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Personal Branding Photography: 10 Reasons Why Is It Important

Personal Branding Photography: 10 Reasons Why Is It Important

Personal Branding Photography – Today, digital business or online business is on its trend, especially after the pandemic of 2020. It's the era when 70% of large and small-scale enterprises are moving themselves to the online world.

For a multi-national and popular offline business, creating a website is enough to gain customers from the internet.

However, if we talk about the small scale online companies and small to medium scale entrepreneurs, creating a website isn't enough.

Because on internet, your clients neither have seen you, nor they know about your brand already.

This is where personal branding photography comes into the ground.

Believe us or not, but without personal branding photography on your social media profile or your website. You will never get large-scale projects!

Especially if you're new to online business and want to gain clients.

Your social media profiles must reflect your professionalism, your team members, how you work, and your active lifestyle. And that's all possible through personal branding photography!

For your ease, in this article, we've written an ultimate guide on what is unique about branding photography.

Also, we've mentioned some of the best ideas for you

So let's get into it:

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding photography refers to the photography of the business owner that reflects their personal and business lifestyle through pictures on social media and on their websites.

However, you must do unique branding photography professionally through a DSLR camera so that you can get better and attractive pictures.

According to Queens Land Government, the businesses and entrepreneurs who use professional photography for their business on social media profiles are more likely to get big-scale contracts and gain more clients, than those who use simple illustrations on their social media accounts and websites, this kind of photography is ideal for people like entrepreneurs and small to medium-scale business owners.

It helps them build their brand image and gain more authentic clients and big projects.

Your professional pictures must fit your potential clients as they'll reflect what kind of business you're running and increase the conversion rates.

Who Needs Personal Branding Photography?

We all know that the online world is way bigger than you can think of. If you think clients will come to you without doing anything, you will need to remove your head from the clouds.

To gain something, you've to do something. The same rule applies to personal branding photography.

Without showcasing yourself on social media, there are significantly fewer chances that clients will hire you and do any project with you.

If we talk about what kind of people needs professional photography, the list is endless.

The rule is simple.

However, for better understanding, below, we've mentioned some niches which require personal branding photography.

  • Small to medium scale business owners
  • Musicians
  • YouTubers
  • Digital Influencers
  • Fitness experts
  • Models
  • Public figures
  • Movie Actors

10 Reasons Why Is Personal Brand Photography Important?

Personal Branding Photography

Now you already know what is personal branding photography and who needs this kind of photography.

But note that any action is useless if you don't see the benefit or consequences of that action. Especially in photography, you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on the professional photographer, studio, and on your team to get business photography for your brand.

Of course, you're not going to spend that much money to get relaxed in front of your friends.

That's why in this section below we've mentioned the top 10 reasons why is personal brand photography important for your online business profile.

Make Your Social Media Profile Stand Out

The first benefit of doing a personal branding photography session is making your social media profile stand out.

Most people use their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for casual purposes.

That's why 90% of social media account users use a simple smartphone to capture their pictures and upload them directly on their social media account.

At the same time, uploading your images captured by a professional DSLR will make your account stand out from the crowd.

Significantly, a professionally captured picture of yourself on the profile will increase the chances of getting more authentic clients.

Get Better Conversions

We are sure that this section will grab your attention. It's an old saying that the first impression is the last.

The exact quote applies to your social media profile. It's an obvious thing that in online businesses, you and your client typically can't meet with each other physically.

Every communication and payment-related things go through online mediums.

However, the same thing applies to your looks and style. If you want to gain attention, you need to have an impactful first impression in front of your clients.

Of course, in online businesses, everything your looks, style, and professionalism is shown by your social media account.

Professional and high-quality DSLR images of you and your team will give your clients better insight into how you work, your products, your professionalism, etc.

It's a rule of thumb, the more professional and more you invest in your business photography, the better and more high-paying clients you'll get.

Increase the Level of Authenticity

It's scientifically proven that the human brain is highly attracted to visual content over written content.

So, instead of showing your brand's authenticity in written content, it's way better to do it in the form of images.

Because people tend to react and influence more strongly to visual content, that's why high-quality professional photographs will add a level of authenticity and professionalism to your brand's image.

Moreover, it's the best way to showcase that your company is perfect for big and high-paying contracts.

Because usually, a flagship buyer will look for flagship companies or agencies for his task.

And it's no wonder that personal branding photography will make your brand's social media profile a flagship profile!

Best Way To Showoff your Work

Personal branding photography is one of the best ways to showcase your services and previous work of your company.

We know there are already many ways to showcase your services.

But, believe the best and most converting way is through professional photography of your business.

However, you need to consider no matter how good you're at your work or services.

But, the first impression tells everything. That's why remember to hire a professional photographer that can take your services in photographs to the next level.

Believe us, when it comes to showcasing your portfolio through personal branding photography, everything depends on how skilled your photographer is!

