How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

Instagram now has a feature to restrict someone and limit them from interacting with other people. Now the question is how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram? Can you see their post? Can you send them a message? There are still many questions that linger about this feature. Make sure you find out more about it so that you can take advantage of this cool feature and improve your experience on Instagram. 

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

What Is “Restrict” on Instagram

Restrict” is Instagram’s latest anti-bullying feature. It is dedicated to protecting users from online harassment and making Instagram a safer place for everyone.  

“Restrict” is very different from “Block.” It is a more subtle way to say, “I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”  

There are times when you can’t just block people from your account because you have to keep a good relationship with them in real life. When you block someone, they will immediately notice it because they can’t message you or see your profile.  

But Instagram’s restriction is so subtle that the person you restrict will not know that you have limited your interaction with them. So, how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram? Unfortunately, there is no official method to find out because that is the point of this feature. To make sure the restricted person doesn’t know that their interaction with you has been limited.


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How to Restrict Someone on Instagram

If you have someone that you want to restrict on Instagram, you can follow these steps.

  • Log in to Instagram with your phone.
  • Go to the account that you want to restrict.
  • Click on the three dots on the right corner of the profile.
  • Choose “Restrict.”
  • If you want to un-restrict them, you can follow the same steps and choose un-restrict.

Two Ways to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

Even though there is no official way to know when you are restricted, there are some simple ways to figure it out. 

  • Send A Direct Message

Maybe you are wondering if someone restricted me on Instagram, can I still message them? The answer is yes. But probably, they will not read it because they will not get any notifications from you. The message goes to a folder that must be approved first. 

So, try to send them a direct message. If they don’t read your message for a long time, that’s a sign you are on their restricted list.

  • Keep an Eye on Their Activity Status

When someone restricts you, you will not be able to see their activity status. To check this, make sure your Activity Status setting has been activated. You also can create a second account and see whether you can see their activity status with it. If you can see it with your second account but not with your main, it means that person has restricted your account. 

This is a fantastic feature that makes Instagram safer. It is important to find out how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram. But it is even more important to work together to make this social media fun for everyone.

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