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How to Learn from Your Competitor Content Strategy

Competitor Content Strategy – The best thing regarding social networking platforms is that you can find the content strategy of your competitor with ease. You will go through a massive list of competitors on Twitter and other social media platforms with their brand name. There is even an excellent chance to find some content when you visit their profile. You can easily track down several competitors on social media and follow the type of content they share. In case your competitors prefer blogs, then you may scroll down through their posts as well. There are signals of social engagements on such blogs that even showcases the number of retweets, Facebook likes, and Google 1+s. So you must keep a record of such signals from social media and also understand their requirements.

Observe the Content Patterns of your Competitor Thoroughly

Competitor Content Strategy
Competitor Content Strategy

After you get familiarized with your competitor’s content, the next task is to revisit the site of your competitors and check for the materials they share on their website and signals from social media. So what are you searching for? You must try to observe a mini list of all the familiar posts your competitors discuss while you process it through your competitor’s materials. The spirit of Reverse engineering content strategy is to perform the study on your behalf.

Usually, the competitors continue their discussion around the same topic range. Such topics are termed as hot topics as they are preferred by the audience mostly. At this point, your job is to find the most discussed topic in your competitor’s profile. Next, you need to go through the content thoroughly to see whether the signals from social media authenticate your suspicion. It is an indication that the particular content is the hot topic when you find numerous Facebook likes, retweets, or Google 1+s in your competitor’s post. It would help if you discussed that particular topic since your audience is most interested in that topic.

What forms your content so unique?

Unique pink paperclip with plenty of green ones
Unique pink paperclip with plenty of green ones

By now, you must have completed an in-depth study of all your competitor’s content and must have even sorted them out into a small variety of usual hot topics. The hot matters are verified or cross-iterated by all kinds of signals from social media. These topics have several retweets, thumbs up on videos, YouTube comments, Pinterest re-pins, and Twitter retweets. So the hot topics you’ve explored from your competitors possess innumerable signals from social networking platforms irrespective of any case.

Here are some ideas to get started with your unique content

Contemporary content

Content of colorful handmade easter eggs
Contemporary Content of colorful handmade easter eggs

Make sure that your content is up to date as it is the best way to differentiate between your competitor’s content from your content. You shall find that the stuff present in your competitor’s content is no longer applicable, completely rubbish, or too old as the times have evolved.

For instance, the SEO niche’s information turns bad swiftly since Google’s Algorithm continues to change. The former tricks and tips probably do not work anymore in the present day. People would prefer paying attention to you if you present SEO tips that function in the present-day than those that were applicable ten years ago.

Lengthy content


Longer content is another way to help you achieve the competition since people prefer longer content as they’re better. As per the statistical reports by the major marketing firms and marketing bloggers, it is known that longer blog posts of 1500 words tend to receive more love from various search engines.

Yet, there is a negative side as well that people lose attention since they possess a short attention span. So you’ll have to format your content in a way so that it doesn’t appear like a chore to study. You may bold the fonts of specific keywords to make it simple for people to search.

Improved Explained Concepts

Business planning
A man explaining concepts

Individuals prefer niche content firstly as they hold concepts that they’re aware of and are known to come across several kinds of an idea already. You stand out when the stuff in your content elaborates all those otherwise bewildering concepts. Individuals shall pay attention to your content as you’re doing something innovative that all other websites are not able to perform.

Simple to scan

Scanning by application of smartphone from laptop
Scanning by application of smartphone from laptop

Nowadays, people do not read stuff on the internet and prefer to scan to go through the material and look for keywords that stick out. They slow down to those keywords as soon as they find one in the content.

So you should arrange your content so that it is simple to scan. This indicates you’re going to utilize subheadings and short paragraphs and make use of bold fonts to pull individuals’ attention to the essential sections of the content you think are significant to your audience. You should spit your content into several sections with diagrams, pictures, infographics, leasers, and short videos to attract more viewers.

Present more comprehensive particulars

Particular architectural Masseria
Particular architectural Masseria

All over your experience in search engine analysis, you’re already aware that most of the content is shallow, which seems to be a severe problem. So you must present comprehensive details to draw your audience more in-depth into the insides of the material. Since the higher they search and go across several pages, the easier it’ll be for you to convince the viewers of your website’s standards.

You need to hold a complete detail so that they continue to click links one after another and thus come across one content to another blog post in a line. The more you convince your audience to abide by your site, the higher the probability they would regard your credible. Your viewers shall even end up joining your mailing list or deduce you’re authoritative to rely on, so they finish up following your affiliated featured links.

The Key to Content-Based Associated Marketing

Vintage Key
Vintage Key

To make money in the current industry, you do not require to pump out several contents, but ensure to offer top-notch content to your audience. The next step is to promote your article on various social media platforms, forums, or various other sources and expect the best.

You have to work effortlessly to optimize your content to make more money with fewer materials you’ve online. After publishing your content, you should not keep them untouched. It would be best if you optimized them continuously so that they become superior. So to conclude, you can make more money by issuing less content, more content promotion, and maximizing attempts. If you succeed in performing that, you’ve accomplished the key to content-based marketing.

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