Showcase Your Team to The Clients

Showcasing your team is one of the most most important elements to gain more customers. This method will make your customers think like you’re a professional agency and your agency has skilled people for every task. Now, how’ll you showcase your tea? The answer is straightforward; Personal branding photography! It’s the best way to showcase your team to your clients through social media

Make Your Company's Social Media Profile Stand Out

Did you know that about 500,000+ accounts are created on Facebook every day, out of which 20% accounts are business accounts?

But note that not every business account works professionally and invests in their photography.

90% of them will copy-paste the pictures from Google or capture all their photos from a smartphone.

Only a few business social media account owners invest money in the photography of their brand's social media accounts.

And those who support personal branding photography for their brand are more likely to succeed on their social media profiles.

The logic behind this statement is straightforward.

According to the DepositPhotos survey, images and ratings influence consumers by up to 53%. This means that a professional and eye-catching image on your social media account can increase your chances of getting a project by up to 53%.

Get Your Brand to Fall in Flagship Category

Have you ever seen a smartphone captured picture in a multi-national company's social media account? Of course not.

Almost all the flagship and multi-national brands don't just capture the image from smartphones and uploads them on their social media use internal and professional DSLR photography in their social media accounts.

Moreover, their social media photography isn't just limited to professional photographers.

They also hire highly skilled editors and allocate a high budget for their social media photography.

That's why we want you to get your account to those flagship brand's level.

However, we're not saying to invest soo much money in professional photography.

But at least your brand will fall into the flagship category.

Clients Want to Get to Know About YOU

If your client has stumbled upon your social media account and scrolling down through your account, it means they need to know about you.

The majority of the new startup brands and entrepreneurs consider their social media account as a business account and upload those typical stock images.

On a personal note, stock images are good but only if being used on your website; social media accounts are not to upload stock images.

If your client is scrolling through your social media account, they need to see you, not stock photos.

The best way to reflect your and your brand's image on social media is through personal branding photography.

This kind of photography reflects who you are, your business, your lifestyle, your portfolio and reflects many other things related to you and your business.

Use Photos as Assets

Look, now we're going to tell you the truth behind entrepreneurs and small businesses who use personal branding photography for their brands.

Have you ever noticed that most entrepreneurs use the same picture on most of the platforms? Such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, magazines, etc.

It is because entrepreneurs invest in their branding photography and use them as an asset.

A professionally captured DSLR picture can be used to make your website, social media accounts, and many other online profiles look more engaging, professional, and flagship.

At the same time, you can use the same photos in the offline world, such as in magazines and offline advertisements.

Overall, investing in personal branding photography is one of the significant assets for the look of your business.

Photographs Help you to Rank on Search Engines.

If you've your website, then you might be aware of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a whole process of making your content exist on the internet that search engine crawlers can easily understand to rank your content in their search results upon related searches.

If your pictures on the website are SEO optimized, you've got better chances of ranking on search engines such as Google when a buyer searches your name there.

This process can increase your conversion rate up to 20%.

Because then your buyer will be satisfied that you're famous enough that Google is ranking which you do original work.

Personal Branding Photography Checklist

Your branding photography is your brand's impression.

It's one of the essential assets of your brand if you want to gain customers through the online world.

For that purpose, you need to set up everything and plan it first.

For your ease, below we've created a checklist for your branding photography:

Use Your Brand's Theme Color in Photographs

Have you ever noticed that all of the multi-national flagship online businesses always use the same theme in their website, social media account, and on their photography as well?

For example, Facebook always sticks with the blue color theme. YouTube stays with red, WhatsApp has a green color, etc.

It proves that every premium brand chooses and visits with their theme color, and they use it everywhere.

That's why if you want to reflect your business in your branding photography. You must need to use your brand's theme color in your photographs.

You can try wearing apparel matching your brand's theme color, use background walls painted in the theme color, and anything like that.

Must Show Yourself on Your Branding Photography

You must include yourself (business owner) in the photographs.

Without the owner in pictures, your branding photography is useless. Instead, it will be better to use stock images instead of wasting your money on expensive photographers.

It is because your clients and customers want to see you in the photographs.

Show Your Creativity

Of course, you will not just stand still, take a picture and upload it on your brand's social media account.

You'll need to do some actions and show your creativity in your photographs.

However, we're not saying to pose like a model and capture since you're not doing a personal photoshoot, so you don't need to pose like a model.

Showing creativity refers to doing some actions such as while working on your PC, gathering new topics, meeting, or anything that reflects your business lifestyle.

How Much Does Personal Brand Photography Cost

It all depends on multiple factors, such as the country where you live, the area where you're hiring the photographer, and the skills level of the photographer.

However, we can give you an average idea of how much you can photographer charges for your branding photography for an estimate.

Depending on your location and on many other factors, photographers usually charge 80$-500$ per session.

However, it was just an estimated value after doing multiple types of research on the internet.

But we assure you that the more skilled and professional a photographer, the heavier it will be on your pocket.

On the other side, we'll suggest you, the more experienced photographer you'll hire for your brand, the better it will be for your business!

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