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15 Best Ice Cream Brands and Flavors to Eat for Dessert Today: Brand Review

15 Best Ice Cream Brands and Flavors to Eat for Dessert Today: Brand Review

Ice Cream Brands – Today ice cream is the most popular and famous sweet desert around the world. Did you know according to the survey of YouGov website, 71% of people prefer to eat ice cream anytime in any situation. Interesting, right? A scope of chilled milky sweet ice cream can attract anyone.

No matters how old you are, ice cream is the most delicious treat for everyone. Keeping the above statistic in mind, many companies have stepped into this business.

However, we know some bad ice cream brands can ruin your experience of ice cream.

If you’re visiting a market to purchase an ice cream box, we know you want the best ice cream possible, or if you’re considering investing in some ice cream brands, this review article is just for you!

After deep research, we’ve mentioned and reviewed some of the best ice cream brands in this article.

So let’s get into it!

Ice Cream Brands
Source: YouGov

What are the top 15 ice cream brands?

Below we’ve mentioned some of the most popular and best ice cream brands for you. Therefore, if you’re interested in buying some stocks of ice cream brands or if you casually want to know which brand is playing best in the market.

We’ve mentioned and reviewed these brand for you:

Blue Bunny: Ice Cream Brands

Blue Bunny is a multi-national America-based company owned by Wells Enterprises. This ice cream is America’s biggest private ice cream manufacturer. They produce 900 different types of ice creams and supply them all over the US. However, currently, this brand is offering over 13 different types of ice creams locally. Yes, Blue Bunny is available only in the USA, but not internationally. It means Blue Bunny only focuses on USA based audience. We’ve looked at the company’s profile and found that they usually focus on frozen ready-to-eat ice cream bars. Across the United States, Blue Bunny does not offer any kind of live ice cream bars, they only cover the packaged ice cream market.

Blue Bunny Website

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blue bunny ice cream brands

Ben & Jerry’s: Ice Cream Brands

Talking about the best ice cream brands? How can we forget Ben & Jerry’s? Ben & Jerry’s is the #1 and ice cream brand all over the world in terms of both taste and revenue.

The brand was started with only one shop in Vermont and now it’s owned by Unilever.

They are committed to making only delicious and premium quality ice creams.

Although Ben & Jerry’s is popular, currently it is only available in over 96 countries. The company is known for the quality of its ice creams, because of the quality of ingredients they use, no other brand can reach that level. Ben and Jerry’s now have customers from more than 96 countries and in terms of the stock market; This brand covers 8.7% ice cream market in the whole USA.

Ben & Jerry’s Website

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Häagen-Dazs: Ice Cream Brands

Häagen-Dazs was invented by a Polish person “Reuben Mattus” in 1966. In that era, ice cream wasn’t like we see it today. At that time, people used to sell simple vanilla and chocolate ice cream bars in shops. Reuben Mattus decided to change this trend and opened the first unique shop where ice cream was served live with toppings and customizations according to the customer.

That’s how the trend of ice cream popularity was born. Today, Häagen-Dazs is an American-based company that not just focuses on ice cream. But working in many other industries. If we talk about their ice cream industry, Häagen-Dazs covers 8.4% of the market share in the USA. In addition, the Häagen-Dazs ice cream is available in more than 50 counties. However, unlike other brands, they only cover the market of ice cream parlors and not typical frozen packed ice creams available in shops.



Breyers: Ice Cream Brands

Breyers is an American-based Ice cream company and falls in the top 5 ice cream brands in the US and Canada. The company was invented in 1866 by William A. Breyer. According to the Breyers website, William wanted to create a unique premium quality ice cream that contains a mixture of different ingredients. Such as ice cream with nuts, syrup topping, jellies, etc.

However, the main motive of William was to create the most premium quality ice cream in his area. As a result, in 1918 his ice cream company became the best ice cream in Philadelphia, and in 1993 Unilever bought this brand. Although today this ice cream brand ranks in the top 5 ice cream brands, still they only cover the market of the USA and Canada. Moreover, in Canada, Breyers covers a market share of 26%. Häagen-Dazs is the runner up and other private label companies cover 13% of the market share.

Breyers Website

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Tillamook: Ice Cream Brands

Tillamook is one of the most famous ice cream brands that is loved by every ice cream lover. If you are looking for a soft and creamy ice cream that gives you a pleasing taste this might be the best option for you.

Their ice cream is the creamiest and most tasty you will ever taste. It features large, luscious chocolate chunks that melt in your lips. Without the green food coloring, there’s just the right amount of mint flavor. Smooth, creamy, and delicious. Ideal for sundaes or drizzling with chocolate syrup. It’s good enough to eat on its own!

California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are among the 27 states where Tillamook is finally now available.

Tilamook Website

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Tilamook Instagram

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Edy’s is the most popular among all especially their vanilla flavor plain vanilla ice cream looks to have taken a backseat nowadays, with exaggerated ice cream varieties and extra toppings stirred into the mix as competition. Regardless of how overrun, the freezer aisles are with strawberry cheesecake or tiramisu-flavored ice creams, vanilla remains a timeless classic. Regardless to any other ice cream brands, their vanilla flavor ice cream is their famous and popular ice cream, loved by all ice cream lovers because of its soft and creamy texture. Some of their famous flavors include chocolate, choco-crunch, and strawberry.

These ice cream brands has two distinctive names, Edy’s and Dreyer’s, reflect the company’s founders, candy maker Joseph Edy and ice cream maker William Dreyer. Edy’s brand is distributed in the Eastern and Midwestern United States, whereas Dreyer’s brand is offered in the Western United States and Texas.

