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Leadsbridge: The Story of the Founder, Stefan Des

Leadsbridge: The Story of the Founder, Stefan Des

LeadsbridgeIf you’re into the leads generation campaign, you might already be aware of LeadsBridge. A complete lead-generation SaaS platform that helps small and medium-scale companies to collect more leads through an automated process.

Stefan Des, who’s the CEO and co-founder of this leading company in the lead generation business. Stefan started the company with only two tools; a WordPress website and a Facebook integration tool.

According to Stefan, their idea attracted too many small digital business owners who wanted leads for their business. Finally, after three years of the launch, LeadsBridge is now making about $150k per month.

Now, most of you might be inspired by Stefan Des and want to read their founder’s story. That’s why in this article, we’ve written the whole story of Stefan Des regarding their company LeadsBridge.

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Short Story of Stefan Des

Stefan Des is a 33 years old native Italian who’s currently the CEO and co-founder of LeadsBridge. The company is a complete lead generation service that helps other small business owners (primarily digital business owners) to collect targeted leads for the growth of their business. They have already collected over 25 million tips for their 10,000+ small business owners through Stefan’s technology. In one interview, Stefan said that his main focus is to grow LeadsBridge on the sales and marketing side. In

The backstory of Stefan Des

Stefan always loves to have a business. He started his work life at a very young age. In the beginning, Stefan used to advertise the company’s products by going door-to-door in Italy. After some time, he became a marketer and used to help companies build their marketing strategies and solve their other issues regarding marketing.

2006, the year in which he started stepping into digital marketing. Stefan said that 2006 was the start of digital marketing, and at that time, there was no demand for digital marketing in the world, and it was the least paid profession at that time. Still, he learned digital marketing and made his career on it. He specialized his skills in email marketing, automation marketing, and lead generation.

Stefan partnered up with exports and skilled people who wanted to earn money by selling their skills. He partnered up with designers, doctors, mechanics, video editors, Photoshop experts, etc. They bring their skills to the table, and Stefan used to sell their services online. As a result, he used to keep a small amount of commission from the eerie sale that his partners made.

Birth of LeadsBridge

Stefan said that one day, he met Alessio. He had the same interests and knowledge as Stefan. He noted that Alessio was a very skilled programmer, and he recognized that Alessio would be the perfect fit for his new upcoming business. At that time, instead of doing the same commission-based business, they both decided to do something unique.

Their first project performed exceptionally well. According to Stefan, their task was generating about $10k per month in just a few months. They finally decided to build something unique. Since Stefan was already in the digital marketing world, he knew the pain points of social media and marketers. So, they finally made an all-new SaaS platform, “LeadsBridge”, to solve the problem of digital marketers. Today, after five years, the company is generating over $150k+ every month.

How did Stefan Build the LeadsBridge?

It all started by understanding the needs that social media marketers needed. Because no business can succeed unless it identifies the problems of customers and what they need, he understood that the trend and enthusiasm for Facebook advertisements were at their peak at that time. However, he realized the biggest problem that almost all the digital marketers were facing was the synchronization of their leads obtained by Facebook advertisements with their CRM and ESPs.

They did some research and started working on this project. However, they didn’t invest much in that business initially because Stefan considered it a side business. According to Stefan, they only spent a few bucks on their project’s advertising in the initial stage. Because, at that time, there was no other competitor, they weren’t required to spend much on the advertising side.

They received positive ROI, and within a few months, their projects got successful, and they named it “LeadsBridge ”. LeadsBridge is a leading SaaS platform in the automated leads generation industry with almost 80,000+ unique visits each month.

Marketing Strategies of Stefan Des

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Stefan didn’t invest much in the marketing of LeadsBridge because it wasn’t required at that time. However, still, he did some advertising to make the marketers aware of his company. According to Stefan, in the initial stage, he used content marketing; he wrote guest blogs on other high DA websites and created some other blogs to promote his brand.

What’s more, the most striking way to learn from Stephen is that he ignored strategies that weren’t working for his business. Instead of wasting his time on flop strategies, he eliminated or stopped those strategies that didn’t work and focused on developing new techniques.

Moreover, he also stated that customer support quality plays an essential role in overall customer satisfaction. Without it, you can never have a good relationship with your customers. That’s why Stefan allotted 40% of the company’s budget to the customer support department of LeadsBridge.

Challenges that Stefan Faced

The biggest challenge for Stefan was the lack of infrastructure for their business. Because, before LeadsBridge, there was no other platform or company that existed on the internet to assist their company in the production of LeadsBridge. Because their concept was new, and no one even knew about it.

As their business expanded and grew, they realized that even a small step could have a significant impact on your business. A small change can either lead your business towards profit or maybe to a loss. Who knows? That’s why Stefan said that to make your business successful, you need to treat it like a real business and not as a part-time project.

He said that when his company was succeeding, they used to spend most of their time creating new business strategies and treated their business as full-time. Moreover, he also mentioned never to think you’re alone wolf in the market, the same as Nokia. Once your business gets popular, you’ll develop competitors sooner or later. It would be best to keep building strategies against the competitors for your business to stay on the top of the market.

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