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Online Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Websites

Marketing Strategies for eCommerce: In the world of online businesses, eCommerce marketing strategies emphasize eye-catching strategies to attract people and make your ad unique.

The more people are attracted, the more is the trade and the more profitable your business becomes.

Ecommerce or electronic commerce, the world-famous modern way of marketing, started a long time ago when a Dan Kohn sold sold the first CD on internet in August 11, 1994.

Don Kohn used this forum and sold it through his website named NetMarket.

By 2020 this online trade sale has jumped to $27 trillion.

There are different types of e-commerce.

An E-commerce website is a platform where one can promote his business using the internet. This makes marketing so easy and handy. Desired products are one click apart from the common person. You can sell, purchase, and make transactions easily by using this website.

What is e-commerce marketing?

what is e-commerce marketing?

E-commerce marketing is the technique of creating income through developing and acknowledging your products and increasing traffic on your website thus improving your trade.

Marketing strategies for e-commerce need a strong and attractive advertisement that can draw the attention of maximum people. In this regard, marketers use different virtual channels like digital content, social media systems, search engines, and email campaigns to draw traffic and boost the business.

E-commerce advertising is a fantastic manner for shops and companies to tap into that developing power, making advertisements that lead customers to an e-commerce website.

Another important aspect of promoting e-commerce marketing strategy is the use of visual aspects of the product. Physical stores have this benefit over online marketing as one can access the product easily and can view it from every angle.

As the proprietor of web business, you face the challenge of highlighting the visible factors of your product in such a manner that it reflects the original product. For your website, you can use the following techniques.

  • 3D images improve the customer’s interest in the product and help them in selecting the needed product.
  • Customers-based reviews. These not only improve your product’s reliability but also improves customer’s trust in your website.
  • Videos showing the specifications and manual handling of the products. Animoto’s survey shows that seventy-three percent of the people who responded to events, their sales increase because of these videos.

Thus, a skillful person having a website and strong advertisement can take his place in the digital world and boost his business.

How to build an e-commerce marketing plan

E-commerce marketing plans include tactics to gain the attention of the customers. Several points should be considered while creating your marketing plan.

  • Make Your Goal clear
  • Select your e-commerce platform
  • Build a relationship with the customer
  • Figure out your weaknesses and remove them from your business
  • Make keyword research plan to get ranked on Google SERPs
  • Develop beneficial content
  • Advertise your content

Making a viable promoting plan requires some investment however once complete, you may not have to return to your plan regularly. It is an important aspect of marketing strategies for e-commerce.

Online marketing strategies for e-commerce websites

If you are about to start an online retail company, then it is crucial to consider some approved and experienced online marketing strategies for e-commerce to make your effort profitable as the e-commerce marketing place is flooding with high competitors.

Furthermore, in case of a successful launch of an e-commerce site, you have to consider these marketing strategies for e-commerce to make your success everlasting.

You can opt for several tactics of directing a huge number towards your website including SEO, Google ads, etc. So, for your ease here is a list of 10 best online marketing tips:

Optimize your e-commerce site

For boosting sales, optimizing your site is the first step. It includes some points to be focused on,

  • best website layout,
  • testing your language displayed,
  • positioning of icons,
  • use of riveting meta title and meta description,
  • use of ALT tags with keywords and descriptions
  • While using URLs you should avoid symbols and different combinations of characters so that URLs are easily deciphered by both humans and search engines.

Optimize your Parent and Child page Structure,

Parent and Child page structure is a structure of creating a web page that is crucial for your website. The parent page contains extensive information then you add child pages to the parent page in which you add further details of your website. A website has several parent pages like Canva has more than 55 parent pages, further having approximately 78 child pages.

Backlinks are attached to the child pages thus enhancing the traffic on the website. Backlinks are the treasure for search engine marketing as it increases the authenticity of your content. Related keywords are used to create anchor texts that are connected with these links thus improving the reliability of your google search.

No one can become successful overnight, it takes clever decisions and super executions to construct their brand. To make a user-friendly website you have to use these marketing strategies for e-commerce to understand the intention of the person’s search.

Optimize On-Page SEO

marketing strategies for e-commerce

Optimized On-Page SEO benefits you with high organic search. For On-Page SEO optimization you should work on the following points

  • If your website is explaining its purpose in title tags, URLs, content, and images then it fully benefits your on-page SEO optimization.
  • Search engines increase the ranking of your website if it takes less time to load. So, you have to speed up the server response time.
  • Your unique IP addresses are a way that sends a signal to Google and search engines that your content is unique.
  • For making your website attractive to your audience so that they spend more time on your site, the use of images will help a lot. The same is the case for videos. Image optimization itself is a way of ranking in Google’s image search.
  • You can boost your SEO ranking by using title tag modifiers like free, best, fast, etc. It is a tool for ranking your website for long-tail keywords.
  • HTML tags indirectly affect the website ranking by allowing the readers to easily understand your content.

