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Semrush vs similarweb

Semrush Vs SimilarWeb: Complete Detailed Comparison

Semrush Vs SimilarWeb – If you own a website or an entrepreneur, you must have heard about Semrush vs SimilarWeb. Both of them are used to monitor your website statistics.

Monitoring your business statistics, sales, and competitor’s performance is necessary if you want to get ahead of your competitors. Not just that, you also need to have a detailed look at the stats of your business. Especially if we talk about the online world like a website or e-commerce store, it is crucial. The internet has grown way too far in few decades. Today in 2021, 56% of the global population has access to the internet.

Semrush Vs Similarweb

The figure will continue to increase to 90% by 2030.

Semrush Vs Similarweb

You are keeping an eye on this massive percentage of internet users. With the growing number of Internet users, entrepreneurs are moving their entire business into the digital world, e.g. Internet.

Today, on the internet, each company has thousands of its competitors. For this purpose, you need a heavy-duty and powerful tool to get detailed insights into your competitor. Not just your competitor, you need an assistance tool to check your website as well regarding SEO.

Why Should You Monitor Your Website and Competitors? | Semrush Vs SimilarWeb

Semrush Vs Similarweb

In every business, it is compulsory to keep an eye on your competitor. A study has proved that those businesses that don’t take care keep an eye on their competitor are likely to fail sooner or later. It happens because then you don’t have any idea of how their business is performing. Missing this segment can increase your business failure.

“If you understand your enemy and understand yourself, you don’t need to fear the outcome of a battle. But, if you understand yourself and fail to know the enemy, you will suffer a defeat in every battler. If you don’t understand neither the enemy nor yourself, you will successfully fail in every battler.” —Sun Tzu

Most importantly, monitoring your business performance is incredibly important. Unfortunately, if you have a website as a source of your digital business, you can’t track everything through your website builder. Most of the website builders like WordPress and Blogger only allow you to track visitors and the country of their visit Here we are talking about the detailed insights of your website, not just the traffic and geo-traffic sources. Because when we speak about built-in default stats analyzer on your web builder. You might be aware it never shows you detailed information related to your website’s performance. Most website builders like WordPress only offer you traffic and sources of traffic as statistics.

Best Way to Monitor Your Website Traffic | Semrush Vs SimilarWeb

Semrush Vs Similarweb
Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

We all know the built-in traffic analyzing tool of a website is mostly useless. For that reason, you can use a 3rd party tools that offer traffic analyzing tools. There are hundreds of traffic and SEO analyzers out there on the internet waiting for your attention. However, if you ever used these tools, you must have heard about the Semrush and SimilarWeb. Both of them are good at their job.

Semrush vs SimilarWeb?

Semrush vs SimilarWeb, both are intended to give you an insight into your website such as a traffic analyzer (SEO and keywords). However, in the case of Semrush, it is more than a traffic analyzer and is way better than SimilarWeb in terms of both accuracy, pricing, and features.

Today, in this article, we’re going to do an ultimate review on Semrush vs SimilarWeb. We’ll prove to you which tool is better and worth buying! So let’s get into it!

Disclaimer:- This comparison article is sincere. Neither Semrush nor SimilarWeb has paid us to write this review. Every opinion is based on our personal experience and other studies as well. It may be possible that you disagreed with what we say here. It is just a comparison article where we’re comparing which is better in terms of features and pricing!


In Semrush and SimilarWeb, first of all, let’s talk about SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb is popularly known as web traffic and competitor analyzing tool. It enables you to keep an eagle eye on your competitors and detailed insights into your website. You’ll be able to track the traffic, overall health, keywords, domain authority, and most importantly, competitors. The cool thing is that it helps you find other similar websites on the same business ground as you in the same niche. Although the data you see on SimilarWeb is not 100% accurate, you can say it is close to about 70-75%. But it is enough to take an idea of how your competitor is doing on the internet. Which is SUPER valuable to anyone doing SEO or content marketing.

SimilarWeb is specifically intended for those who want to see who’s the most significant player in their space. So that you’ll get enough sense that how your rival is doing on the market. Just like any other SaaS tool, SimilarWeb also has premium and free versions. In the free version, your access is only limited to overall traffic, similar websites, and source of traffic. However, with the paid plan, you get Unlimited Results per Metric, Keyword Analysis, Unique Visitors, Multiple Users, and many other useful features. In conclusion, Semrush vs SimilarWeb, tool is good if you want to get detailed information about your website and your competitor.


