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How To Set Homepage On Google Chrome

How To Set Homepage On Google Chrome

How To Set Homepage On Google Chrome – When it comes to the browser in mobile and PC, the first name that appears in our mind is Google Chrome. No wonder that Google Chrome covers 90% of the browser market in Android and PC especially.

We’re 95% sure that you’re reading this How to Set the Homepage in Google Chrome article from Google Chrome, right? This browser is now popular enough that people now use the word “chrome” instead of the browser. This proves how popular Google Chrome is among internet users.

Why is Google Chrome so Popular?

Multiple reasons make this browser better than any other browser in the market. Below we’ve explained some of the reasons:

Security | How To Set Homepage On Google Chrome

The security of Google Chrome is top-notch. It’s not wrong to say that you can blindly trust the security of Google Chrome. Whether you’ve saved all your passwords on this browser and logged in to all of the websites, Chrome will make them secure. It is because the browser is the property of Google and no one can beat the security of Google. There is no chance that your passwords or cookies can get hacked in Chrome until you do it purposely.

Easiness of Customization

Chrome lets you do as many customizations as you want. The app allows you to easily set the theme color, bookmarks and even clear the cookies for a specific duration. However the setting up of the homepage in chrome is a bit complex, that’s why we’re writing this article for how to set a homepage on Google Chrome.

Syncing of Google Account

About 98% of people who use the internet regularly, must have their Google ID, or Gmail account in simple language. Chrome lets you easily sync all your bookmarks, history, passwords, and theme of the browser into your Google ID.

Speed and Performance

Chrome provides the most efficient and fastest speed ad compared to Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. However, they’re also good browsers. But in the case of speed and performance, Chrome is perfect. The reason lies behind the way it works. It consumes all the resources from the background and as a result, you get optimal performance.

Chrome Updates | How To Set Homepage On Google Chrome

Google Chrome has received more than 95 updates (till May 2021) from Google since its launch. Unfortunately, no browser provides such regular updates as Google does.

The updates for any browser are extremely important. It protects your browser from any kind of malicious and suspicious website. In the case of Chrome, it secures enough that you don’t need to use web-antivirus while browsing on Google Chrome.

Check for the latest Chrome version!

Not just security, with regular updates, the UI of this browser has completely changed. If you look back to the 2015’s Chrome and today’s 2021 Chrome, the UI is completely changed.

That is why some old-school people face difficulty to customize their browsers due to new UI updates. For those people, we’ve started a series for Google Chrome based on the latest updates.

How To Set Homepage On Google Chrome

As we’ve mentioned earlier that with the regular updates, the UI of Chrome is changing, and so settings as well. In the first article of this series, we’re going to write a step-by-step guide on how to change the homepage in Google Chrome. So let’s get into it!

The homepage is situated at the top left side and just near the URL bar. If you’re using official Google Chrome then its logo will be like a house drawn by a 3rd-grade student. Joke!

The main purpose of the homepage button is to land you on a specific page that you’ve specified. All you have to do is to click on the house button, and you’ll be landed on your specified page. The user can easily change it and by default, it’ll be linked to

To change the homepage of your Chrome, follow these steps:

Go to your browser’s three dots

How to change the homepage in google chrome

Click on Settings

How to change the homepage in google chrome

Click on the Appearance button situated at the left of your screen

After clicking on the Appearance, you’ll see the display in the middle of your screen. From there you can easily customize the actions of your homepage button when you click it:

Here, you’ll see two options, you can either choose the “New Tab” option or the specific page URL of your choice. In the “New Tab” option, the default starting page of your browser will appear once you click on the button. Whereas, in a specific URL button, you can customize the URL on which the browser will take you to the page you specified once you click on the homepage button.

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