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How to Make Money With Popads

How to Make Money With Popads : Step-by-Step Guide

Make Money with PopAds – One of the most common ways to make money online is through ads. Whether they’re run on a YouTube channel, Instagram posts, Facebook pages, or your blog, most people earn their revenue from ads.

And though Ads are oftentimes just Google Ads, there’s a different angle you could take like PopAds. So, what is PopAds? Is it real? Can you make money from it? And are we sure it’s not a scam? We’ll cover all of those in this How to Make Money with PopAds Step-by-Step Guide.

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What is PopAds?

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PopAds is an ad network that can help you with putting ads on your blogs and/or other places. Think of it as a less popular version of Google Ads. Admittedly, Google Ads may be your best solution if you want to earn money through advertisements on your blog posts or website.

But of course, you should still keep your eye open for other ad networks out there because unfortunately, Google Ads isn’t always available for your site. This in turn brings us to this article about how to make money with PopAds.

Is PopAds a Scam?

Though it may seem sketchy at first, you can actually make money with PopAds through their ad network. So right out of the get-go, it’s not a scam.

Yes, it definitely feels sketchy; and the fact that it’s blacklisted on many ad blockers on the web doesn’t spell good things for it, but it’s not a scam and people have been getting paid from putting PopAds’ ads on their site or blogs.

So you can be confident that you can make money with PopAds and not waste your time.

But whether it’s the alternative you’re looking for when it comes to ad networks for your site, that’s up to you to decide.

Joining the Program

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Joining PopAds to make money with PopAds is quite simple. It’s almost 1 to 1 with joining Google Ads. Just less strict.

You can go to their site on and register. After that, the set-up process is similar to the set-up process of any other ad network out there.

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The Pros of PopAds

The biggest and most prevalent advantage that PopAds has as an ad network over others even Google Ads is its payout rates.

Unlike other ad networks out there, PopAds is very timely when it comes to payouts. You can expect payment as soon as 7 hours. This makes it a great choice when you need quick payouts from your site.

Another point for PopAds that helps its case for a way to make money with PopAds is its low withdrawal threshold. You can withdraw your earnings from PopAds for as low as $5, making it ideal if your blog doesn’t have that much traffic, to begin with, and you need the money to keep it running.

Though of course, when you make money with PopAds with this benefit, there’s a disadvantage that you have to take into account too.

The Cons of PopAds

As for its biggest disadvantage as an ad network compared to others like Google Ads, PopAds earnings are quite low. Before this article, you might not even have heard of PopAds before.

So it’s unsurprising that earnings through its ad network will be low when compared to other ad networks like Google Ads. This is because not only is the number of publishers low, which should be a plus for you, but the number of advertisers using PopAds’ network is also quite low which is definitely a detriment.


make money with popads
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If you’re looking for a way to earn through your site, you can definitely make money with PopAds as we detailed in this article above. Don’t worry, though it may seem sketchy, it’s not a scam that’ll bleed you dry.

Curiously, it’s under a lot of blacklists when it comes to ad blockers, which makes sense as PopAds ads are mostly pop-ups, which are very annoying and seen in a bad light by the citizens of the internet.

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As for whether it’s a good alternative for Google Ads, it’s up to you to decide. You can definitely earn money through its ad network, but its main benefit compared to Google Ads is that its less strict rules when it comes to withdrawal.

For 9/10 cases, you should probably just stick with Google Ads to get your earnings. Though again, that’s up to you to decide. If you want your ad network to not be from Google, or if Google Ads is just not an option for you, feel free to try PopAds.

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