On the other hand, Semrush is can do much more than SimilarWeb. It provides many valuable features that could help you resolve all the significant problems of your website. It does provide all the same features as you get in SimilarWeb. However, one thing we noticed between Semrush vs SimilarWeb is the difference in accuracy. Semrush is a bit more accurate and provides detailed analytics of the website than the SimilarWeb. Because the source of data collection of both tools is different. But, we told you our opinion, the results might differ in your case.

Moreover, in addition to the traffic analysis tool, Semrush offers a complete package of tools for SEO and tracking website performance. Also, Semrush comes with Social media marketing and content marketing campaigns. It lets you find trends the happen in your niche. Provide website audits feature on-page and off-page SEO, content marketing campaigns, and many other features that we’ll discuss later.

You’ll see the keywords in which your website is ranking and your site’s overall performance in search engines. Furthermore, the service gives you an abundance of insight into how you stack up to the competition. All these features and tools of Semrushmake it perfect for those who want assistance in the SEO of their website and want to make their website better in SERPs.

Semrush vs SimilarWeb | Website Overview

Website overview is a tool that shows A to Z performance of how the website is working, traffic data, SEO data, and other in-depth insights of your competitor. This tool comes in both Semrush and SimilarWeb services. However, if we talk about features, Semrush wins the game. We dug deeper into both website overview tools and noticed Semrush provides some more and advanced usage tools than SimilarWeb. However, Semrush has not paid us to said that; we’re telling you the truth that Semrush delivers some extra features in the website overview tool in comparison to Semrush vs SimilarWeb. Below we’ve mentioned all the features that you get in Semrush but not in SimilarWeb:-

10 Reasons Why Semrush is Better than SimilarWeb in Agency Perspective

These reasons is based on my experience as agency owner, that helps more than 400 clients with Semrush

SemrushFeatureBest in my opinionDetail
Data Collection

Data Collection

  • Google’s authentic SERP for the first 20 billion most popular keywords
Read more
Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

  • Detailed information
Read more
Domain Authority

Domain Authority

  • Advanced AI algorithm
Read more


  • Ability to extract the exact traffic from each country
Read more
  • See all the backlinks and the number of backlinks
  • Deep data analysis
Read more
Organic Vs Paid Traffic

Organic Vs Paid Traffic

  • Detailed graph to compare organic and paid traffic 
Read more
Organic Keywords

Organic Keywords

  • Accurate and precise data
  • Easy to strategize your SEO
Read more
Paid Keywords
  • Better-paid keyword results through clickstream data results 
Read more
SERPs Feature

SERPs Feature

  • Complete insights into the performance of the corresponding website on the search engines.
Read more
Display Ads

Display Ads

  • Display ads optimized content
  • retargeting campaigns
  • and audience attention related to awareness.
Read more

#1 Data Collection

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Let’s talk about first things first. Intelligence is fundamentally a piece of information, and information in its processed form is known as data. So, of course, to show you the website’s data, both services need the information. The main question here is from where they get the information? Because of the source of information is not authentic, then everything is useless in any traffic analyzing tool.

Data Collection SimilarWeb

In the case of Semrush vs SimilarWeb, both collect the data through different sources. When it comes to SimilarWeb, it uses web crawlers and third-party partners to collect the data. SimilarWeb even collects the data from website owners in collaboration with them. Another source of its data collection is user panel data. It monitors the average amount of clicks of the users and calculates the average amount of traffic.

As a result, it is not suitable for those websites that don’t have a high amount of traffic. Even if you enter the domain of a website that does not receive a large amount of traffic or the Google index is the worst, SimilarWeb will not show you the results. It happens because Google Index is one of the primary sources of data collection in SimilarWeb. No index means no data collection, hence no results!

Although, they do collaborate with websites. But only with those who have high traffic like YouTube, Neil Patel, and Health Line. Another big problem with this service is the lack of accuracy. As SimilarWeb uses google indexes to track the clicks and impression that only works for those who already have decent traffic. The error percentage is almost about 30-40%. That’s why in Semrush vs SimilarWeb, SimilarWeb is wholly built for large-scale websites.

