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SEMRush Guide: Complete Review Before You Purchase

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If you have ever been into the digital marketing field, you most likely know about SEMrush and SEO. Search Engine Optimization and keyword research play a significant role in digital marketing, or you can say that digital marketing is all about SEO. This term – is the act of researching and building a list of suitable keywords to work into your site content. However, SEO doesn’t only depends on the keywords. In fact, its a broad term that defines the optimization of your website with search engines. Higher your SEO score, the more optimization you’ll have with search engines.

The idea behind SEO is to allow your content to rank higher in search engine results. Also, This leads to an increase in site traffic from Internet users searching for queries online. However, it was just a fundamental concept of how SEO works. But it’s not like that it is limited to only keywords. For all these things, there is an online SAAS-based software exist on the internet known as “SEMrush.”

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an all-in-one tool for solving and tracking the overall SEO performance of your website to improve it. The tool provides all the services and features that you need to make your website more optimized for search engines. It works by tracking and analyzing all your website’s code. After analyzing your whole website, it show’s you the required actions to take that could affect the overall SEO of your website.

Although, SEMrush isn’t the only one on the market. There are tons of SEO solution tools available on the internet then. Ten why only SEMrush? It’s because this company holds 70% of the share in SEO solution tools and SAAS services. It means about 7 out of 10 people use this service for their website or business SEO tracking. Above all, the SEMrush is one of those websites that many other multi-national brands and companies use. However, its subscription is quite expensive, but it’s worth the money!

SEO Keyword Research Tools

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Keyword Overview

SEMRush Guide

The keywords overview feature in SEMrush is really the most beneficial and great feature for your website. The tool helps you to identify and analyze all the performance of your respected keyword on the entire internet. All you’ve to do is to enter your desire keyword. SEMrush will bring the whole data regarding that keywords to you. You can look at the search volume of the keyword that is an average monthly search volume on search engines.

Firstly, you need to select the country to get the performance of that keyword in your chosen country. Further, you can look at the total number of websites playing on that keywords on “ Results on SERP.” At the bottom, you can the question that people asked on respected keywords in the “Questions” tab. Even you can look at the synonyms of that keywords as well!

Organic Research

SEMRush Guide

The organic research tool lets you track and keep an eye on every single activity to your competitor’s website regarding traffic. Of course, you can see the overall traffic performance of your website from your hosting page. But, this traffic analyzer tool lets you see the overall performance of your competitor’s site. Keeping an eye on your competitor is really important in SEO. Otherwise, they will cross you. Therefore, the organic research tool lets you understand the strategy and traffic performance of your competitor’s website in just a click away. You can see their monthly average visitors, paid traffic + organic traffic, and total SERP performance as well.

Magic Tool

For every website owner, the toughest challenge is to find the keywords that are suitable for their website. Visiting 3rd party websites to find keywords, then digging deep into their trends, search volume, and average CPC. It’s really a time-consuming and annoying thing. However, SEMrush has made your life easier. Keyword Magic Tool is awesome yet most beneficial for your keywords research. It shows you all the important details of each keyword that you need. For example, the keyword itself, its trend, and average search volume. Above all, it also shows you the KD, CPC, and SERPs as well.

Keyword Gap

SEMRush Guide

Keyword Gap is another useful tool that helps you to extract all the keywords your website contains. Not just that, you can also use it compare the keyword competition between you and your competitor’s site. For this, all you need to do is to enter the address of your and your competitor’s website. SEMrush will handle the rest. It’ll show you a detailed page about you and your rival. On the “Keyword Overlap” side, you can see the total number of keywords your website contains on SERPs. Most importantly, it also shows your competitor’s keywords in a visual graph format. You can dig deep into the page for more information!

SERP Tracking Tools

-SEMrush Sensor Tool

This tool basically tracks ranking on Google algorithm. This sensor tool will help you to monitor Google’s behavior. You can determine that either your website is more susceptible than your competitors, according to Google’s search result. Because the thing is that Google is updating ranking continuously. Therefore, if you are not as active as others then this may cause trouble for you. That’s why This sensor tool plays a huge role in the maintenance of your site so that you don’t face any trouble. The tool reminds you through a notification that your site ranking is going down. You can also use the embed widget feature to embed the SEMrush sensor tool on your personal website.