EDY’s Website

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EDY’s Instagram


Are you a chocolate lover? And an ice cream lover too? So, this is the best ice cream brand for you. We know there are many other ice cream brands exist in market that particlularly focuses on chocolate flavor. But Magnum covers 60% of market in chocolate flavored ice creams. If you want to eat a great fusion of ice cream and chocolate, you should try magnum as they serve different flavored ice creams coated in the shell of chocolate. This one is a must-try! The chocolate coat is not so hard and you will feel the explosion of flavors in your moments just after taking a single bite. They have a variety of chocolate shells such as chocolate shells with peanuts, nuts, or chocolate chips.

Magnum is among some of the well-known and famous ice cream brands. You can find it anywhere around the globe easily, especially in countries with several chocolate lovers or ice cream lovers.

Magnum Website

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Magnum Instagram

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Blue bell

Bluebell ice-creams are very creamy and they aren’t very too sweet. If you want ice cream with real vanilla flavor and low sugar, this one is for you! It has a creamy and soft texture that instantly gets melted once you put it in your mouth. This ice cream brand is also very famous for its packaging, many people find their packaging cute that’s why they get attracted towards it. They have a lot of flavors and combinations but cookie and cream are popular among all and are highly in demand, the base and texture of ice cream are smooth and creamy without any doubt! Unlike other ice cream brands, blue bell mostly focuses on purity and their ice creams contains the highlest level of real milk and least ercentage of artificial flavors.

Bluebell ice-creams can be found in 23 states in the United States including, Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, the Carolinas.

Blue Bell Website

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Instagram Blue Bell

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Skinny Cow

If you are an ice cream lover but health-conscious too and don’t want to put on weight so this one is for you. The skinny cow is considered as one of the healthiest ice cream brands in the world because they offer ice creams with low fat, they don’t even contain half of the fat as compared to other ice cream brands. This ice cream brand is specially introduced for ice-cream lovers who love to eat ice cream but are also conscious about their health and weight. The texture of ice cream is very creamy and they have a variety of different flavors.

They discounted making ice-creams in the year 2018 due to several reasons but before 2018 the ice-creams of this brand were easily available everywhere and people use to enjoy them.

Skinny Cow Website

Skinny Cow Instagram

Halo Top

Since it is reduced in sugar and fat, Halo Top ice cream has around half the calories of normal ice cream. We know most of the ice cream brands never look towards the nutrition value while creating their ice creams, but Halo Top is different from them. Protein is the most important nutrient, while calcium is the most important mineral, though both are present in only moderate levels.

Halo Top ice cream has a lower calorie content than standard ice cream and provides satiating protein. This allows you to indulge in a treat while staying within your calorie limit. Furthermore, due to its decreased added sugar level, Halo Top ice cream may not raise your blood sugar as much as traditional ice cream in the same serving size.

If you are craving healthy ice cream so this is the best option for you! Halo-top ice-creams are easily available everywhere. You should give it a try!

Halo Top Website

Halo Top Instagram

So Delicious

So Delicious is among some ice cream brands which claims that whatever they are using is 100% organic without any artificial additives. They have a variety of flavours but their most famous flavors include vanilla bean coconut milk and chocolate coconut milk. Coconut milk is their key ingredient which gives a smooth effect to their ice-creams. Coconut milk is very beneficial for our health it helps in weight loss and a lipid present in coconut milk called lauric acid helps in boosting the immune system. All these reasons make So delicious a better option.

Other than ice-creams they also have frozen desserts, cheese, yogurt alternatives, and beverages.

It is a very famous and well-known Brand providing dairy-free and certified vegan products. You can easily find their products anywhere in your country.

So Delicious

So Delecious Instagram


Their kinds, in particular, are low in net carbohydrates, which are calculated by subtracting total grams of fiber and sugar alcohols from total grams of carbs in a serving. If you are on a diet, particularly a keto diet so this is the best option for you. They provide healthy and tasty ice-creams, their ice-creams are soft, smooth, and very creamy. Rebel Ice Cream is delicious, creamy ice cream with only 1-2g net carbohydrates per serving, made with the finest, all-natural, keto-friendly ingredients. Because of its healthy fats and zero sugars, you can enjoy authentic, creamy ice cream with substantial inclusions (doughs, chips, etc.) without the detrimental effects of high-sugar ice cream. They are tasty and healthy too!

Rebel Website

Rebel Instagram

Chocolate Shop

First of all, their logo and slogan are very eye-catching and attractive, how can you not laugh at a cow eating ice cream? Let’s talk about their ice-creams. The chocolate shop is the best option for Chocolate lovers. Their ice-creams are thick, creamy, and soft. They didn’t do Aby experiments with the flavors they kept them as they were originally and this is the best thing! They have a lot of flavors and categories, Italian ice, non-fat, non-sugar, non-dairy, super-premium ice cream, and many more. All of their products are loved by the people as they provide healthy, tasty, and verified items.

It’s a famous and well-known brand so you can easily get the ice-creams of chocolate shop from a nearby grocery store or you can order their products online.

Chocolate Shop Website

Chocolate Shop Instagram


Just like the name of their brand, they provide ice-cream flavors that you can only dream of. Along with the heavenly taste, they are also famous for their presentation and serving. Their ice-creams are sweet, rich in flavors, thick, and creamy. They give you the option whether you want to have a waffle cone or a cup, it’s totally up to you.

The company also provides different desserts and they also have a home delivery service you just have to place an order on their website.

Dream Website

Dream Instagram

Humphry Slocombe

Humphry Slocombe is famous for its unusual and unique ice cream flavors. If you want to try something different from the usual flavors so this one is for you. You will experience creamy, thick, and soft new flavors and will love them.

They are located in San Francisco you can easily find their products there. Moreover, they also have online delivery services.

Humphry Slocombe Website

Humphry Slocombe Instagram

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