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How To Grow A Blog From Scratch: Ultimate Guide for Beginners!

How To Grow A Blog From Scratch: Ultimate Guide for Beginners!

How to grow a blog from scratch

Are you looking for an article to grow a blog? Then, you’re in the right place! There are millions of people who are earning five-figure money just from them through various sources.

Besides YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok there are many other influencers and people who are earning from blogging.

A blog is another beneficial way to earn a lot of money. There are already millions of people who are five-figure monthly their blogs.

Want proof? There are over 600 million active millions, according to GrowthBadger, out there on the internet. If blogging were a failed idea, the figure would never have reached 600 million.

How to grow a blog from scratch

Starting a blog and converting to your money-making machine isn’t an easy task. Earning money from a blog is the most challenging way to achieve unless you’re a popular personality!

But, no wonder that blog is the most secure and highly paying method to earn money. Because in this method, there’s no platform such as YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok that can terminate your account, just you, your blog, and your audience!

In this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide on how to grow a blog from scratch and make money from it! So let’s get into it!

Do bloggers make money:

How to grow a blog from scratch

In simple language, Yes, they do. Bloggers make money. That’s the reason why there are 600 million blogs exist on the internet, and they are not dumb, of course!

But, starting a professional money-making blog is not just a problematic but expensive investment as well. First of all, you need to buy a domain, hosting, SEO experts, and other maintenance costs while waiting for once you to start and decide to grow your blog.

If you’re a good domain authority, working on your blog regularly, and giving time to your website, you’ll make money from it! But, believe us, it’ll take too much time, at least 12-34 months!

It’s not like you start a blog, and the next day you’ll get money. It takes a lot of time!

How to grow a blog from scratch

How to Grow Your Domain Authority

If you ever used a web analytic tool such as SEMrush, Moz, and Ahref, then you might be familiar or aware of domain authority.

Domain Authority is a term that is made by a software development company “MOZ”. Popularly known for their digital marketing tool on the internet. Domain authority refers to the status of your website in search engines result in pages “SERPs”.

It calculates the performance and status of your website based on different factors. After then, it gives you an estimated score on how likely is your site to be rank on SERPs.

Now you might think, what the factors that domain authority is calculated are? Unfortunately, there’s no formula of how Moz’s domain authority works, maybe to keep it fair for everyone.

Usually, the tools show you the Domain Authority score in “%” form.

The percentage icon indicates how likely your website is to rank in the SERPs of search engines.

How Can You Raise Your Domain Authority Score?

Increasing the DA score is difficult at starting but not impossible, of course.

We’ve told you earlier, and the DA is all about the SERP status of your website. Google and many other search engines will never rank your website right after you publish it.

You’ll need to wait for at least 6-12 months to get rankings on search engines.

However, this period is only applicable if you’re doing honest and doing tremendous and authentic work on your blog.

Using black hat SEO techniques could increase your rankings for a shorter time. But in the end, you’ll end up getting the ban on search engines, Google especially.

In this way, you can never grow your blog! So always use White Hat SEO and make genuine and authentic content.

It is a must to use white hat SEO, backlinks, on-page, and off=page SEO, and many other things that could increase your DA score.

How to get traffic to your blog?

Many factors determine whether you’ll get rankings on Google or not. Your content, SEO optimization, regularity, and many other factors determine whether your website will rank on SERPs or not.

You should keep in mind that ranking on SERP might take extra time because Google and many other Search Engines test your website if the content is consistent in it or not.

If you upload regular content like 1-3 blogs in a week, it is considered an active website.

Moreover, there are many other ways and SEO tips that you can use to increase your SEO domain authority and rankings.

Below we’ve mentioned some of them:-

How to grow a blog from scratch

Long-tail keyword domination

Long-tail keywords are the keyword that contains at least more than two words. They are more specific to the topic and are targeted at particular audiences.

The visitor uses these keywords when they want to see a specific and point towards the particular niche. Also, it is more common in voice searches like in Siri, Google Assistant, and Google Voice Search.

This is because long tail keywords usually have less competition and are difficult to rank on the other side. But if you know how to use them properly, they can be a gem for you!

Make original and helpful articles.

The most important thing if you want to grow your blog is to write quality articles. Of course, if your writing skills aren’t good enough, you can use a freelancer or an agency.

However, we suggest you never compromise the articles for your blog. Because your web content (articles) are the first thing that search engines will scan, a flawed and dull quality article would never let you boost your rankings on search engines.

Promote in your Social media channels

You can use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your web content. Not just that, many other social media platforms are perfect for your blog marketing.

But remember one thing, never spam on these platforms. Instead, only focus on your leads and potential customers who will likely earn you a profit on these platforms.