SEMRush Guide

-SEMrush Ranks Tool

This ranking basically depends upon how many monthly clicks you are getting from Google search. This ranking can be calculated by evaluating traffic for that specific domain. However, in SEO, Keywords play an important role in the ranking of your domain on the first 10 pages. We can calculate the traffic of the domain from search engine keywords. Simply multiplying average clicks with the monthly search volume of every keyword. From this SEMrush rank, you can beat your competitors in raking. But, note that your ranking depends upon how many visitors you get on your site. Your ranking also depends upon how visits you get on your site.

SEMRush Guide

Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Posters

You all know that social media is very important for running a business and getting traffic on websites. The thing is some people don’t know how to start a campaign and when you are supposed to post. Therefore, with the connection of social media posters and social media trackers you can deeply analyze our campaigns. You can post on each of our social media platforms like Facebook (Business Page), Instagram (Business page), LinkedIn, and many more even without adding the label of SEMrush. Most importantly, it helps you to plan your posts into interactive colanders as well as in social media poster content ideas.

SEMRush Guide

Social Media Ads

This tool makes things easy. You can plan campaigns easily by using this tool. As a result, you can have more traffic with the help of this tool. This tool optimizes your campaigns and manages more traffics on your Facebook, Instagram Pages, it also observes the performance of our campaigns and optimizes weak points. There are so many factors that cause trouble in the performance of your Facebook page, for that you can get a paid team to resolve your issue. For creating a new campaign click the “create” button and adjust your seating accordingly.

semrush Social Media Ads

Content Marketing Tools

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Topic Research

semrush Topic Research

Before writing about any topic the initial step which is recommended by experts is to brainstorm your ideas. In brainstorming, you can judge the quality of your ideas. After doing research on your ideas, you can make a basic template of how you are going to write your articles on any topic. SEMrush Topic research tools help the user in the brainstorming process. When you enter your article topic in the search bar you will have a list of subtopics in front of you which will help in generating different and interesting ideas. After that, you can start your main work of article writing.

Marketing Calendar

SEMrush Marketing Calendar

When you are running some sort of business then the thing which matters a lot in bringing your customers is marketing. Marketing is considered as the hook in the eye of the audience. If you can market your product easily then it means you are successful otherwise your all effort is useless. Most of the companies face problems in keeping their marketing strategies organized. But with the help of the SEMrush marketing calendar, you can organize your marketing plan and strategies without spreadsheets mess. You can collaborate and contact your team very easily. Analyze the working campaigns and their results with the help of graphs.

SEO Content Template

SEMrush SEO Content Template

We have seen that most of the articles of the present time are SEO-based. If you would search any article on the internet you will see that most articles are SEO. But writing an SEO article or content is not an easy piece of work. There is a need to do a lot of research work regarding SEO article writing. But SEMrush SEO content template has reduced this effort of SEO article writers. You can enter the keyword in the search bar, it will display you ten template articles that contain your desired keyword. This will help you in developing an idea of how you have to set your keyword and generate content regarding it.

SEO Writing Assistant

SEO Writing Assistant

Every article needs some assistant who can read and judge their article before publication so that if there is a need for some changes then he can make them before making it online. Similarly, when we are writing SEO content we need some help to judge our work. SEMrush SEO writing assistant has solved this problem. When you connect your article with google docs then SEO writing assistants start their work. It judges your content based on some important key points and guides you if there is a need for some changes. This helps the writer to make his content better before its publication.

Listing Management

Listing Management

A person always learns things from observation. When a person observes some other work he becomes able to know what is the flaw in their work. We can use the SEMrush post tracking system if we want to track some articles and want to gain knowledge from them. In SEMrush post tracking you need to enter the URL of the article which you want to look for. They keep track of article growth as well as how well an article is going. Compare the growth of past articles with the present article. This helps the writer to make their article look much better.

Content Audit

Changes are good to discover new and better things. As our things become boring after a specified period similarly the content on websites becomes boring after a limited period. A content audit is a technique through which you can get a deeper look at the content available on your website. You monitor the prons and look after that what are the changes required in your content. SEMrush content audit will audit your content. You have to enter the URL of the content which you want to audit. The remaining work SEMrush content audit will do for you.

