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Questions To Ask On Instagram: Top 150 Engaging Questions

Questions To Ask On Instagram For Engagement – Are you looking for new ways to engage with your followers?

Instagram is a great way to meet new people and make friends.

It’s also a wonderful place for deep, meaningful conversations with those who share your interests.

Let’s explore the questions you can ask on Instagram in order to get more of that engagement you crave!

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are a feature that allows you to share your daily life with friends and followers.

You can take photos or videos of what’s going on in your day, or just simply post a selfie.

Stories disappear after 24 hours so they’re never saved for later use as the rest of Instagram content is.

This means that there’s no need to worry about looking back at embarrassing moments from two years ago 😀

What is an Instagram Question?

An Instagram question is a question that you ask your followers in order to either receive feedback or just get more engagement.

For instance:

“What’s the best song of all time?” and

“Should I buy this dress?”

An easy way to figure out what questions to ask on Instagram is by looking at what other people are asking.

But don’t copy them word-for-word because it’ll seem unoriginal and make you look bad.

Make sure the questions are relevant to your niche too!

How asking questions affect your Social Media engagement

Asking questions in your Instagram posts can greatly affect the engagement you receive.

The more relevant and personal to your audience, the better!  

Not only is it a great way to get to know them on a personal level, but they’ll feel like their opinion matters which will drive them back for more.  

For example, if I were posting about my recent vacation and wanted feedback from followers about what type of travel photos or videos they prefer (travel selfies vs scenic shots),

I could ask: “what types of travel pictures do you enjoy seeing most?”

This question would then prompt people to respond with either comment on that post or by tagging their friends who might be interested too.

It’s an easy way not only to find out what content

So why not try adding some creativity into your posts by using questions! 

What Questions Should You Ask The Audience?

Everyone has their favorite social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all popular choices for people to choose from.

If you are wondering how to get more engagement on your Instagram account, then this blog post is for you.

One of the best ways that I found was by asking questions.

Questions can be used in many different ways.

For example, they can be used as prompts or topics to discuss in-depth because people love talking about themselves and giving their opinion.

They also serve as an icebreaker so that people feel comfortable commenting after reading the question because it shows them that you care and want everyone’s input. 

So what kind of questions should we ask our audience?

The first step would be finding out who our audience is.

Below we will give you the list of questions that you can ask on Instagram based on your needs

Questions to ask on Instagram for engagement

Instagram is a platform where people share their lives with followers. It can be used as a social media marketing tool to grow your brand, but it could also just be for fun and connecting with friends.

There are many ways you can use Instagram to engage more with your followers.

So what are some questions that might help?

  1. What’s one of the best things about being on Instagram?
  2. What does the world look like through your eyes? 3
  3. If you had only 15 minutes left in this world, what would you do? 4
  4. Who inspires you most and why? 5
  5. Where did you go last night before bedtime and why was it there special to you? 

30+ Questions to ask on the Instagram story for Cute Girl-friend

  1. What is the cutest thing you have ever done for your boyfriend?
  2. Which is more impressive- flowers or chocolate?
  3. Who loves to say cute things first, men or women?
  4. Is “cute” really just a term made up by Hollywood and cosmetics companies?What’s your version of cute?
  5. What’s your version of cute?
  6. What are your thoughts on these hipsters who always reference novels, cinema, and tv shows but never get around to reading, watching, or experiencing them?
  7. Have you been lonely the last couple of days?
  8. Super nerdy question for you; Which episodes of MLP did Twilight get her cutie mark in?
  9. How come we don’t have “cat-girl” anime like there is cat-boy anime (e.g., Kuroko’s Basketball)?
  10. I’m going to do this and it’s totally going to work: I’ll start acting like a cute girl…
  11. What is your idea of a perfect date night?
  12. Where is the best place you’ve ever been on a first date?
  13. What’s your favorite thing to do with someone you love?
  14. How would you make your ideal day with a significant other?
  15. What are some cute compliments that can be given to someone important in one’s life, such as their girlfriend/boyfriend, sister, or mom??
  16. If your girlfriend looked like an anime character, who would she be?
  17. How did you and your girlfriend meet?
  18. What do you think is the best quality of her body?
  19. What words or phrases did she unknowingly mutter in her sleep that made you fall for her more than ever before?
  20. What is your favorite thing to make together as a couple in the kitchen without any ingredients?
  21. What do you think are some cute things to do while dating?
  22. What about date ideas for the winter months in different countries?
  23. If you were dreaming, what would a romantic date be? (Movie night, snuggle time after dinner)
  24. Would you rather spend a day with your significant other or have them cook for/welcome an important guest at home when they get back from work?
  25. If your relationship is long-distance, what tools did you use that make it easier on Skype and FaceTime meetings to maintain the sweet side of romance?:)
  26. What is the best present to give your significant other?
  27. What is your favorite movie and why?
  28. Are we all werewolves at heart?
  29. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
  30. Do you have a crush on someone right now or know of someone else who does (aside from you)?