Promote to your email subscriber

For this task, you need an active email campaign. If you want to earn visitors and leads from Email Marketing, you need a large, like a long email list. Then, you can share your promotions, discounts, or any other kind of special events to your leads through email marketing (if they’ve subscribed).

How do bloggers get paid?

How to grow a blog from scratch

There are many ways from which bloggers earn money. Doing blogging is an entire business, and once your blog starts getting organic traffic, you’ll not work for money but money will work for you.

The most common method of earning is advertisements on blogs. But first of all, you need to grow your blog before thinking about the money.

If you visit any popular blog, you must have seen some banner ads there. Usually placed in the top, middle, and bottom of the page.

If a user clicks on them, the owner makes money.

Affiliate products and sponsorships are other common ways to earn money from blogs.

Grow a blog and make money from it

How to get paid from Ads

Getting paid Ads is one of the easiest ways. All you need to do is the audience, and your ad partner will handle the rest.

Your ad partner will show advertisements on your blog, and once a user clicks on it, you’ll earn a tiny chunk of money.

However, some of them pay for the impression, but the impression rate is meager.

Some ad partners like Google AdSense and Infolinks are the most popular ad networks that most blog owners use.

Their advertisements are optimized for every visitor. Because AdSense and Info links use micro advertisement technology in which they only show those ads in which the visitor is interested.

There are many other ad networks you can use as well.

How to get paid from Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money by promoting someone else’s product on your blog.

For this task, you need to find an affiliate merchant offering Affiliate products of your niche. For this type of earning, you don’t need to first grow your blog, most of the new bloggers start from this type of business.

Then, you can promote it by writing a complete article on it. We suggest you write an honest review. If there’re drawbacks to the Affiliate product, you must highlight them.

Do this to develop trust in your visitors. Because, if your potential customers want to buy it, they will not care if there’re any cons.

Faith matters the most!

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How to get paid from Banner Sponsor

A banner sponsor is just like the advertisements that we’ve mentioned above. But the difference between a banner sponsor and standard advertisement is the absence of any 3rd party ad network such as Google AdSense and Info links.

In typical ads, the ad network (3rd party) shows an ad on your website.

The publisher contacts the ad network, and the network publishes their ad on your website.

But in this scenario, the publisher contacts you directly without any 3rd party (ad network).

In this way, you don’t have to pay any commission to the ad network! But your blog must be popular enough that private sponsors can see your blog.

How to get paid from Advertorial Sponsor?

In advertorial sponsor, you write an article for your sponsors or affiliate products. It’s just like writing a dedicated review, guide, or pros and cons on one specified product.

Whenever the visitor searches for that product, most likely, he’ll see your article.

The payment method is dependent on the sponsorship type. Suppose the brand approaches you and asks you to write for their product. Then they’ll pay you in advance or right after you publish it.

If it is an affiliate product, then you’ll only earn money when the visitor opens your affiliate link and perform the desire action.

Is it worth starting a blog now?

How to grow a blog from scratch

Besides growing your blog, let’s first talk about is starting a blog today, is it really worth it?

Yes! You can create your blog anywhere and anytime you want! There’re no restrictions that if you start now, you can earn money.

The thing that matters is the quality, SEO, and regularity of your blog, not the time. If you’re creating quality, authentic and unique content on your blog, then sooner or later, it will get succeed.

Is it worth starting a blog now?

Because hard work always pays off sooner or later! All you need is passion and quality in your blog, and let the search engines and visitors do your job and make money for you!

According to OptiMonster, there were over 500 million blogs on the internet back in 2019.

Now the figure rose to 600 million in 2020.

This means that 100 million blogs are created in just one year. This statistic shows how popular blogging is. But, of course, people are not doing this waste their time!

How to grow a blog from scratch?

grow a blog from scratch

Below we’ve written some critical things to consider if you want to grow your blog and earn more traffic:

Make Sure Basic Setting is Right

Before jumping into detailed tips, make sure that the basic settings of your blog are correct. The basic set includes domain, hosting, HTTPS availability, and some other basic noticeable things.

If the basic settings of your website aren’t accurate, then reading the rest of the article is useless.

However, these settings might not affect your SEO to a large extent. But it is essential for the future and in the overall quality of your blog.

Set up your SEO On-page

On-page SEO plays an essential role in the SEO of your overall blog. You want the search engines to rank your website on their SERPs. So you need to optimize your all the website so that their crawlers can quickly identify your content.

On-page SEO includes the optimization of every element that is available in your website with search engine crawlers.

This type of SEO is highly important if you want to grow your blog. It usually includes optimizing every image on your website, its alt text, meta tags, titles, and, of course, loading speed.

Don’t think that your website will immediately start ranking on SERPs right away. Of course, it’ll take time due to the TOS of Google and other search engines.

But it would be best if you kept an eye on the on-page SEO of your website. It is a significant term of SEO!