Local SEO Tool

Listing Management

Listing Management

Setting up a business is a difficult task but after setting up your business you need to manage it in a good way so that your business must keep on running smoothly. As being the owner of some venture you cannot manage everything, therefore, you need some other person who can look after your work in your absence and if that job is done by a computer instead of a human then it will be best. SEMrush listing management will help the business owner to manage their work. SEMrush listing management distributes business information so that it becomes easy for the person to look at the main points.

Position Tracking

Position Tracking

A good website keeps the track of their progress. SEMrush position tracking helps people to keep track of their daily rankings because it helps them to judge their growth and get to know about their market influence. You can make specifications or target a specific location. You can find many features in this tool like sorting, tagging, and filtering. This tool can track through keywords that are not available in the base of SEMrush. Its tracking ability is so vast that you can track vast geographical locations as well.

SEMrush Link building and prospecting tools

With the help of link building and prospecting tools of SEMrush, you can upgrade your profile. Upgrading your profile will enhance your online visibility. Link building and prospecting tool will show you result about all over-edited data. In this process, you learn about keywords, character’s, word count, domains, links and many more.

Backlink Audit tool

The tool will help you to recognize your any lost or removed backlink. With the help of the Backlink Audit tool, your work will be in flow, avoiding the Google restrictions related to any of your broken, fail backlinks. You can pick your back link, put it into progress, and ask your partner to edit them. Although, the tool will manage your links, keep an eye on any irrelevant link that can cause any harm and can send email to your website’s partner. You can also create and send files named as disavow to google. With the help of this tool, you can remove any harmful back link from your site.

Backlink Gap

semrush Backlink Gap

This tool will help you quickly overview your work, and you can edit the domains according to the updated result. Backlink Gap tool will help you to compare your backlink with many sites at a time. The tool will show you all the websites relating to your site just by entering the domain. It will help you to identify your links quickly. Moreover, you can connect your part at one time to many competitors. Also, visit the backlinks posted previously. Moreover, you can use bulk backlink analysis to compare your backlink with 200URL. Most importantly, you can easily connect your website with this tool. As a result, you will get your update’s directly on your tool.

Backlink Analytics

semrush Backlink Analytics

This tool will help you to visit your website backlink just in a few seconds. You can also view your website link changes when any backlink is lost, broken, or fond. Above all, you can view your competitor’s backlinks by viewing the progress of your domain. The will help you to discover referring links with just one click. With the help of these tools, you get the overall idea to edit, upgrade and overview your activity. You have the option to choose a domain of your own choice according to your primary keyword. Then you can add backlinks to your website.

Link building tool

semrush Link building tool

Link building tool will help recognize your domain’s progress and allow you to collect the acquired links. You have an overview of links showing targeted keywords. You can integrate with Gmail and google search. The tool will help you to get contact information about the websites that you want to target.

SEMrush Market analysis tool

You can establish your stable position by using a market analysis tool. This tool will help you to recognize the market share, potential. You can analyze the online customer demand and interest. The market analysis tool will help you to level up your communication skills and abilities.

Bulk backlink analysis

semrush Bulk backlink analysis

With the help of this tool, you can easily recognize domains and links referring to your link opportunities. You can quickly check your competitors having the high profile link. You can compare your backlinks with 200 URLs simultaneously and find websites related to your interest. The tool will give you a piece of complete information about every domain in an exact form. With the help of this tool, you can easily export your data and enhance your business interest.

Market explorer

semrush Market explorer

Market explorer will help you to find out the competitors, overview their shares and market demands. You will able to analyze a new market for your business interest. Only you have to enter one website and you will able to find out competitors. It will provide you with the chance to compare the rate of one person with the entire market and then your interest and cost to enter into a new market. This tool will help you to explore more about audience interest, traffic generation interest and traffic trends.

Traffic Analytics

semrush Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics will help you to explore the overall traffic. You will be able to visit multiple sites and compare visitors’ interest from which country they are getting more traffic. Some filters will show the number and give you an overview of traffic analysis. You can use the traffic analytic tool over domain analytical to get more benefits. Domain analytic will provide you with an idea about website traffic on google.