Data Collection Semrush

In the case of Semrush, it is way more advanced and accurate than SimilarWeb. It shows you the most precise analytics even if your website doesn’t have enough traffic. All these things are possible behind its source of data collection and advanced AI algorithm. You might just think that they collect data and show it to you, but it is not the truth. There are millions, or even billions, of processing, is done every time by Semrush’s AI to give you the most accurate results.

First of all, Semrushuses third-party data providers to collect the entire history of Google searches each day. Due to privacy and security, Semrush has never revealed those data providers. They collect Google’s authentic SERP for the first 500 million most popular keywords. After the top 500 million keywords collection. They contain the clickstream data of the top 100 websites that were ranking on those 500 million keywords. As a comparison between Semrush vs SimilarWeb, Semrush wins the game!

Semrush Clickstream Data Processing | Neural Network

Semrush studies organic research, their keywords, paid searches, and many other essential stats in clickstream data. They also collaborate with other 3rd party clickstream data collectors to collect the information. They didn’t reveal the name, but Google Analytics could be one of them (in our opinion). Every day this is responsible for over 2 billion events happens on the internet. These 2 billion events are recorded sent to Semrush, where the AI algorithm of Semrush known as “Neural Network”.

Neural Network is an AI algorithm made by Semrush. The algorithm is responsible for processing all information collected by different providers and processing them in a pattern similar to the human brain. In simple language, it is responsible for extracting all the data like keywords performance, website performance, SERPs, and all that. Whereas, SimilarWeb has no AI algorithm like Neural Network

#2 Keyword Analysis | Semrush

Semrush Vs Similarweb

In keyword analyses between Semrush vs SimilarWeb, Semrush offers more features than SimilarWeb. It is not just limited to keyword traffic, sources and origin. Semrush is an all-in-one solution to any kind of keywords problems. On the top of the page, you see the all-time search volume of that keyword and its global importance. In addition, the tool will show you all the countries where people searched that keyword all-time in ascending order.

Not just that, if we dig into details, you see the trend bar on the extreme right side of the page. The trend bar will display the number of internets searched for that keyword in the last 12 months. In addition, you will see keyword difficulty that shows how difficult it can be for your website to rank on that keyword. Average CPC that advertisers usually pay on this keyword. Moreover, Semrush offers a list of questions containing your respected keyword in the middle of the page. If you scroll down the page, you will see the top 10 websites ranking on that keyword on Google.

Keyword Analysis | SimilarWeb

Semrush Vs Similarweb

Semrush vs SimilarWeb, both provide detailed insights of keywords. In the case of SimilarWeb, all you’ve to do is to enter the website domain. It requires the processing of your domain that will take an entire eternity. However, after the processing, you’ll see every detailed information for the respected website. Click on the keyword section, and you’ll see all the keywords on which the site is ranking. Now here comes the main point that is information you’ll get related to that keyword.

SimilarWeb shows you the total amount of search visits by which people have visited through that keyword. However, there is no monthly volume option in the free version, and it only shows you the total visits of all time. You’ll get the traffic sources of that keyword and paid keywords in the middle of the page. Then, on the bottom page, you see the category on which that keyword is ranking and traffic origin. That’s it! This kind of information is okay if you just want basic information about that keyword.

#3 Domain Authority

Semrush Vs Similarweb

The first thing that you’ll miss in SimilarWeb is the missing domain authority score. Domain authority score is the percentage that shows how likely is the website to be rank on search engines upon SERP. For example, suppose if the DA is 100%. It means the website has 100% chances that it will rank upon the searches of search engines. Semrush provides this feature, whereas SimilarWeb doesn’t offer it! Because SimilarWeb doesn’t have an advanced AI algorithm like Semrush to process the information.

#4 Traffic from Each Country

Semrush Vs Similarweb

In SimilarWeb, you get this data in the form of a percentage, not in the raw data like Semrush. Whereas Semrush even provides you with the ability to extract the exact traffic from each country. Not in the form of percentage! All you’ve to click on the “Distribution Country” in the middle left corner of the page. However, Semrush only shows you the top 5 countries’ traffic. But, at least you will get the idea of how things work in Semrush.

