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Food Instagram highlight cover

Food Instagram Highlight Cover: 150 Free Download Canva Templates

We know how tough it can be to get the perfect shot of your food. You have to balance a plate, take a picture with an awkward arm, and hope that you don’t drop anything in your lap, and then you have to show the result on your Instagram story and put it to your highlights. With this new Canva templates called “Food Instagram Highlight Cover”, all of these worries go away! These simple Canva templates let you highlight what you want people to see first on your Instagram profile by letting them scroll over your photo for about 5 seconds before they see the rest of the content on the page.

What is Instagram highlight cover

The Instagram highlight cover is the icon below the bio section on your Instagram profile that contains a story archive.

When you first open your Instagram app, the very first thing you see is a grid of photos. But what are those little icons on top?

They’re called highlights, and they can be used to create new albums or display content in unique ways. This post will cover everything from how to use them to some awesome examples!

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Food Instagram highlight cover

Food Instagram highlight cover

Foodie Instagrammers have been on a quest to find the perfect way to highlight their food pics. With so many different apps and photo editing tools, it can be difficult for anyone person to find the perfect fit.

However, this is where these Canva templates come in! We created 150+ variety of high-quality templates that are completely free and easy to use!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to create an eye-catching food Instagram highlight cover without investing hours into designing them yourself, head over to our Food Instagram highlight cover Canva templates for free!

Food Instagram highlight cover black

Food Instagram highlight cover black – Black is a versatile color! Okay, we understand it’s dark-toned.

But it can make the perfect neutral for Instagram or use it on your notepad to give all your quotes from inspirational people that you need some serious motivation today.

It’s so easy to blend into any sort of design, so if you want something really different, this color will do the trick.

Download Food Instagram highlight cover black

Food Instagram highlight cover pink

Food Instagram highlight cover pink – Brighten up your dish with these delicious shades of pink.

This color gives a fresh and trendy look to what would normally be a bland device, so take advantage of this feature for something different from the ordinary!

Instead of using plain black templates on Canva, try adding some creativity to your account by giving your pictures that little pop of magenta you’ve been searching for. Every social media can benefit from the playful color that is all the rage right now!

Food Instagram highlight cover white

Food Instagram highlight cover white – White color is so pure and versatile that you can’t go wrong with it.

It’s also subtle enough to mix with a variety of colors to help get the perfect Instagram cover photo. You won’t be punished for feeling this way when you use Canva templates in white featuring black text that is easy on your eyes.

Food Instagram highlight cover marble

Food Instagram highlight cover marble – Marble or marbling refers to the aesthetic pattern formed by thin layers of color on a stone, such as granite.

Bring out that natural darkness and create a marble effect with our pale and muted hues!

Our Canva templates are easy to use and have something for everyone – from cool liners to flirty fonts. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did when designing them for you.

Food Instagram highlight cover blue

Food Instagram highlight cover blue – Blue is a trendy color that goes well with everything. Bring your Instagram feed to life with our sleek blue templates, perfect for all the foodies looking to compete in #foodgasm competitions around town.

Designed by Canva – the ultimate online design tool making it simple and easy for anyone from a beginner amateur to a seasoned designer like you to make amazing social media content.

Food Instagram highlight cover name ideas

Food Instagram highlight cover name ideas – Cover up all that icky food with your most darling DIY cover! You can find 15 templates in this set.

The first is ideal for a fresh simple salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit cup, or a quesadilla – all things you would want to hide so they don’t get eaten by ants. For the main event of course: tacos, waffles, pizza…you name it!

You’ll be able to add anything delicious on top of scraps from cooking these dishes with love for family and friends. So why not do it stylishly!?

Healthy food Instagram highlight cover

Healthy food Instagram highlight cover – Keep your Instagram posts looking trendy with healthy food templates!

You can make a fresh, easy plate from some of your favorite veggies and healthy toppings. We’ve got rotating monthly backgrounds to show off healthy dishes in their natural habitat: the farm.

Cute food Instagram highlight cover

Cute food Instagram highlight cover – These templates are designed for food Instagram. Whether you have an artistic eye or don’t mind a little bit of creativity (or both!), this is the perfect template pack for your favorite snap-happy foodie!

Food Instagram highlight cover black and white

Food Instagram highlight cover black and white – The thing about black and white is that it can always be in style! Look at the newest “Canva templates,” they’re totally killer and perfect for any occasion. Get your creative juices flowing with these black and white templates. They can make anything awesome, so why not try them out?

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