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How to Make Money in California Online: Everything You Need to Know

How to Make Money in California Online: Everything You Need to Know

How to make money in California – There are many job opportunities in California. But not everyone has the time to be doing some regular 9-5 jobs. Thankfully though, there are tons of online jobs nowadays.

And in today’s article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about how to make money in California online to help you learn how you can make money online when you’re situated in California.

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Making Money Online in California

how to make money in california
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1. Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the most traditional ways of making money online. And for how to make money in California, it is just as effective as it is anywhere else.

But what is network marketing? In network marketing, you get to sell and distribute a product created by someone else. A few popular examples are Herbalife, Avon, and Mary Kay.

You can also earn money online by becoming an online reseller, selling products through different online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc.

2. Freelancing

One of the most popular ways how to make money in California when it comes to online stuff is through freelancing. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Freelancing is when you help people with specific tasks for a certain amount of money.

You can use platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to get started with freelancing. There are tons of things you can do as a freelancer.

You can write, code, do research, design, or even help with marketing tasks. The great thing about freelancing is that you’re pretty much your own boss. You set your work hours and what kind of job you do.

It is pretty lucrative once you get the gears a-going. But its start can be a little bit uphill. It is still a great option for how to make money in California though if the number of freelancing sites is anything to go by.

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3. Becoming an influencer

If you have a large audience and are able to create a lot of content, you can monetize it by becoming an internet influencer. A few ways to do this are by partnering with brands, creating sponsored posts, and creating content around your product.

You can make money by getting paid to promote products through social media posts, Instagram posts, and even YouTube videos.

Becoming an influencer is a great way to make money online and you can do it with just one social media platform. You can also monetize your followers by creating a membership site where you offer exclusive content in exchange for monthly payments.

And even if you have no followers yet, you can still try to be an influencer on how to make money in California through platforms like Instagram where brands are more than eager to sponsor people to advertise their products.

4. Building an app

If you’re an app developer, you can make money by building an app and getting it published on either the App Store or the Google Play Store. The revenue will depend on how well your app does.

Building an app is also a great way for this how to make money in California online if you’re a creative person as it allows you to use your creativity and build something from scratch.

You can even go one step further and earn more money by creating a game. A lot of games are getting built and published on the app stores lately, so it’s a great way to stand out and add value to your app.

Speaking of games though, you can make a simple idle clicker with some monetization and in-app purchases in it for easy bucks. It’s not exactly hard to make and people love this type of game.

5. Do websites and blogging

And for the final way how to make money in California through online means is through websites and blogging. You can monetize your website by creating an e-commerce website and selling your own products or by creating a blog and getting paid per article.

If you’re interested in any of these, then you should look into learning how to code. It is important to know how to build a website, and it will help you get paid more since you’ll be more in demand.


Source : Unsplash

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California is the most populous state in the United States, and it has a lot of job opportunities. And if you are looking for a way how to make money in California, you should consider the ways we’ve mentioned in this article.

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