On-Page SEO (Technical SEO Tools)

-Site Audit

This tool will help you in maintaining the health of your site. Site Audit will tell you issues, and you can fix those issues with SEO tools. Every site needs good and sustained health. The crawl level of this tool depends upon the number of pages per month. You can get Free crawl on 100 pages per month. You can get Pro crawl on 100,000 pages per month. If your pages per month limit is 300,000, you can get Guru crawl. In case your pages per month limit are 1,000,000, you can get a Business crawl. Your limit got reset automatically on 1st day of every month.

-Organic Research

This tells you about the top-ranked competitors whose websites come on top in Google search. The most important use of this tool is to tell you what kind of methods your competitors use to get more traffic on their website. This tool helps you provide overview reports, passional reports, reports of your subdomains, and your competitors, reports. Its limits request per day are 10 for Free, 3000 for Pro, 5000 for Guru, and 10000 for Business. There are no Free and Pro limits for Historical Data, but you can find it for Guru and Business.

-Log File Analyzer

This tool tells you through SEO that how Google Crawls your site. It helps you in the bot activities of your mobile and laptop or desktop. Moreover, it allows you to analyze the most crawl part of your website. Log File Analyzer helps you in getting chances to increase your budget. It deletes the specific problems that may cause trouble for your website. This tool provides you three additional Log file formats like W3C, Kinsta, and combined variations. The main thing is the maximum file size that you want to upload shouldn’t exceed then 1GB.

Competitor Analysis Tools

-Traffic Analytics

This tool is a competitive research tool that helps us estimate the laptop, desktop, or mobile traffic. IF you want to build a successful media strategy, then this tool is for you. Traffic analysis is a tool that estimates actual website traffic. It is divided into five parts Overview, Sources, Geographic Distribution, Destination Sites, and Subdomains. The limit of this tool subscription is 200 dollars per month on each of your accounts, although it is Pro, Guru, or Business. With the free account, you can use ten total requests per day.

-Organic Research

This result will tell you about your competitors’ ranking, which system engine keywords they use, and an analysis of all the essential features. You can see the reason that your competitors are going up and what are the mistakes that push them down are. The limits of organic research are 10,3000,5000,10000 requests per day for Free, Pro, Guru, Business, respectively. Limits for result per report are 10,10000,30000,50000 for Free, Pro, Guru, Business respectively. There is no service of limits in Free and Pro, but you can find it in Guru and Business.

-Advertising Research

This will help you to know the closest paid search of competitors. You can know their bidding. You can analyze their campaigns, keywords, and CPC (COST PER CLICK). This Data is essential for your campaign and your PPC (Pay Per Click). The limits of Advertising research are 10,3000,5000,10000 requests per day for Free, Pro, Guru, Business, respectively. Limits for results per report are 10 for Free, 10000 or Pro, 30000 for Guru, and 50000 for Business. There is no service of limits of advertising research in Free and Pro, but you can find it in Guru and Business.

– PLA Advertising

PLA Helps us in the performance of advertisements like online shopping campaigns. You can use PLA to determine the ranking of your competitor’s shopping ads. This may reveal the Keywords which your competitors are using for PLA. You Can see your competitors pricing on the products using PLA. It can help you to know which product your competitors are selling. The limit for PLA is 10 for Free users, 10 for Pro users, 10 for Guru users, but unlimited for Business account users. a

-Display Advertising

This will help you to know the display ads of your competitors. All the ads they are publishing, running on their websites, all the banners, and posters you will know. You can use this knowledge to make your plan of ads. Through Display advertisement, you will be able to target more traffic on your ads. SEMrush provides you complete add details of your competitors that which kind of ad they are running so that you can get an idea and beat them in this battle of display advertisement.

-Brand Monitoring

This is an essential tool for all brand ambassadors. It tracks the specific keyword or phrase, which helps you get top rank on all blog and news sites you want. This tool will help you to track your brand and maintain the digital reputation of your brand. It will help you know immediately if anyone has gave you negative feedback so you can reach easily and see what the reason is. Moreover, if we talk about the limits of Brand monitoring, Free and Pro accounts can track one keyword. For tracking more, you need to subscribe to Guru or a Business account.

