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Envato Founder Story - The Amazing Journey Of Collis Ta'eed

Envato Founder Story: The Amazing Journey Of Collis Ta’eed

Envato Founder

Envato Founder – Collis Ta’eed is what budding entrepreneurs with a passion for web designing want to be. In no time at all, he had made a good name for himself in the web designing industry.

Not only has he designed some of the most popular websites around the world, but at the same time, he is also the CEO of one of the best web designing companies around the globe, Envato.

Collis Ta’eed’s Early Life

Envato Founder

The journey of his life began in Papua New Guinea, where he grew up and had spent a massive chunk of his life in.

Later he moved to Australia for his education, attending University while at the same time selling flash stocks as a side income.

The Beginning Of The Company

The experience he gained from selling stocks was how he brewed the idea to start and co-found Evanto with his wife Cyan Ta’eed and his Best friend, Jun Rung.

The company was founded in the year 2006 and since then has made a name in web design. He has been the CEO of the company since it was founded.


Setting Up The Headquarters

Envato Founder

In an interview, Collis agreed that his life is genuinely marvelous, and he never knew that he could make his life so amazing in the first palace.

He decided that although he and his wife work for over 50 to 60 hours a week, they will try to manage to travel because they find it genuinely relinquishing.

They were inspired to travel after his wife read a book by Tim Ferries, and they could not stop traveling. However, they finally decided to settle and establish the Envato headquarters in Australia and start another chapter on their journey.

They have a global team that is spread out all over the world, but he finds it truly a blessing that they have a core team in Australia.

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Collis Ta’eed’s Future Plans

Envato Founder

While Envato is in the present delving into the creative side and their web designing is in core focus, Collis agreed that it was the safest option for them to start with something that they knew and felt confident about.

However, he truly believes that with the years to come, he can see the company branching out to broader areas and taking up newer projects as well.

He shares a deep interest in the Tuts+ program, which intends to expand education on all fronts.

Even with this much success, the grounded man says that also before they can make more expand exploration, there is much more to be learned and mastered in the creative field itself.


Collis Ta’eed Love For Designing

The man agrees that designing is his true passion, and for this reason, every website design made by Envato has been done by him and has a personal touch that screams Colls’s name all over.

However, he also agreed that designing everything himself will take a toll on success, and he is working on making adjustments in this field.

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