Increase your Domain Authority

domain auhority
Source: Domain Authority Checker

We already mentioned that domain authority plays a vital role in the SEO and SERP of your blog.

It shows you the performance of your blog on the SERP s of Google search results.

Therefore, increasing the DA score is directly proportional to the increment in your blog’s SEO and SERP rankings.

Below we’ve written some tips on how you can improve your domain authority score properly:

Get more high-authority links

High-authority links refer to those websites that are trusted, certified, and usually have good SEO rankings. Such as any popular certified tech blog, health blog, or any other kind of website that is trusted, approved, and, of course, has good SEO and traffic.

For example, when writing about health information, you can backlink the evidence from any trusted health blog (you should mention the data in that blog).

Never try to spam SEO by backlinking those high authority websites that do not include anything discussed in your article.

If Google finds it, it’ll blacklist you from their SERPs.

We recommend you to must-read some blog articles with high authority links related to your topic.

In this way, you can mention their information on your blog and backlink them as evidence.

Get more traffic-driving links

Traffic driving links are the links that may increase the SERP results and SEO of your website. High-traffic links are somehow similar to high-authority links.

Traffic moving links directly relationship with the search engine crawlers and the SERP rankings of your website. Such kinds of links are the backlinking of an authentic website.

When you backlink such websites, search engines will think that this article has some genuine content and are more likely to rank your website on the corresponding keyword. Of course, you’ll only backlink those pages containing the same information you’ve mentioned in your article.

Produce Helpful Blogposts with Consistency

Of course, the blog articles are the main content of your website. Without articles in your blog, how can you expect traffic, then what will your readers be supposed to do on your blog?

Writing great content is the key to get success. When people visit your blog, they are supposed to read the content on your website. They have nothing to do with your website’s layout or anything else. However, the UI and some other minor things may increase the visitor return percentage.

But, the most important thing is to make your content awesome. Below we’ve written some tips for how you can produce quality and helpful blogposts with consistency:

Do Keyword analysis about what people need

Keywords analysis for your blog is an important thing that you should do;

A keyword analysis is the research of the keyword process you’re going to use in your article. Of course, you expect visitors to your blog, correct? But what if you’re writing on a topic that doesn’t have an audience? Simple, you’ll not get any traffic even if you’re ranking high on SERP and your content is helpful, but you’ll not get much considerable traffic.

That is why people do the keyword analysis before writing on any topic to know how much audience is in that keyword. This type of research is essential if you want to grow your blog.

Using Images, Videos, Table, Stats and any necessary Data

Humans are visual creatures. Our mind is highly attracted to any graphical content and processes the visual stuff way faster than text.

So if you don’t place any images, videos, or graphic bars, your audience might get bored and stop reading your blog.

That is why we recommend you to use images or any other kind of visual stuff. In this way, you can keep your visitor attentive and prevent them from getting bored.

Copyright Free

Never use any Copyright material! Do you think using someone else’s work on your platform is a legal activity? No! Suppose you use copyright material on your website, and the copyright owner and you are from the same country, then he might sue you. Most likely, you’ll end up getting into jail, or your website will be banned permanently from your country.

Moreover, Google and other search engines will never rank your website on their SERPs. They never rank the copyright infringement website.

Not just that, no ad network such as Google AdSense and Info links will approve your website.

Write as a Guest Post on High Authority Site

Working as a Guest Post might be a perfect idea to market your blog in someone else’s blog. First of all, if you’re new to this word, let us explain you.

A guest post writer is a person that writes a complete article or blog on someone else’s blog utterly free of cost.

But in return, the blog owner will backlink his website or blog in the “credits” section or the “author” section.

If the readers of that guest post like the article, they will visit the author’s blog and read other topics related to the previous guest blog. Below we’ve written some tips for you before considering guest blogging.

Reach Out to Friends to Get Links

Not every popular and high-authority blog likes to receive a guest post-application. If you google them and apply them on every website, it will just be a waste of time. Instead, you need to contact them through the reference of your friends or other relatives.

You can ask your friend if they have any blog website that’s looking for a guest blogger. They might give you a better website where you can write a guest blog.

Build Relationship with The Blogger

Building a relationship with another business is highly important if you want to make your business successful. You can say that the company is the name of creating relationships with other companies.

Your blog is your business, and if you want to make your blog popular, you have to keep a good relationship with other blogs.

We suggest you benefit them by writing guest blogs; if they’re from your local area, it is better to do meetup and all that (but not during a pandemic).

Involve Influencers or blogger in Your Content

Yes, involving an influencer or a trusted blogger will make your blog authentic and trusted. People are most likely to read a blog that requires evidence from a trusted source and influencer that will decrease your bounce rate and increase the average stay time.

Moreover, backlinking the influencer’s page will increase your SEO to a large extent. In short, involving some influencers and bloggers in your content might help to grow your blog faster!

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