marketing alone can be incredibly tedious, or downright impossible. From his experience as a digital marketer and growth specialist, Saastronautics Co-founder Parker Casio Patty felt that an Upviral campaign would generate a lot of quality leads without breaking the bank. The philosophy behind the decision is simple, it’s better to pay more for a few good leads, than to get a lot of weak leads for cheap.

Why Upviral?

Upviral is well-known as simple to use and effective referral platform. It is also affordable and has robust fraud detection – two crucial considerations for any start-up.

“Upviral’s fraud detection and depth of control are way ahead of the others.” – Parker Casio Patty.

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Campaign Goals

Before launching the Upviral campaign, Saastronautics had specific goals in mind:

  • Get new leads
  • Build partnerships and nurture strong connections with SaaS companies

We are pleased to say we did not just meet these goals, but we exceeded them.

Overview of our Campaign


Upviral Campaign: When was it

One month, from 20 November to 20 December 2020. It proved to be a month of endless growth possibilities for Saastronautics! Saastronautics launched the Upviral campaign during Black Friday 2020, when everyone is in the mood for big savings.


Saastronautics was blessed to be partnered up with some of the brightest stars in the SaaS universe, who came together to provide a total prize pool worth $20,000.

On top of making an incredible giveaway, the selection process for our partnerships essentially streamlined the deals we hope to run in the future. It also helped us choose partners for our Saastrotalks series and the Saastronaut of the Month initiative.


Saastronautics Giveaway Partners


We were able to give more than 350 Lifetime deals and yearly discounts to our lucky winners. But that’s not all! Each participant was given a 15% discount coupon that can be used with any of Saastronautics’ exclusive deals. Aside from the LTD accounts given, the 2nd until 10th place winner received packages with an additional 30% discount coupon.And finally, the lucky winner won an iPad Air 4, a LTD package, and an additional 30% discount coupon.

Saastronautics’ Upviral Campaign Lucky Winner

Meet Siddharth Pal–Saastronautics giveaway 1st placer! With Siddarths’s knowledge and expertise, he was able to make 138k points in 38 days to win the Saastronautics giveaway!

What we LOVE about Siddharth is that he was not focused on the major prizes. He focused on the LTD prizes. A true blue SaaS enthusiast!

Learn more about his journey here.

The Results Of Our Upviral Campaign

The campaign pulled great results, with:

  • 100,000+ landing page visits
  • 99.79% of user interacted
  • 6,644 total actions
  • 7000+ leads

? for Saastronautics

The results exceeded Parker’s expectations and the best thing was–it happened in just 1 month!

Elements of the Giveaway

To accomplish our goals, we used the following elements to structure the Upviral campaign:



Saastronautics Giveaway Major Prizes

The giveaway’s exciting prizes

⭐All participants will get a 15% discount coupon.

⭐Over 100 lucky winners will receive an LTD from one of our partners (Min 250 points random).

⭐6-10th Place: $20 SaastroCredits + 30% Coupon Code

?5th Place: PACKAGE + 30% Coupon Code

?4th Place: Sony WFXB700/B Wireless Earbuds + PACKAGE + 30% Coupon Code

?3rd Place: Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse + PACKAGE + 30% Coupon Code

?2nd Place: Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam + Blue Yeti Nano Mic + PACKAGE + 30% Coupon Code

?1st Place: iPad Air 4 + PACKAGE + 30% Coupon Code

Did the prize strategy work?

This prize strategy worked for us because the prizes were relevant to the participants. Since the first goal was to attract the right leads, partnering with SaaS companies and using LTDs as prizes attracted SaaS enthusiasts in the community.

Moreover, using tangible prizes attracted a lot of leads too! When it comes to giveaways, physical products work better than intangible products. But since Saastronautics offer digital products, they also need to prioritize digital prizes. Hence the combination of the packages and the discount coupons for the major winners. This gave chances to everyone to try Saastronautics’ exclusive deals, which definitely leads to an increase in revenue.

Timing of the Upviral campaign

As mentioned, the campaign was launched during Black Friday. A day when people hunt for something worth buying. It resulted in higher visibility and an engagement boost because it was launched during a special day. Great timing works best when it comes to giveaways. So aside from prizes and other elements, knowing your target audience is something to put in mind too.

Landing Page

The complete yet engaging landing page was an additional asset for the success of the giveaway too. The landing page helped Saastronautics capture leads to be added to the email list.

That’s right! The process will not end after the giveaway has ended. So what Saastronautics did was continuously nurture the leads until they are converted to loyal paying customers.

Promoting The Upviral Campaign

Social media posting

To promote the giveaway, posting on social media was a perfect strategy. Social media is a perfect avenue to capture leads. From tagging people to sharing features, it is easy for the giveaway to attain a wider reach. The continuous engagement was also a key to the campaign’s success.

Why? It’s because most of the time, participants will be looking for updates, so it is really important to leverage social media. Because of the power of social media, a lot of people engaged in the community during the campaign period. Saastronautic’s FB page and the group definitely became active!


Viral Campaign Social Media Post


Email is another tool to reach a lot of leads. It is also a perfect tool to educate prospects not just about the giveaway but also about your brand. And Emails also helped Saastronautics viral campaign become a success. Sending emails greatly contributed to the success of the giveaway because it caused urgency to the entrants. It also helped Saastronautics make the community bigger by asking participants who were not members, to join the community.

Additionally, making sure that the emails were personalized and have catchy subject lines resulted in Saastronautics’ high open rate.

Incentivizing the Referrer

Aside from the campaign being open to everyone, there was an increase in participation as people were more motivated to share since doing it meant adding more points.

Incentivizing the referrers seemed like a natural way to get Saastronautics giveaway in front of new faces. And it was effective!

What Can Be Done Differently Next Time?

Though the giveaway was a success, there can still be room for improvements. For this giveaway, what can be done differently is filtering the participants to qualify better more quality leads. Another idea would be to add share buttons on the landing page. It will be easier for the participants to share the landing page with their friends across social media channels. This will surely increase the reach of the giveaway.

Why Was The Upviral Campaign Successful?

Overall, the campaign was fantastic! Let us take another look at its results:

  • 100,000+ landing page visits
  • 99.79% of user interacted
  • 6,644 total actions
  • 7000+ leads ? for Saastronautics!

Overall, the awareness the giveaway created was a great stepping stone for Saastronautics.

Final Thoughts

Saastronautics giveaway campaign taught us that opportunity + action gets results.

7,000+ leads a month, definitely an awesome accomplishment. ?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this case study and that it helped you realize the importance of running giveaways.

This is what it feels like to partner with Saastronautics. You can get the assurance that your product will reach a community of hardcore SaaS enthusiasts. And because your success is Saastronautics’ success, the help you will get will not end when the deal was launched. You will continue to receive a hand to improve every aspect of your product and your strategies. This viral campaign was just an example to show how Saastronautics is growing continuously. And this shows how you will grow if you’ll also be part of the community.

If you are interested in how Saastronautics can help grow your business, you can visit

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