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How to Grow Email List for Beginners Digital Marketer

How to Grow Email List for Beginners Digital Marketer

Grow Email List – Email marketing is considered the most popular and most accessible form of digital marketing. Unlike other forms of digital marketing such as SEM, pop-up ads, and Google Ads, email marketing can provide you better conversions and clicks.

When researching the internet about digital marketing, you must have heard “email marketing is dead.” Instead, the problem isn’t with email marketing. The problem is with your email list. Indeed your email list plays a vital role in how much audience and sales you’re going to receive. The more emails you get on your list, the more conversions and sales you’ll get. The biggest problem that comes here for beginners is the collection of emails. That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide on how you can grow your email list (specifically for beginners.)

So let’s get into it!

Grow Email List


What is lead generation?

Before jumping into how to grow your email list, it is essential to make sure that you only target your leads. Adding someone to your list and sending them emails even if they’re not interested will put a bad impression on your customers. Moreover, it is vital that you should only target those who are interested in buying your product. This action called “Lead Generation.”

“Lead Generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects who don’t know about your service into someone who shows an interest in your company’s product or service and more likely to purchase a service from your business sooner or later.”

In lead generation, you find buyers or clients that have the potential to buy your product. Then, you show your advertisement to those people only. For example, if you’re selling cameras. You offer your promotion to those who’re not interested in buying the camera, in that case, you’re just wasting your time and money. There’s no reason to show an ad to those buyers who have no interest in your niche.

To prevent this strategy, companies use lead generation. In this strategy, you only reach out to those who are interested in your niche or are willing to buy the product you’re selling. In lead generation, you reach out to the lead through the newsletter, subscribe for promotion, signed up for your business, and many other ways that show the customer is more likely to become your lead.

Lead generation is mainly done through digital ways like SEM, AdWords, pop-up ads, and more. Note that the ads that we use in lead generation are known as Micro ads. In micro ads, you only show your ad to people who have already visited your website—or interested in your niche products. In this way, you get an extremely high rate of conversions and saves your money as well!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the most successful form of digital marketing to gain targeted customers. This form of digital marketing is the oldest and one of the first marketing strategies ever in online marketing.

The main motive behind email marketing is the sending of emails and promotions to your customers. In this way, they’ll be aware of discounted products and deals that you’re offering on your website. However, there’re some guidelines that we recommend you follow.

Email marketing is all about targeted customers. If you send your emails to unwanted buyers, you’re just wasting your money and resources. Moreover, sending emails to unwanted buyers will only leave a wrong impression of your business on the audience. Therefore, it is crucial to only reach out to the potential customer that has the potential to buy your product.

It works through collecting the emails from your buyers. You can either collect it through displaying “Newsletter” or by asking them to sign-up through email. In this way, you get only those customer emails that have visited your website in the past and are interested in your business.

Being a part of an old-school strategy, but still, effective and many large-scale companies still use it. Everything depends on what type of email and promotions you’re sending. A reasonable and discounted email will make your customer happy. At the same time, a dull and unnecessary email makes your email marketing spam. And your customer might put you on the spam list.

How to Capture and Grow Email List?

In order to collect emails from your customers, you need to follow some strategies that compel your leads to give their email. You can’t just sit back and wait for customers that they’ll send you emails. To achieve something, you’ve to do something.

In that case, below we’ve written a process on how you can collect the email list from your buyers.

Make sure you have a website or landing page.

To capture and collect the email of your customers, make sure that you have a website or landing page at least. There are many other ways to collect your emails, like through a social media page. But a website is the best source, and it gives your business a more professional look.

However, no one can tell you the exact figure of how many emails you can receive, but at least it gives your customers a source from where they can see your portfolio and fill out the newsletter if interested.

Although, it depends on the customer whether he is interested in giving you the email or not. But, a good-looking website or landing page may increase the chances of getting success. We suggest you keep your landing page as minimal and professional as possible.

Prepare your list and email drip inside your email marketing service.

Now that you’ve created and optimized your website landing page for collecting emails. The next step on which you’ve to focus is making a list and drip campaign. You should short-list the emails and filter out those emails that have the potential to become your lead. Of course, no one wants to receive an email in which he/she’s not interested. That’s why filtering out the lead emails is essential.

The next important thing to do is to make a drip campaign. Indeed, you don’t have enough free time to send each custom email once they do the required action. To come up with this issue, companies use drip campaigns.

A drip campaign is a term that refers to the system of sending automated emails to your leads once they perform a desire action based on their activity on your website. In simple language, a drip campaign is a prompt sequence of sending automated emails sent at a selected time to targeted email subscribers to achieve a dedicated result.