Semrush Vs Similarweb

Backlinking is the process of linking some other website to your website. A backlink may be a website, web page, or web directory that you’re connecting with your website. In Semrush, you get the backlinks features where you can see all the backlinks and the number of backlinks that a respected webpage contains. In the comparison of Semrush vs SimilarWeb, we don’t know why SimilarWeb doesn’t offer this feature, as it’s a crucial thing to monitor in the competitive analysis of your competitor’s site. This makes the Semrush perfect in terms of deep data analysis of other websites.

#6 Organic vs Paid Traffic

Semrush Vs Similarweb

You get the ability to extract and compare the organic vs paid traffic of the corresponding website in Semrush. When you want to know the performance of your competitor’s website, it is essential to understand the organic and paid traffic of your competitor. Unfortunately, SimilarWeb doesn’t offer it. However, it does provides an amount of paid ads that the website uses. But not the traffic that the website earns from paid advertisements. Without this feature, competitive analysis is useless. When you don’t know the amount of organic traffic your competitor is making, the whole research is futile. However, Semrush knows about this problem. They provide a detailed graph to compare organic and paid traffic to the same website.

#7 Organic Keywords

Semrush Vs Similarweb

Semrush organic keywords mean collecting robust data through different insight sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Semrush. The data of Semrush is so accurate and precise. This will give you an extra edge on your competitors to strategize your SEO compared to your competitors. After deeply analyze the overall strategy of your competitor’s keywords, you can easily pass your competitor’s ranking. But, on the other hand of Semrush vs SimilarWeb, SimilarWeb doesn’t provide this concise and valuable data like Semrush.

#8 Paid Keywords

Semrush can provide you better-paid keyword results through clickstream data results that SimilarWeb doesn’t. Paid keywords mean the keywords that a website uses for its paid ads. This is one of the essential features of Semrush. Because you may want to analyze the paid keywords a website is operating on its advertisements. While Similar Web didn’t give you full fledge option to extract these kinds of features. Means Hence, again of Semrush vs SimilarWeb, Semrush wins the game in this feature!

#9 SERPs Feature

semrush vs similarweb | serp features
Source: Semrush Blog

SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages. SEO experts and digital marketers understand the importance of web pages for SERPs. Arguably, with the help of these valuable results pages’ marketers enhance the site visibility and organically searches double or triple.

Because when someone searches a particular query on a search engine, the SERPs are the outcomes. Moreover, your business’s long-running success and website ranking can also be dependent on the SERPs features of Semrush. With Semrush’s SERP feature, you get insights into the performance of the corresponding website on the search engines.

#10 Display Ads

Analyze and study the behavior of your competitor’s textual ads, short banners, and sidebars ads through Semrush is called display advertising. Where your marketing ROI stands at present? This format gives you the demand for your display ads optimized content, retargeting campaigns, and audience attention related to awareness. But in the comparison of Semrush vs SimilarWeb, these features don’t exist on SimilarWeb.

Bottom Line | Semrush Vs SimilarWeb

So, last but not least, Semrush offers tools that provide extra features as compared to Similar Web. SimilarWeb is good if you just want the basic information related to your competitor’s website and Semrush is good if you want to know the detailed insights of your competitor.

If we compare Semrush vs SimilarWeb in terms of keyword analysis, SimilarWeb isn’t even close to Semrush. SimilarWeb provides you with essential information related to your given keyword. So you can say, SimilarWeb works as a necessary tool if you want to get a piece of basic information about keywords. However, in Semrush, you get advanced and in-depth insights into each keyword.

Pros and Cons | Semrush Vs SimilarWeb

Semrush Pros

  • Semrush have 50+ SEO Tools
  • A huge database of keywords
  • Most accurate traffic analysis
  • Lightning-fast clickstream providers
  • Neural Network Algorithm

Semrush Cons

  • Only one owner
  • UI is a bit clustered
  • Plans for agencies is expensive
  • Social media sometimes log out automatically

SimilarWeb Pros

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Straightforward UI
  • Organic keywords
  • Free to use

SimilaWeb Cons

  • Only available for huge scale websites
  • Domain Authority sometimes doesn’t show
  • Old data

So here comes the most awaited part that is the pros and cons of both services. Nothing in this world is perfect; everything has some drawbacks. However, hiding the cons is another case, but we would stay honest with our readers. Just like every service, Semrush, and SimilarWeb, both have their pros and cons that we’re going to discuss below! So let’s get into it:-

Pros | Semrush

Semrush is one of the perfect tools for making your website visibility better and fixing any kinds of SEO mistakes. Semrush is incredibly best for those who want to get detailed information of the site or competitor’s site SEO score. Below we’ve mentioned some Pros of Semrush. So let’s get into it!