40+ Questions to ask on the Instagram stories for Sports and Soccer

  1. Who’s your favorite player?
  2. What’s your favorite soccer team?
  3. Do you have any superstitions about games or players?
  4. Is there a team that you absolutely despise playing against?
  5. What about soccer do you find the most frustrating and what do you like the best about it?
  6. What are your favorite soccer teams?
  7. Who is the most famous player on your favorite team?
  8. Have you ever challenged anyone to a game of soccer?
  9. Do you still watch old soccer games (e.g., World Cup)?
  10. I don’t watch soccer and my friend thinks that’s blasphemy, so what do you like about it?
  11. What happened LIVE in that game in the last 5 minutes??
  12. Do you think men appreciate sports more than women? Is this why there are predominately male soccer players and commentators?
  13. What is the best-rated World Cup soccer game in your opinion?
  14. Is 2018 going to be a great year for FIFA?
  15. How can you tell if someone played soccer professionally in their youth?
  16. Should the goalies be able to use their hands or is it okay just to kick it away?
  17. Do you have any predictions about which team will win this year’s World Cup?
  18. Who do you think is the best soccer player of all time?
  19. Have you ever seen someone get a goal on a bicycle kick?
  20. What’s your favorite FIFA team and why?
  21. How much money would it take for you to burn your favorite pair of sneakers or jersey if they were not expensive shoes or jerseys, but just ones that you liked that got ruined by whatever reason?
  22. If you could be any fictional character from the world of soccer, who would it be and why
  23. What’s your favorite soccer team?
  24. Who is your favorite player?
  25. What was the last soccer match you watched?
  26. Is there a particular game or team you are rooting for now that has recently made it to the playoffs or semi-finals of any tournament?
  27. Think about this, how long does a professional soccer game last, on average?
  28. How old are you?
  29. What position do you normally play when you’re playing soccer indoors or out?
  30. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor fields to play on most of the time?
  31. Would you rather kick a ball into a net, bounce it off the ground, shoot it with your foot, or punt it with your head/foot?
  32. For outdoor games – Which position is your favorite place to be in when defending ? Why?
  33. What makes that spot the best for defense?Which player of which country is your favorite?
  34. What do you think about the soccer/football team of this city?
  35. How often or how earnestly have you watched a game in person or online to know what’s going on?
  36. How many games have you experienced live that were finals or league championships, including international matches?
  37. have you ever been footy booted
  38. who is your favorite player, why?
  39. what are some of the other things you like to do with your friends?
  40. which sports team are you most passionate about?
  41. how much does it affect your mood on days when they lose or win?
  42. What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened while playing soccer in your life?

43 Questions to ask on the Instagram stories for business

  1. What are some ways in which your employer is working to make their business more sustainable?
  2. How do you feel about business owners taking a strong political stance on issues that are very controversial or divisive?
  3. Do you think the cost of living will be higher in the future?
  4. Does your job require you to use environmentally-friendly practices and materials, like recycling, using energy-efficient products, etc.?
  5. Can people who work for small businesses have a direct impact on environmental change if they choose wisely at the store or when out shopping?
  6. What is the average cost of hiring a company or person that specializes in business consulting?
  7. Have you ever worked with a business consultant before?
  8. Would you be willing to share your experience with them?
  9. Are you looking for any businesses that are currently looking for help, so they can pursue new ventures or expand on their current work forces and goals?
  10. Do you work to a set company salary?
  11. How do you feel about social media influencing your job?
  12. What are the nexet trends in this field of work?
  13. What would be a great piece of advice for someone that wants to pursue this field of work in the future?
  14. What business decisions have you made that you’re proud of?
  15. What thoughts do you have about the current state of business in today’s world?
  16. When was the last time your company has ruffled some feathers with its policies or practices?
  17. Have you ever had an instance where a customer needed to overcome your company’s policies before they were able to purchase something from one of your businesses ?
  18. Have most customers been cooperative when it comes to complying with companies’ policies and regulations around purchases, even those which are not necessarily profitable for the buyer in fully understanding what they are requiring by way of compliance?
  19. What do you think are the pros and cons between starting your own business or going to work for someone else?
  20. Do you think a startup has any chance of succeeding without a lot of funding?
  21. Why did you decide to go into costuming instead of accounting, for example?
  22. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into cosplaying and costuming on their own?
  23. How can I make my costume more realistic looking with less supplies?
  24. What is your favorite business who provides excellent service?
  25. Why do you shop at that location, what’s their marketing strategy or production process?
  26. Would you ever be interested in spending $5 on a text classification task for Amazon Mechanical Turk?
  27. What are your thoughts on business in general?
  28. Have you ever had a negative experience with a business that prompted you to have an opinion about them?
  29. Is there any particular type of company or industry that annoys you when it comes to businesses?
  30. In what ways do YOU contribute to the negative environment for businesses in society (whether with your thoughts or actions)?
  31. What does the term “business” mean to you?
  32. What’s the one business idea you’ve had that made it off the ground?
  33. How do you see AI affecting small businesses in your area?
  34. If a company were able to massively disrupt a specific industry through automation, would that be good for society as a whole or would it cause more harm than good by eliminating jobs?
  35. Do you think robots will take over the costumer service industry in our lifetime and if not why not when is it likely to happen?
  36. What are some things you’ve been looking at to save more money?
  37. Would you willingly pay more for a service if they were offering benefits or amenities, even if the cost was the same as a competitor’s?
  38. Do you believe businesses that offer deals have happier customers than those who don’t ?
  39. Is customer satisfaction something that seems important to your business?
  40. Do you work in business development? What is your opinion about the future of business development?
  41. If an individual were to invest in a company, how would they go about researching which ones are good investments and which ones are not?
  42. Do you think technology makes it easier or harder for small companies to compete with large corporations in this era of globalization? What other advantages do smaller companies have over large corporations?
  43. Have you ever used crowdsourcing as a part of your research to find new businesses ideas or ventures for your company or group work projects? Why or why not? 5. How has the impact of social media on sustaining small businesses grown over the past few years

