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Target Messages: Best Sales Promotion Examples To Boost Your Sales

Target Messages: Best Sales Promotion Examples To Boost Your Sales

Target Messages – Every day, we receive hundreds of promotional emails and messages from different companies, which involve target messages and marketing messages. They make their way to our mailboxes during social media consumption and almost everywhere on the internet.

Some attract our eyes, while others go above our minds. If you know little about marketing, you might be aware that every company uses different strategies and targeting schemes to get into the eyes of their customers.

And that’s where the term “Target messages” and “Marketing messages” comes in. We’ve written an ultimate guide on everything you need to know about targeting messages in this article.

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Target Messages

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What are Targeted Messages?

In the language of marketing, targeting means to aim your product or message at a specific group of audience that resonates something with them. It’s completely different from generic marketing, which doesn’t target a particular audience. Instead, it’s breaking down your marketing campaigns into smaller segments to point your advertisements and messages pinpoint.

What is a Marketing Message

Marketing messages are different from target messages. Targeting messages fall in the category of marketing while marketing messages fall in the type of advertising. These messages tell your customer how excellent and beneficial your company, product, or service is for them—for example, showcasing your portfolio, customer reviews, awards, and anything that can influence a positive trigger in your customers regarding your company.

What is Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a form of marketing that aims to create brand awareness. The brand uses different promotional campaigns to spark an understanding in the customer’s mind and create a demand for their product or service in the market. The drive can include new user discounts, cashback offers, limited-time sales, coins games, play-to-win games, etc. The customers will find their campaign beneficial for them; as a result, the customer will use their service, which will eventually create an awareness of that brand in the customer’s mind.

How Important is Making Your Marketing Message Stand Out?

According to Forbes, each general internet user is exposed to over 4,000-10,000 target messages each day. With this huge competition, it’s tough to get into the eyes of your customer with generic promotional messages.

That’s why you need to stand out your marketing messages from the rest of the sheep. Otherwise, with generic and typical marketing messages, you’re just wasting your time + money.

Moreover, today people are smart enough to recognize which brand is doing generic marketing and who’s doing out-of-the-mind marketing. And it’s a human instinct that humans are always attracted to unique and non-generic things.

If you use generic messages such as “we’re the best,” “we’re an award-winning,” “we’ve best reviews,” customers will say, “so what is the difference in your company? Everyone says it! Nothing unique, so ignore it!”

The Value of Customer Segmentation in Targeted Messaging

To do target messaging, you need to separate your customers into segments on different bases. Segmentation allows businesses to get better efficiency and conversion from their marketing campaigns, and gain a competitive edge against rivals. Most importantly, segmentation gives you a better knowledge of your consumer’s needs, types and tells you what kind of customers you have.

There’s a total of four types of segments in target messaging:


In geographical segments, you send messages based on their location and area, such as sending messages representing their city, area, and town.


Demographics involve targeted messages that represent their religion, cult, nutritional status, and age. Such as offering promotions and discounts in a holy event, birthday wishes to your customers, etc.


It involves the representation of lifestyle, class, customer’s interests, problems, and personality of your customer. For example, if your customer is from the middle class, then you’ll show them regular FMCG products that every middle-class family uses.

Behavioral data

This segment is one of the most expensive segments in target messaging and covers most of the segment share in target messages. It refers to showing target messages to your customer based on their activities, what they searched on the internet, engagement on different websites, etc. For example, AliExpress uses this segment to show their customer’s advertisements based on what they searched on other e-commerce websites.

7 Sales Promotion Tips to Boost Your Sales

If you’re looking for some sales promotion campaigns, the below section is just for you! Companies use different kinds of sales promotion, or you can say targeted messages to create brand awareness. However, below we’ve mentioned some of the best sales promotions that can earn you an excellent conversion:

Free samples & Buy one, get one free promotion

Offering free samples or buying one get one free is a win-win situation for both parties. The scheme is highly beneficial when you launch a new product or aren’t selling too much. You give a slight variant of that product with any of your decent or most selling products for entirely free.

We know it sounds like putting a hammer in your foot. But, that free sample encourages your customers to buy that thing up to 50% higher. Moreover, your customers will consume your free sample, and if they like, there’re very high chances that they’re going to buy that product in the future.

Cashback promotions

In a cashback promotion scheme, first, the customer will buy something from your store; after billing and paying for the product, you’ll give them a small % of the total cost of that product in their wallet or membership card.

In this way, you’ll increase your conversion of selling your product up to 70%. Because you’re giving some % of the money back to them, consumers will not hesitate to buy from your store. Moreover, if they like your service or product, they’ll purchase from you in the future even if you don’t offer them the cashback. It’s one of the best loyalty programs you can get!

Flash sales and discounts

Flash sales are quick sales that last for about 12-24 hours. However, you put huge discounts on your products and services in these sales, which doesn’t have good conversion and sales.

In this way, customers have a limited time to decide whether they want to buy or not. However, in most cases, the customers buy the products in flash sales. Because, then their mind will trigger a profit scheme that if not now, then never!

Hence, you’ll eventually get significantly higher sales, + customers will get to know about your service and company!

Vouchers and coupons

Vouchers are the most popular and offer incredibly high conversion compared with other sales promotions and target messages. First of all, unlike any scheme, the customer doesn’t need to pay anything in advance or do anything for your company to get that reward.

The voucher refers to offering a % off discount on your products to your customers without asking them to do anything in advance to avail of that voucher. In this way, they purchase your product with a % discount without doing any task for your company. That’s why it’s the most beneficial form of promotion if you want to get instant and significantly higher conversions.

Loyalty program promotions

A loyalty program refers to promotions and marketing strategies that make your customer use your service or company in the future again and make them your loyal customers. There’re various types of loyalty programs. For example, you are celebrating your customer’s birthday, new user voucher, cashback promotion, or any loyalty program that can make them purchase from your store and loyal customer.

Social media contests or giveaways

This scheme works as a win-win situation for both parties. Instead of paying money to your advertising company, how about making your customers do the marketing for you?

Yes, social media contests are all about advertising through your customers. In this scheme, you ask your customers to do your company’s advertising on social media platforms and spread word of mouth.

If any conversion is made from their referral, you’ll reward your customers with a free product, bonus, voucher, or any reward you like.

SMS Strategy to boost marketing results

SMS advertising might not be a good form of advertising your business. First of all, this type of marketing is costly as compared to any other kind of advertising. Moreover, SMS advertising doesn’t cover targeted messages and customers and offers a minor % of conversions. Still, if you have an extra budget for your company’s marketing, you can go with SMS advertising.

Discount message

Discount messages are altered from person to person. For example, if one customer belongs to a higher class, you’ll give them a discount message of expensive and upper-class products with a high % of discount.

However, if your customer belongs to the middle or lower class, you’ll give them a discount message of affordable and everyday products that middle and lower-class people need with a small % of discount. You can send them a message through any means such as through email, push notification, micro advertisements, or through any method you want!

Holiday Marketing and promotional SMS

Holiday marketing falls in the category of geographical target messages. It refers to promotion and marketing strategies dedicated to public events and holidays. Such as launching a promotion scheme at Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or in any event. It’s one of the best ways to earn loyalty from your customers.

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