50+ SEO Tools

Unbelievably, Semrush provides more than 50 tools that you can use to get detailed information. Like how your website is performing on SERPs. Not just that, with content marketing tools, and social media kit, Semrush is one of the best services.

A huge database of keywords

Semrush is one of the SEO services with the most extensive database of keywords. Not just the most significant database, Semrush has the most updated keywords database. Whereas, SimilarWeb and other website analytic services have weeks older or even months older databases. That’s why in terms of keyword database, no one can beat Semrush.

Most accurate traffic analysis

We’re saying this after analyzing all the reviews of Semrush on G2 and Trust Pilot. According to our experience with Semrush and reviews on these two popular platforms. This suggests that Semrush provides a traffic analysis outcome that is very close to the actual result. It is all possible due to the clickstream providers and advanced AI algorithms that process the data. Therefore, output comes with the least error. In the case of SimilarWeb, they don’t have any advanced AI algorithm compared to Semrush.

Lightning-fast clickstream providers

They didn’t reveal their clickstream data provider names, but we think they collaborate with Google and other huge-scale clickstream providers because no one clickstream company can provide only one-day-old data except Google! However, it was just our prediction and not an authentic source by Semrush! In short, the clickstream providers of Semrush are great and fast than any other provider.

Neural Network Algorithm

All the data that Semrush collects and receives from its providers is raw. To process this large amount of data, you need some unique and most powerful system. This is where Neural Network is used. This system is an advanced AI algorithm that processes all the essential information and processes in the same pattern as the human brain. That’s how you get all the details in Semrush like keywords, domain overview, and other important necessary data. All of this information is possible through Neural Network AI. Because the data that vendors sell to Semrush is in raw and in un-processed form. So it is necessary to make an algorithm that can process and extract the corresponding information from raw data.

Social Media Management Kit

In every digital marketing, social media plays an important role. However, maintaining your social media profile could be not possible for every digital marketer. That’s why Semrush brought you a complete kit as a solution to all your social media profile. We’ve already told you, Semrush is a complete suite for digital marketers. That’s why they provide every tool that makes your social media work easier. With social media kit, you can schedule posts and link all your accounts in one place. Consequently, you’ll write one post, and it will post it to every linked account at a specific time.

Cons | Semrush

Just like any other services, Semrush does some drawbacks that we’re going to discuss below:

Only one owner

The biggest drawback of Semrush is that they only allow one user at a time. Specifically for agencies, they can only still have one person logged in using it at a time. However, you can add more users for 49$ per month for each user.

UI is a bit clustered

The UI, in our opinion, is a bit clustered. Those who are new to Semrush might face difficulty accessing tools.

Plans for agencies is expensive

The plans might not be suitable for some agencies – it can be costly to have multiple users because of 49$ for each user/month.

Social media kit

The connection with your social media kit may break sometimes, and you need to log in again.

Pros | SimilarWeb

This guide is about Semrush vs SimilarWeb, just like Semrush, SimilarWeb also has pros that we’ve mentioned below!

Suitable for beginners

SimilarWeb is highly recommended to those who are beginners and don’t want to get in-depth information about his competitor. As its name suggests, it is specifically designed for those who wish to the essential information regarding their competitor.

Straightforward UI

SimilarWeb offers an extremely easy-to-use and minimal UI. Due to its standard features, the UI and browsing on the SimilarWeb is extremely straightforward and easy. Keywords, overview, SEO, and everything is accessible easily in SimilarWeb.

Organic keywords

Mostly, an organic keyword is the variation of Pay Per Click (PPC) keywords. Moreover, due to the advancement of search engines, every business hugely avails the opportunity of organic traffic. Because with the usage of Organic keywords and proper SEO strategy. You can quickly gain the maximum number of clicks on your website and enhance your brand’s visibility in terms of getting new business leads. SimilarWeb gives you detailed insights into organic keywords on which the website is ranking. However, this feature is only available if your competitor earns a high amount of visitors every month.