Produce Original and SEO friendly articles

To get more visits to your website, your site must appear on the main page. Producing original and SEO friendly articles are the part of marketing strategies for an e-commerce store. This is only achievable when your articles are original and SEO-friendly. Consequently, the search engine will improve your ranking. Following tips will help you make it possible,

  1. Firstly, you have to look for the keywords required by the audience.
  2. You must have a defined structure (introduction, body, and conclusion) of what you are going to write.
  3. Your title must be captivating and vivid. It will increase the understanding of your article to the reader. After finalizing your title go for a title score with CoSchedule. It gives the overall analysis of your title.
  4. The use of headings and subheadings will facilitate your writing to be clearer and help the reader to be able to take the gist of the article in no time.
  5. Use headings and subheadings in a defined order. Starting from your main title that is H1 then subtitle H2. From onwards you can go up to H6.
  6. Backlinks boost your ranking. If a related topic was written by you in the past then do not forget to add its link to the new article.
  7. Meta title and Meta descriptions along with your h1 title are equally important to make your article successful.
  8. For increasing visual descriptions, you must use related images with descriptive ALT tags.

Produce high-quality social media contents

It is considered an obvious step to increase organic traffic. If you have created shareable content then consider it your success as it manifests high-quality social media content. However, the following steps will assist you.

You will have to put in a lot of hard work and time to achieve excellence in your social media content. Some websites will assist you in this regard.

  1. Blog Title Generator: For a title having the most searched keywords by the audience.
  2. Headline Analyzer: This tool will help you to write headings and subheadings that are eye-catching.
  3. Essaysontime: To create good content, you can take help from there.

Use good quality photo product

The visual aspect is very much important in website development. This is the digital era. The use of good quality 360-degree images makes it easier for the customers to pick up the desired product.

Naturally, as humans, we can perceive things better after visualizing them instead of just reading. So, good quality photos considerably increase your retail. You can use featured images, screenshots, and customized images. Besides this, you can use graphs or charts to elaborate your point. Of course the product photography is one of the important marketing strategies for an e-commerce website.

For a quick understanding of the patterns and trends, you can use images having data collections. A study directed by codeless to evaluate the quality of content in which a table having the data entries shows the content writer services from five content mills.

Make sure to use a lead magnet and opt-in form

Lead magnet and opt-in form is a fruitful offer that you provide to your website visitor. The user shares his personal information like name and email address with you thus improving your communication with the customers.

So, the opt-in form is to increase your subscribers by the lead magnet. You can create your lead magnet easily by following these steps.

  1. Choose the personal information of the customer.
  2. Give your marketing statement.
  3. Name your lead magnet.
  4. Go for the offer of your lead magnet.
  5. Generate your lead magnet.

Build email marketing drip and email broadcast strategy

Email marketing drip can be a significant cause of your well-growing business. By building an email marketing drip you simply send several sequenced emails to your subscribers automatically on a preset schedule.

Email broadcast strategies will help you to build a connection with your subscribers and will aid them to know about your products and upstanding deals. It will in return cherish your sales and business.

Anything can have a negative effect on others if it is not used wisely. You must set a sound number of emails having precise messages so that your subscribers do not get irritated by these emails.

For making it effective your emails have to be personalized, segmentation of subscribers has to be done, design your emails in a way that they are mobile friendly and in the end, use A/B testing email drip to identify emails having a better performance.

After creating your drip campaign, you must observe its performance and timely amendments should be made if needed. You must not completely forget about the campaign once you have created it.

Build digital marketing funnel

Digital marketing funnel illustrates the complete journey of the person starting from the point when he visits the website to the point when he becomes the customer. It is a very useful tool in the marketing strategies for e-commerce.

The gain from digital marketing is to achieve better subdivisions of your advertising and marketing actions with the notes that are proved to be useful for the client’s buying journey.

If the funnel is made precisely, it helps a lot in creating traffic and thus converting this traffic into buyers. You have to be very precise while creating the funnel as it affects your customer’s decision-making.

Usually, a user acquires 6 stages to create a funnel.

  1. The revelation of your website.
  2. Gather knowledge about your website.
  3. Outlook the products.
  4. Becomes your customer.
  5. Develops a link with the website.
  6. Having good experience then stays for a long time.

Facebook ads, Google ads, Display Ads:

Google ads along with Facebook ads and display ads enable you to collect plenty of customers in a relatively short time as they advertise the products you are selling. It is the step you can take anywhere in your digital marketing funnel.

Ads shown by Facebook depend on the customer’s interest while google ads are shown to a person who is searching for that specific product. Both help you to enhance your business by two different means.


Marketing strategies for e-commerce are stated in detail and these are the modern ways of trade that are becoming famous globally and are making shopping much easier. Different marketing strategies have been used by web honors to promote their websites and increase their retail.

Each step discussed here to improve your website has its importance and overall if you apply these tactics it will bring revolution and help you earn thousands of dollars.

Parker Casio Patty
Parker Casio Patty

I am a Digital Marketer and Growth Specialist who helps small and mid-sized enterprises grow their brand and build an audience online. I enjoy reading when I’m not working on my projects.

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