40+ Questions to ask on Instagram stories for Friends 

  1. What is your earliest memory of our friendship?
  2. What is the best advice you’ve ever received from me?
  3. Did you think we would still be friends if I didn’t have that piece of candy in my backpack when we were kids and Mrs Fitzsimmons caught us eating it during her art class?
  4. How does it make you feel knowing all those hard times we went through growing up are a big part of what made our bond so strong today?
  5. Drunk birthday texts for life
  6. What is the best – and worst – thing you’ve done for your friends?
  7. What are some of the qualities that make a good friend?
  8. Have you ever done anything that’s less than great, like get into their stuff or come late to appointments because they didn’t plan well? How did they respond to it?
  9. Do you notice when your closest friends leave behind things or become distant in any way? Are these signs of drifting apart one day down the line if there continues on this path? Why or why not?
  10. Are there boundaries that need to be set before getting close with someone new, even if it’s just as a friend right now (not considering
  11. What is the best thing about being your best friend?
  12. What are some of the things you do together as friends?
  13. If your best friend had to leave town for a long period, how would it make you feel? Would it be hard to say goodbye?
  14. Did anything happen recently where one of you was really upset but told the other nothing about it even though they could tell something was wrong with them? Anything like that ever happen before and if so how did they handle that situation? How did they feel afterwards or now knowing their true feelings on those situations maybe matters more than their words.
  15. Have any funny observations or stories with your friend happened lately that you can
  16. What is the most outlandish thing I have done with you?
  17. Who would I be without him or her in my life?
  18. How has he or she changed me for the better over time?
  19. Did he or she help make you into who you are today?
  20. What is the best thing about being friends with you?
  21. When do you feel our friendship changed and/or when did we grow closer as friends?
  22. How has our friendship affected the relationships I have with other people in my life?
  23. Do you want to know more about me, or are you satisfied with this conversation and what we know about each other for now?
  24. What are some reasons why you love your best friend?
  25. Do we have anything in common that contribute to our friendship?
  26. Is there anything you see yourself doing with them for the rest of your life?
  27. What is your favorite thing about us two being friends?
  28. Is there a time when I did something that really changed who you are as a person or what you want to do with the future?
  29. What is your favorite one of the many things we do together?
  30. If you had to pick one thing that best describes me, what would you choose and why?
  31. If I could tell you anything I want right now without judgement, what would it be about?
  32. How do eggs taste from a cow’s perspective?
  33. I was just thinking that no matter where we go, our friendship will always be there to support us.
  34. Thank you for giving me a chance to meet your friends and their partner too because now I know more people who would want something like that someday
  35. Just wanted to say thank you because it’s not every day people have someone they can count on all the time for anything
  36. Has our friendship ever changed since high school?
  37. Has work been the primary cause of not speaking to each other?
  38. Remember when we went to that amusement park together and got into a huge fight?
  39. Why haven’t seen you in over a year and I don’t know what’s wrong with us?
  40. Did something happen between us in high school that I’m unaware of?
  41. What are the best memories you have with your best friend?
  42. What is your favorite quality about your best friend?
  43. Are there any downsides to having a really close friend?
  44. Do you think you will be friends for a long time to come?

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