-Social Media Tracker

As the name mentions, it is also a tracing tool. You can track the account of your competitors and get information about their audience, traffic, and engagements, etc. Let suppose you have a YouTube channel, and you want to see how many subscribers or How much watch time, or how much earning your competitor has. You can track it easily by using this tool. Not only for YouTube, but you can track on Facebook, Instagram (Business page), and many other social media platforms. So basically, this tool will help you to make a strategy to beat your competitors.

SEMrush Pros and Cons

Now, here comes the most awaited moment for most of the readers that is Pros and Cons. The main reason why people love this section is due to the fact that you can easily read advantages and drawbacks in one single line. Below we’ve mentioned some of the most popular pros and common cons of SEMrush!

So let’s get into it!


  • Paid and organic traffic analyzer: Yes, its the biggest advantage of using SEMrush. Other companies merely support this feature. In competitive research, its important for you to keep an eye on your competitor’s traffic and its performance. Above all, you should be aware that how much your rival is spending on their paid marketing.
  • Fantastic Site Audit: Site Audit will allow you to analyze your whole website and check for any issues on your website. SEMrush’s site audit is one of the best feature as compare to other companies. Their crawlers are way much responsive and always show accurate results then you can think off. However, not completely accurate, but enough to make your website’s SEO score better!
  • Tells solution: It not just analyze your website, but also tell you the solution. Once you run a full scan on your website. SEMrush will send its crawler’s and show you a responding score. One of the main benefit is that you get solution with the problem as well!


  • Toggle between projects features and other features could be smoother.
  • Backlink Audit tool can be very confusing and misleading
  • Confusing SERP results setup

Why Use SEMrush?

Now, the question that appears here is why you should use SEMrush? We’ve written all about its feature’s, its prices and pros and cons. But, now here comes the main question, why the heck you should use it? We also have an answer to this question. Read it below:-

Get better insights into your website.

One of the main benefits you’ll from SEMrush is that you’ll start getting better insights into your site. You can track, compare and analyze your website for any issues. Not just that, it also shows you suggestions and points that you should follow to increase the SEO score. Believe us. The SEO features that SEMrush offers, no one can beat. Even your C-Panel can’t provide the features that this company provides. You can find the keywords, competitors, organic and paid traffic and many other valuable data. It’s not just a SAAS service but a complete suite for all your SEO problems. You can run a full scan of your website and find all the issues on your website that affects your site’s SEO. However, there are some problems and bugs in the SEMrush. But, according to its features, they are neglectable.


Keywords play a vital role in the SEO and SERP performance of your website. Using wrong or irrelevant keywords in your website’s content can probably kill your entire SEO strategy. Therefore, we must recommend you invest more in your keyword’s research. However, SEMrush has a solution to this problem. With its keywords research tool, you can get everything about a keyword that matters to you! This tool will protect you from getting the wrong keywords.

Moreover, it not just shows you related keywords. Instead, it shows you all the performance, trend and KD of respected keywords. In this way, you can save your time visiting different websites like G Trends and other 3rd party websites. SEMrush has your back and shows you all the data in one place.

Understand your audience

Getting to know about your audience is an essential thing to consider. Without understanding your audience and working hard on your website is just like shooting in the dark. Not knowing your audience is the main reason why people gets fail in digital marketing. However, SEMrush knows it and brought you some of the advanced features that can help you analyze your audience. It even shows you the average amount of impressions and clicks you’re getting from Search Engines. You can view the location of your audience, total clicks and the total number of conversions in a month. Amazing, right? Most importantly, it’s way better than other 3rd party free software’s that always show you fake results!


SEMrush is one of the most popular SAAS service for providing SEO solution’s to website owners and digital marketers. It covers PPC, up-to-date keywords, off-page SEO, On-page SEO, and many other strategies used in the digital marketing field fall in SEO. Although, these all tools are great for for both SEO and digital marketer but still you need practice. However, we’re sure enough through SEMrush you can made your website’s SEO score more better! Today, in this article, we will write an ultimate guide on SEMrush and how it works. So, let’s get into it!

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