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how to do a poll on facebook

How To Do A Poll On Facebook For Business Owner: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Do A Poll On Facebook – Facebook is a social networking service that allows you to interact with and share information with family and friends online.

Facebook, which was originally intended for college students, was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg when he was a student at Harvard University.

Anyone above the age of 18 with an email address or phone number could join Facebook by 2006.

With over 1 billion users globally, Facebook is now the world’s largest social network. In that case, it might be a best idea to do poll on Facebook if you want any survey

How Facebook Works?

Before jumping into the main topic, let’s talk on how Facebook works. Users submit “friend requests” to persons they might or might not know.

Once accepted, the two profiles are linked, and both users may view everything the other user publishes. “Facebookers” may publish nearly anything to their “timeline,” which is a snapshot of what is going on in their social circle at any given time, and may even initiate a private discussion with other online pals.

Profiles include information on the people who have them. Many users offer a large amount of information that their friends and others can readily view, whether it’s what they work at, where they study, their ages, or other private details. Furthermore, users can “like”(thumbs up) other people.


How many of you have thought about why so many people like using Facebook? After all, there are other methods to communicate online, such as email and text messaging. The capacity to connect and share with the people you care about at the same time is what distinguishes Facebook.

Having a Facebook account, like having your email address, is now an assumed element of being online for many people. Because Facebook is so popular, other websites have attempted to incorporate it. This implies you may use a single Facebook account to login into many Web services.

The two most popular activities on Facebook, according to the most recent statistics on the platform’s top usage, are clicking on Facebook advertising and like Facebook posts. In any given month, the average Facebook user clicks on 11 Facebook advertisements and likes 11 posts—more than any other activity.

What is a poll on Facebook?

When you add a poll to your Facebook story, you can pose a question, tweak the responses, and allow others to vote for their preferred option. To include a poll in your story, do the following: Use an iOS or Android device to access Facebook.

Facebook Polls may assist you in determining your audience’s concerns, what you should build next, and their actual feelings about your company. While it can assist you in making more effective business decisions, Face book Polls may also accomplish the following for your online presence:

  • Increase the interaction on your Facebook page (asking questions is one of the best ways to generate high engagement)
  • Assist you in overcoming the newsfeed algorithm without the use of advertisements
  • Create a strong feeling of the community surrounding your business.


These days when technology is advance, the only way to create the pool is from your timeline. When you create the pool, you can share it on the Facebook group, story, page, or on messenger.


Facebook Groups are one of the most effective brand-building tools available on social media sites. It enables you to build a community and increase consumer engagement.

While Business Pages struggles to get more than 5% organic reach, Groups On Facebook are a different situation. Because the system priorities group posts to newsfeeds, you have a far better organic reach without having to pay for advertisements.

Step 1: Go to your Group

How to do a Poll on Facebook

Go to your Facebook Newsfeed on your laptop or mobile device, click the “Groups” button on the left-hand side menu, and choose the group for your poll.

Step 2: Compose a Post

How to do a Poll on Facebook

To make a post, go to the “What’s on your mind” area. When the pop-up window appears, go to the “Add to your post” area and click the three dots to view further possibilities.

Step 3: Make a Facebook Poll

How to do a Poll on Facebook

A new “Add to your post” page with numerous options will appear. Choose “Poll” from the list. It will return you to the “Create post” pop-up, where you may begin adding poll options in the “Write something” box.

Step 4: Share Your Facebook Poll

Poll Facebook

When you’ve finished adding all of your selections, click “Poll Options.” You can specify whether or not individuals may add alternatives and whether or not they may vote for more than one choice.


Step 1: Download the Facebook application on your smartphone.

Your page will be visible in your shortcuts area or by scrolling down and hitting on the “Pages” button.

Step 2: Construct a New Facebook Story

Poll Facebook

Tap the blue circle with the plus symbol around your profile photo and choose “Create a Story” from the selection list.

Step 3: Make a poll on Facebook

Poll Facebook

Swipe to the left until you see the card labeled “Poll.” Create your question and personalize the “Yes” and “No” choices. Select a color gradient backdrop or upload a photo from your camera roll as your background. When you’re finished, click the “Share Now” button.

Your followers will see the percentage of people who voted for whatever choice, but only you will know how many people voted for each choice and how each individual voted.


Step 1: Go to the event

Navigate to the Event page. Sign in to Facebook and navigate to the “Events” area on the left side of the page. For events produced through a Facebook Business Page, go directly to your page’s events tab.

Step 2: Compose a Post

Choose the event you want, then click the “Discussion” button and then “Add a Post.” A new window will emerge, with the poll icon on the right-hand side of the “Add a Post” space. Tap on the three dots to expand the post choices if you don’t see them.

Step 3: Make a poll

When you click the poll button, you will be sent back to the “create a post” area, where you may enter your question and options. By selecting the “+Add Option” button, you may add more possible responses. Allow users to add choices and enable/disable individuals from selecting multiple replies by using “Poll Options.” Whenever you’re done, press the “Post” button and select it on your event’s page.

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