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Email Subject Lines

Email Subject Lines: 100+ Templates Ideas

Email Subject Lines – Email marketing is one of the most important tools for marketers. However, it can be difficult to create a subject line that will get your message opened and read.

This blog post shares 100+ templates you can use in your emails to make sure people open them.

If you’re struggling with crafting an email subject line, this post is for you! With these templates, there’s no need to waste time brainstorming or looking up inspiration because we’ve got all of the best email subject lines right here!

What is a subject line?

A Subject Line is an introduction that should identify the email’s intent. The subject line, displayed to the sender’s reader when they look at their list of emails in their inbox, should tell the recipient exactly what this email is about and why it was sent.

What is the subject in an email?

The subject line of an email is the first impression for a potential reader and should immediately tell that individual that they want to know more about what you have to say.

Why email subject line is important?

The best subject lines work to convince the recipient that they will be receiving an email with information or messaging which improves their lives and/or businesses.

What is an informative subject line?

Informative email subject lines should include only short and descriptive words. You want to get attention so make sure it highlights important information without being too long or dramatic.

What are good email subject lines?

Email subject lines are one of the most important elements in email marketing. It’s what draws people to click on your email and read more about your product or service.

This is why it’s so important for you to choose a good subject line that will compel them to open it instead of deleting it right away, which has become a habit with so many emails flooding inboxes these days.

Next session, we are going to give you examples and templates about the best email subject lines you can use.

Let check this out!

What is the subject in the email example?

The subject in the email is a subject line with all caps and then an exclamation point.

With email marketing being the most popular form of communication these days, it’s important to be knowledgeable about what you’re sending.

One common mistake is not understanding how “subject” works in an email and how it can affect your open rates.

We’ll go over some best practices for choosing subject lines that will help you get to read!

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Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines for thank you

Thank you for being our customer

7 ways to express your gratitude

Thank you for all your support!

Here’s Why Our Product Works…

You’re Awesome

Thank you and a special offer for your generosity

I don’t know how to say thank you enough

Thank you for your purchase

The gift that keeps on giving

We want to say thank you!

Here’s Your Lanyard, Hello World

Copy, paste, and thank you

Thank you for buying Product ABC

Thank you for your order

FREE Coffee for you!

Thank you for supporting us

Thank you for being the best customer

? Thank You

#1 Thank You

Email subject lines for networking

Meet me in person at ABC

Here’s what I know about Product ABC

What’s your favorite GIF?

What should I say?

I have a question for you about networking

What’s your biggest business challenge?

How do I network without a big budget?

What are your goals for networking?

What can I help you with?

Hello from a fellow work-from-home professional

What is your favorite movie?

A story of how I made my first $10k

Hey, how was your day?

Who are you looking for?

Hey, the name’s

Networking is a sales opportunity

When cold-calling and emailing are not working

What is your elevator pitch?

“I’m feeling brave enough to reconnect”

Want to network with other professionals?

Email subject lines for introduction

Watch our new video

Introducing, Product ABC

Product ABC: What’s in it for you

Introducing the newest Product ABC

Introducing Product ABC

Get VIP Access to Product ABC

You’re probably wondering “why is my skin so dry?”

Getting the right audience

Introducing Product ABC

Introducing ABC new variant

Introducing the latest and greatest

What we do and how it will help you

January Newsletter

Introducing Product ABC

The ABC’s of Product ABC

A new product that will change your life

Product ABC introduction

Introducing Product ABC

Email subject lines for sales

Job Application

Introducing premium account for 50% off

80% Off

The best way to spend a rainy day

The Impact of Email Sentiment on Sales

You’ve been added to the ABC waitlist

Double your profits in 12 weeks


We’re having a promotion

Is it time to upgrade the customer experience?

The ABC’s of Selling Product ABC

A new year ́s resolution worth getting

Promising new discounts

An email that sells

New and improved

Use our product

How to find new buyers and sell more

Hey, we’ve got a sale for you.

New Price Alert!

The best deals this month ?

Email subject lines for surveys

Survey related question

“What was your favorite item?”

“What are your biggest challenges when it comes to customer loyalty?”

Which color should we release next?

Let’s get started

Do you know your customer’s pain points?

Did you know ____

A quick survey from Product ABC

Have you ever lied to someone in a survey?

Who’s your favorite character?

How do you like our product?

Is your opinion worth $5?

Survey Completed

What’s in your basket?

“How can we improve our products?”

How does your product compare to the competition?

Interested in surveys?

What type of content would you like to see in our newsletter?

What are you most proud of?

Take our survey, win a $10 gift card

Email subject lines for marketing

How to create a killer email subject line

Want to know how we do it?

Is your subject line any good?

Kick-off your campaign with a powerful marketing email

Maintaining a healthy inbox…

Why should I use a subject line?

How to write the perfect email subject line

What is the best email subject line for marketing?

Serious Marketing Tip

How to get people to open your emails

What to never do when marketing your product

Interesting marketing emails

How to write the perfect email subject line

What are the best email subject lines to improve open rates?

How can I help you?

Want to boost your marketing?

Which email marketing subject lines are best for you?

What’s your most successful email subject line?

Email subject lines for work

Need to share that lead with your boss?

Who’s doing the hard work?

Ever have a colleague be emailing you at 2 am, what are your go-to strategies to get them off the phone?

Do you have a similar problem?

Can you answer these 5 challenging questions without taking a break?


Working smarter?

Beginner’s Guide to Productivity

“Can you show me how to ?”

“The 5 Minute Phone Call that Can Boost Productivity”

___________, it’s time to give us your full attention

Top 5 emails your boss hates

Here’s the One-Page Checklist To Make Your Business Successful

Why Product ABC is the best

My best email EVER

Can you come to a meeting?

Saying goodbye to _______

Get more done today

5 easy ways to increase your productivity ?

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