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Social Media Content Ideas: Top 30 Viral Contents

Social Media Content Ideas: Top 30 Viral Contents

Social media content ideas – As a business owner, you know that social media is a powerful tool for marketing your brand. But with so many platforms available, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The good news is that there are plenty of content ideas out there that will engage your audience and help you achieve your marketing goals.

In this blog post, we'll provide 30 of the best social media content ideas for business owners. So read on and get inspired!

social media content ideas

1. Behind the scenes – social media content ideas

This kind of behind-the-scenes material may help to build trust with your audience since it appears more real. This type of personable content generates a sense of openness, making content appear more genuine.

2. Personal story content

Personal tales are compelling to us because they allow us to build and improve our beliefs. Stories have a unique ability to catch our attention, and when it does, we are more likely to accept the message than if the same story were delivered only in facts and numbers.

3. Share a joke content

According to experts, we prefer to associate with individuals who have a similar sense of humor, therefore we may choose social media accounts that share material that tickles us.

4. Share a quote content

The same could be said for #MotivationalMonday and #WednesdayWisdom, both of which are popular hashtags on social media. Motivational quotations are popular because they're short, witty, and frequently relatable.

5. Post a how-to tutorial: social media content ideas

People are naturally enthusiastic about new knowledge. Whether it's a basic hack or a lesson on a particular craft, people enjoy learning things. This is most likely due to the fact that exciting things stimulate our brain's dopamine-producing region.

6. Ask a question: social media content ideas

Questions have the ability to start a discussion. People are more interested when they engage with questions, which builds a sense of belonging – an important aspect of social media interaction.

7. Share a short video clip content

Short movies have the ability to generate a lot of interest. All you have to do is discover it and collect it. Clips that are short get to the point, so they're more likely to catch someone's attention. Our brains are also wired for motion, so a film is sure to capture our attention.

8. Share a podcast episode you enjoyed

There's a lot of buzz about podcasts these days, so it's likely to touch your target audience. This is also stuff that is simple to aggregate, but it has the potential for big return i.e. engagement.

9. Post interesting stats or data about your business or industry

Stories and statistics appeal to our emotions, while facts and figures appeal to our logical side. Using numbers and data to back up certain claims can be a very successful technique of doing so, and interesting numbers have the ability to start a debate.

10. Share your favorite resources

If you use an online tool or app to make your life simpler, there's a good chance that others in your field will as well. You demonstrate care by providing useful and honest information, which can help build trust.

11. Polls: social media content ideas

We adore telling our opinions, and polls appeal to a wide range of individuals since you may express several viewpoints or outcomes.

12. Share a quick tip: social media content ideas

If you understand your customers' problems, you can offer suggestions that may assist them and make their lives simpler. This not only demonstrates that you care about more than just sales, but it also demonstrates that you are informed.

Look at the questions that individuals are asking on the internet to help you structure your suggestions. You may even arrange material in such a way that it addresses frequently asked questions.

13. Host a giveaway: social media content ideas

People will always love free things, and frequent chances to win fantastic stuff will bring people back for more. This may help you increase your reach, views, and participation.

14. Direct people to sign up for your email list

The most effective method to utilize email marketing is to develop a targeted list of subscribers from your own data. It's one of the only things you have control over, so it should be motivation in itself to get as many people as possible to sign up.

15. Share industry news: social media content ideas

Consider posting industry updates that your audience may find informative, as well as your views. This will allow you to get a conversation going with your readership, but it will also demonstrate that you are up to date on what's going on in the sector.

16. Remind people to buy your products or services

Product postings or content that promotes your services are not inherently wrong. The issue arises when this is all you post. People may be interested in what you're selling, but they're also informed and know what they want and need, so a variety of interesting, unique material is required.

17. Post a testimonial: social media content ideas

Affinity bias, also known as resemblance bias, is our inclination to interact with individuals who share our opinions, hobbies, experiences, and backgrounds. As a result, we assume we would feel the same way if a third party – we regard as comparable – recommends a certain product.

Testimonials also illustrate the notion of social proof, which is the belief that because others are performing it, we should as well.

18. Share any press

Third-party endorsements are effective, and you must broadcast news as soon as it breaks.

19. Post a sneak peek: social media content ideas

A sneak peek builds a sense of mystery. It piques people's interest to see what new information or additional special material you have.

20. Share a blog piece you wrote

People read blogs for a variety of reasons. Because they want to learn something new, people engage with them. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and hormone that makes us feel good when we learn anything new.

21. Share an unknown feature about your product(s) or service(s)

We've also established that our brain produces feel-good chemicals when we learn something new, which is fantastic, but the best part is that this can be any form of new knowledge. As a result, if you are aware of an unknown aspect of your product(s) or service(s), you must inform your audience about it.

22. Post a discount or special offer

There are a number of ways to entice your audience with discounts and special offers, and the method can be utilized across sectors that offer items as well as those offering services. Hosting a flash sale or giving discounts to people who join your email list are only two options.

23. Reshare old content

There's no need to be concerned about sharing old stuff. The nature of social media is ephemeral, and there's a good chance that people who didn't see the content the first time you posted it will see it now.

Blog postings that you can add fresh, current information to and reshare are ideal. It's likely that the individuals who previously engaged with it would want to know what's new.

24. Post a case study: social media content ideas

Case studies also provide social proof and is a fascinating structure since it allows you to tell a narrative while also revealing the more complicated side of your service or product.

25. Post something seasonal or to commemorate a holiday

We adore discussing the weather, so no surprise that seasonal material is important to most audiences. Keep in mind how you engage with holidays and remember that consistency is key; thus, if you begin, you must continue to post on the same days every year.

26. Share a charity you’ve partnered with

We covered the reasons why customers and society will have higher expectations of companies and organizations to make a real, relevant, and beneficial effect. According to a recent poll by the American Red Cross, 85 percent of buyers have a more favorable view of a company or organization when it supports a charity they care about.

27. Post a fill-in-the-blank post

Many people are unable to resist responding when they come upon a fill-in-the-blank article. This implies the material in this post is meant for interaction. Try to write about your company or product, your sector, or unrelated themes such as (fill in the blank).

28. Shoutout or mention other brands

Being able to talk about anything other than your own brand adds depth to a brand, and makes you more relatable. And when you promote other companies, don't be surprised if they do the same for you. The trick is to keep it current.

29. Shoutout or mention your clients

At the end of the day, our consumers are what determine whether or not a brand flourishes. So why not spend some time expressing gratitude to them? This type of material may also be used to provide a unique spin on client testimonials.

30. Share what inspired you to create your product or start your business

This type of post is an opportunity to entertain clients with a tale that's both interesting and easy to understand.


With all of the information out there about how to create content for social media, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled 30 different ideas you can use as inspiration when developing your own social media marketing strategy.

From how-to articles and infographics on popular topics like Facebook advertising or Instagram Stories best practices to more creative options such as a Snapchat scavenger hunt or Twitter chat with influencers in your industry, we hope this list will help get you started!

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