Free to use

Most of the features of SimilarWeb are free to use. And has no limits to access in one day. However, some tools are locked. You can unlock that with premium. But, at least you can use some of the features without any problem for entirely free!

Cons | SimilarWeb

Only available for huge scale websites

SimilarWeb is ideal only for those whose website and competitor website get hundreds of thousands of visits every month. Moreover, the accuracy is directly proportional to the number of visitors. Therefore, it makes it almost useless for start-up websites.

Domain Authority

SimilarWeb doesn’t show any kind of domain authority feature. In this way, you can’t find the percentage of how likely your website can rank on SERP.

Old data

SimilarWeb data gets updated after every 15-30 days. This time is prolonged and can make your strategy useless. Because using an old database might not be a good decision. Moreover, it is only helpful if you want to get basic information regarding your competitor. Whereas in comparison to Semrush vs SimilarWeb, Semrush is a complete suite for digital marketers

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Semrush over SimilarWeb Based on Features

50+ Tools For All Key Marketing Channels

Semrush provides over 50+ tools in its subscription. Whether you just want to analyze the SEO performance of your website or handle your digital marketing, Semrush is best. With SEO, content marketing, PPC, and social media management tools, you can handle all your digital marketing in one place. Whereas, SimilarWeb isn’t a digital marketing service. It is just a basic web analytic where you can analyze the traffic and some basic SEO analysis.

Advanced SEO features

Keyword Database20BUnknown
Backlink Database40T+ Backlinks
Google Serp Databases142 Databases
Rank Tracking
On-page & technical SEO
Local SEO

Semrush provides the most advanced SEO features as compare to other tools. It holds about 20 billion keywords in its database, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, rank checking, domain authority backlink analyzers, and other awesome advanced SEO features make this tool better than any other digital marketing out there in the market. Whereas, SimilarWeb provides only the basic information regarding SEO. Such as overall website traffic, top-performing keyword, competitors’ research, and other basic information. Even they have not revealed the keywords database like Semrush does.

More accurate and current data | Largest keyword database

Semrush collects data from world’s renowned clickstream data providers and offers the most accurate AI algorithm. Their Neural Link AI algorithm that is considered the most accurate AI data processing algorithm will always show your the most accurate data with the lowest error count.

With over 20 billion keywords databases and their performance in 142 databases for different countries. In addition to this stat, 40 trillion backlink databases and the advanced Neural Network algorithm make Semrush the best digital marketing solution tool in terms of database and accuracy.

Transparent (and probably cheaper) pricing

Semrush pricing is clear and straightforward. You’ll only for a clear and definite set of features. No extra charges for additional features. Once you pay for the feature, you can use it as much you want without any limitations. The payment section will show you all those features that you’ll get. That is it! No hidden charges, no extra cost. Whereas in SimilarWeb, you’ll have to pay additional money to get access to some extra features. More probably, you’ll end up paying higher money than you’ll pay in Semrush. Moreover, you can’t exclude some features that you don’t need. So you’ll have to pay for some unnecessary features.

Semrush is a superior choice for most of the marketers

If we look at the reviews of other users, it’s clearly can be seen that Semrush has better reviews and ratings than SimilarWeb. Below we’ve attached the evidence:

Final Verdict | Semrush Vs SimilarWeb

Below we’ve given our final words regarding Semrush vs SimilarWeb:

If you just want basic information of any website like its traffic and keywords, then SimilarWeb is good to go! However, SimilarWeb is only intended for large-scale websites, the service does not work with small-scale websites. Other than that SimilarWeb is good.

However, in the case of Semrush, it is more than just a basic traffic analyzer. Instead, Semrush is an all-in-one solution to all your digital marketing problems. A leading SEO tool that helps you to analyze your website performance, traffic, and all the SEO errors of your website. Therefore, if you want to dig deep into any website, no one can be better than SEMrush. With more than 50+ tools that will help you to analyze any website easily.

In our opinion, we’ll definitely go with Semrush, because it works with any small-scale website, provides better accuracy than other tools, in-depth statistics, 50+ SEO tolls, and up-to-date data makes the Semrush perfect for any website owner. However, the pricing is quite expensive but still worth buying!

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