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Kimp io - Everything you Need to Learn From the Founder, Senthu Velnayagam

Kimp io – Everything you Need to Learn From the Founder, Senthu Velnayagam

Kimp is a startup launched in 2019 that offers graphic designing services to clients. The company understands the graphic designing need that is often met with some constraints if you hire the designers specifically. Therefore, it offers a subscription program accompanied by discounts to facilitate the client’s needs and deliver the best through the best working team at Kimp.

Senthu Velnayagam

Senthu Velnayagam has initiated this graphic designing startup; however, he did not get into Kimp right away. Being the co-founder, Velnayagam had a long route to surpass before getting into a successful startup. Today, the company has successfully provided designing assistance to over 1400 clients with the most convenient billing method through their subscription model. Today Kimp is a successful graphic designing startup that facilitates the designing needs of the clients.

Here, in this article, we have covered the story of Senthu Velnayagam that led him towards initiating the Kimp graphic designing startup and the elements that contributed to the birth of this startup.

Who is Senthu Velnayagam

Senthu Velnayagam is the director and the co-founder of Kimp. He has a history of contributing to startups until he initiated the Kimp startup. Velnayagam opted for the design degree from York University after experiencing the tactics of designing and digital marketing. He has led a couple of designing startups along with his brother over the years.

It was not until 2019 that the two brothers launched Kimp after realizing the need to innovate and tackle the overriding demand of designing services. Kimp is an outcome of opportunities available and a fantastic designing team that Velnayagam arranged to start his first project, Banners Mall. He managed to transform the designing agencies into a successful subscription-based design business that has dealt with 1400 clients so far ever since its launch in 2019. Kimp provides designing services and makes the whole procedure a lot easier for them. The entrepreneur is based in India, currently intrigued by expanding Kimp.

The birth of


Velnayagam has contributed to a couple of designing projects that eventually failed in his earlier years. Even during his career in experimental years, Velnayagam was directed and aware of his aim. The early years of struggle taught him entrepreneurship and marketing tactics. He was intrigued towards taking steps towards his idea rather than sitting waiting for the opportunity.

‘There’s only so much you can do with an idea in your mind. You’ve got to launch to validate and rule in or out different options for your way forward.’

The launch of Banners Mall was an outcome of his first observations towards the need for banner designing. Proceeding with the partnership of his brother Ven, he moved his route to India to cope with the rising workload. That is how Doto was launched, which initiated the growth of designing a tea and consistent strategies. Soon realizing the need for innovation and uniqueness, the founders proceeded with in 2019, a subscription-based graphic designing service provider to anyone in the world. Kimp was a smooth transition from designing agencies to a successful startup without sacrificing the client’s expectations and trust.


The existing condition of Kimp since the startup

The co-founders today are intrigued about moving the business forwards. The subscription-based program allows the clients to avail themselves of services every month. With paying $389 per month, the clients can help or cancel the service subscription of Kimp at any time. That cuts off the extended effort of reaching multiple graphic designers each time for a specific project—a staff of 70 processes at Kimp aiming at delivering excellent designing services for the clients. Currently, the company is proceeding to expand their service available to facilitate the clients with more benefits.

An output of this is a custom designing software currently in process. Many opportunities are under discussion for the team to grow and take on new roles. Velnayagam speaks and works from his experience as he proceeds with the awareness of expanding digital marketing and allowing more opportunities for the designers working at Kimp. The company continues facilitating the designing needs of the clients and making the procedure a lot easier for them till today since 2019.

Velnayagam’s take on entrepreneurship

While shifting between design agencies, Velnayagam tells how he was inspired by Reif Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn.

“An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.”

Therefore, his graphic design startup is also an output of both sacrifice and willpower. The co-founder of Kimp made the most out of his entrepreneurship journey. He took this route to meet challenges that are the core key to learning necessary skills. With the revenue of Banners Mall and Doto, Velnayagam was soon aware of the need for innovation that he accepted with co-founding Kimp. This startup launched in 2019 was much more advanced and unique compared to the previous designing agencies. Considering that, Velnayagam advises investing in innovation and developing hidden skills. Speaking from experience, the entrepreneur believes in the regular strive and putting the plan into action rather than waiting for the opportunity. That generates fewer regrets and more satisfaction, according to the co-founder of this graphic designing startup.

What the Directors advise for the newbies

Senthu Velnayagam is intrigued by sharing his experience to facilitate the upcoming entrepreneurs with ideas that paved the way for him. The director of Kimp believes in the fast application of concepts. He advises wise investment. The idea of this investment is for both business ideas and colleagues. What can make an impact is surrounding yourself with supportive business comrades? Velnayagam at Kimp is working towards granting more opportunities to the designers to dig deep into the team’s capabilities.

He believes that upcoming entrepreneurs should always leave room for growth and not restrain the opportunities. The startup’s operations process makes designing a lot more accessible and more manageable. With his leadership, the founder has realized the necessity of availing of every possible option and tapping on as many resources as possible. Considering that Velnayagam has to tackle both workloads and needs to introduce innovation in his services, he advises the to challenge your capabilities and take on risks for steady growth.


Experimenting through many design agencies, Senthu Velnayagam managed to pave the right way to put his design business startup into action. The founder was determined towards his idea regardless of a long period of struggling to produce the right outcome. The founder has made it easier to avail services according to necessity and cancel them through the subscription-based program. Currently working towards expanding and innovating his business, Velnayagam proved the meaning behind taking the opportunity and making the most out of it.

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