Below we’ve written some hand-picked tips for making your drip campaign successful:

  • If possible, you must leave backlinks to your portfolio and reviews near the newsletter or sign-up page. So that customer can directly fill out their email if they like your business and service.
  • Never bombard tons of emails in your customer’s inbox. It will annoy the customer and will and may possibly that he misses out on the important email.
  • Always send those emails that can increase your conversion. Try to avoid unnecessary useless emails that can’t give you transformation.

Example: A buyer wants to purchase a SEMrush premium but has stopped the process in the middle of his purchase. As a result, SEMrush will send an email to this user stating “5 reasons why you should buy SEMrush Premium.” This is known as the drip campaign!

5 Email Marketing Platforms To Grow Email List

Below we’ve mentioned some of the most popular tools that you can use to manage your email marketing in one place. All of them are good and based on your activity, they could be ideal for your email campaign.



Constant Contact

constant contact







get response


Prepare your lead generation process.

“To gain something, do something.”

This reference is clearly related to this section. It’s obvious; no customer will going to give their email form until they get a profit in return. No one wants an unnecessary email in their inbox unless he gets a profit in return.

The same happens in the email capturing process. Of course, you can’t just say, “please give us your email for our email marketing.” To capture your customer’s email, you need to prepare a lead magnet so that your customers will get a profit in return for the exchange of their data and email.

“A lead magnet is a marketing term in which your customers give you their email in exchange for a profitable service or product. In lead marketing, the main motive behind giving free service, promotion or product is to gain the customer email.”

What is the best lead magnet you can prepare (Grow Email List)

Making lead magnet is a bit difficult, especially for those who are new to email marketing. That is why below, we’re going to give you some of the best examples for your lead magnet.

These lead marketing examples can increase the chances of gaining more emails. However, we can’t guarantee the results. But in our experience, such lead magnets increase the chances of success.

Daily, weekly, or monthly Subscription Newsletter

You can offer your customers a promotional subscription. In a promotion subscription, you’ll send them some best deals, vouchers, or any important news on a scheduled period. You can use any WP plugin tool to create a newsletter or sign-up page from the WP plugin store.

Free eBook as a lead magnet

Of course, everyone wants free stuff. Offering your customer can increase the chances of collecting emails from your customer up to 60%. However, the strategy only works if the customer is interested in your niche.

Use the conversion optimization tool.

A conversion optimization tool refers to the use of strategies that can increase the chances of email capturing conversions. In this process, you need to impress the customer in a way that he gets agree to give you their email, like showing your portfolio in the email section, lead magnet tools, attractive quotes, and many other tools that can increase the email capturing conversions.

Design Beautiful Forms That are Proven to Convert:

The design and UI of your landing page play a crucial role in your email conversions. If you want to grow your email list, make your UI beautiful and keep it straightforward.

Show Personalized Messages at the Right Time with Behavior Automation:

Showing a personalized message at the right time is the best strategy to increase and grow your email list.

There are many automated tools you can use that can show a customized message to the customer at the right time. Like quotes, custom thank you messages, and much more.

A/B Test Your Ideas and Make Data-Driven Decisions:

Split testing or simply A/B testing is another great idea if you want to grow your email list. However, A/B testing can consume many efforts and takes time. But in the end, you’ll get a better idea of which strategy is doing best.

Best Lead Magnet Strategies (Grow Email List)

Lightbox Pop-up:

A lightbox is a simple pop-up page that appears while the user is browsing your page. In most cases, the background gets blur so that it can stand out. You can give a discount, voucher, newsletter, or anything with the exchange of customer’s email.

Grow Email List

Fullscreen Welcome Mat:

Also known as the welcome gate, is an overlay that pop-ups right after a minute they land on your website. The main motive behind Fullscreen Welcome Mat is to grow your email list. It is the same as Lightbox Popup, but here you directly ask for the subscription.

Grow Email List

Countdown Timer:

A countdown timer is a pop-up overlay that is a call-to-action strategy. In the countdown timer, you give your customer a pop-up in which the countdown is running for s specific limited-time deal.

In this way, it gives urgency and scarcity to the customer that boosts your sales and conversions.

Grow Email List

Coupon Wheel Options:

A coupon Wheel is one of the oldest ways of collecting email from your visitors. In this strategy, you give your customer an overlay from where he can spin a wheel. You can add different deals, discounts, or offers in each sector of the wheel. Once the wheel is stopped, your customer gets the corresponding deal.

The customer can avail of that deal through filling his email in the form, and that’s how you get grow your email list through spin a wheel strategy.

Grow Email List


Growing your email list is a crucial part of email marketing. Without a decent amount of lead emails, your email marketing campaign is useless. To collect the emails from your leads, you need to attract them and give them a profitable deal in exchange for the email.

The problem is that what profitable deal can you give to your customers? That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide on how to grow your email list and capture emails from your leads easily!


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