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Boat Captions for Instagram: 120+ Ready to Use Templates and Ideas

Boat Captions for Instagram: 120+ Ready to Use Templates and Ideas

Are you looking for the best boat captions to post on your Instagram? If so, you've come to the right place.

In this blog post, we'll share with you some of our favorite captions for boats. Whether you're out on a fishing trip or simply cruising around on a day off, these captions will help you capture the fun and excitement of being on the water!

So read on and find your perfect caption today.

Boat Caption

31 Boat Instagram Captions

  1. Can’t wait to go #boating with my friends this summer!
  2. I'm an island girl who just got a boat. ?? #boatlife
  3. I love my #boat so much, I want to give it a hug.
  4. I don’t know why I have a boat, but it sure is fun to drive.
  5. Feeling the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. This is life! #boatlife
  6. Life is a trip. And I’m the captain of my own ship!
  7. Boating season is here! What’s your favorite water sport? #boatlife
  8. I’m ready to hit the water! #boatlife
  9. #throwbackthursday to that time I had a little #boatproblems ?
  10. I’m not a boat, but I get seasick.
  11. This summer I'm #allin for the sea!
  12. I'm so excited to finally have a boat! I can't wait for summer. #summervibes
  13. I’m not a boat captain, but I know how to navigate the life water.
  14. “I’m sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea.” #boatlife
  15. The best part of waking up is a cup in your boat ☕?
  16. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love the sea and everyone else ?
  17. This is my new #boat. I love to go out on the lake and do all kinds of stuff like drinking wine and talking about how much money we don’t have.
  18. I’m looking forward to spending a day on the water with my #boatlife friends!
  19. I’m dreaming of a white boat, with the top down and my hair blowing in the wind. ??
  20. I’m tired of being the captain, I want to be a sailor.
  21. I’m a boat, I don’t care.
  22. I’m not a boat person but I could live on this one.
  23. I’m not a boat. I am the captain of my own destiny #blessed
  24. I'm the captain of my ship, and the master of my soul
  25. I’m not a boat person but I do love to be on the water.
  26. You can take the girl out of the water, but you can’t take her love for boats outta her.
  27. I’m not a boat, but I float. #boatinglife
  28. I’m a boat. I like to go fast and look good doing it #boatlife
  29. I’m not sure if I should go on this boat trip or not. #boatcaptions
  30. It’s not a boat if it doesn’t have this on the back. #nautical
  31. The best part about being on the water is that you can always find a seat. #boatlife

18 Boat Captions Clever

  1. I’m not crazy. I just enjoy a good boat ride ?
  2. I’m a #captain of my own destiny.
  3. “I’m not a boat captain, but I play one on TV.”
  4. I’ve got a boat, and you don’t.
  5. I’m on a boat, I can see the sunset in the distance. It looks like an Instagram filter!
  6. I don’t always go out on the water, but when I do I bring my #boating gear!
  7. My boat is so big, there’s even a captain on board.
  8. I’m a boat captain. I’ve got no problem with that!
  9. Staying cool with the latest water sport #watermelon
  10. “It’s a hard life, but somebody has to live it.” – Captain Jack Sparrow
  11. I’d like to thank the academy, my boat captain, and this amazing view. #awardsseason
  12. The #captain and I are ready to set sail! ??
  13. I’m not sure if I should be worried or impressed that my boat is actually going in the direction of the sun.
  14. I have a sailboat, but I don’t know how to use it.
  15. You’re the captain of your own boat.
  16. I’m going to be the captain of my own ship.
  17. “If you love something, set it free.”
  18. I’m so excited to be out on the water, I could go for a swim!

20 Boat Captions for Friends

  1. I’m glad we have this boat to share together! ??
  2. #boatlife with the boys!
  3. I’m so glad we got to spend the day with you!
  4. I just got a new #boat, and I'm so excited to take it out on the water!
  5. I love this #boatlife. I feel like it’s the perfect way to spend a summer day with friends!
  6. I’m so excited to show you my new boat!
  7. I don’t always have a boat, but when I do it’s #captainbob
  8. We’re off to the lake! ??‍♀️
  9. I’m not just a boat captain, I’m your friend too! ?
  10. So excited to go out on the water with my #bffs this weekend!
  11. I’m having a blast on the water with my friends! #boatlife
  12. We’re having a blast on this boat trip! ??
  13. We’re off to the races! #boatlife
  14. I’m so glad we finally got to boat out! We should do it more often.
  15. I’m not the only one who thinks you should be more careful with the boat.
  16. The only person I want to take a boat ride with is the captain from #fantasticbeasts.
  17. The water was so blue and clear. I could see all the way to the bottom. I boat you, #lakelife
  18. I wish I could be there with you on the boat right now.
  19. I’m not mad, I’m just disap-boat-ted.
  20. Having a great time with my friends on the boat! ??

28 Boat Captions for Couples

  1. I’m so glad we both decided to take the boat out today! #boatlife
  2. I never knew I could boat someone so much.
  3. A picture of the sunset on a boat with my love ??
  4. When you’re with the boat, there’s nothing to worry about. #loveboat
  5. I love you like a boat loves the ocean #boatcaptionsforcouples
  6. My #couplegoals are to go on a boat trip with my bae!
  7. We’re off to see the #sunset. But first, a quick selfie. ??
  8. The best way to spend a sunny afternoon with your #boatcaptain #couplegoals
  9. We’re gonna be cruising along all night long #boatcaptions
  10. #love is a boat you build together, and then sail into the sunset #couplegoals
  11. My #relationship with my partner is like our boat. It’s constantly moving forward, but sometimes it feels like we are drifting apart.
  12. #sailing with my honey is better than any vacation.
  13. We’re so in love, we can even make the sea jealous ??
  14. I’m a lucky guy to have this girl by my boat side?
  15. My partner and I are the perfect #couple. We both love to fish, have a boat, and spend time together on the water.
  16. I love you more than all the fish in the sea ??
  17. We’re officially boat owners! ??
  18. We’re going to be late for dinner with our friends but I don’t care because your arms are wrapped around me and this sunset is breathtaking ??
  19. My heart is full of love for you…and the boat. #lovemyboat
  20. I’ve never felt more loved than when I look into your boat. ?
  21. I’m so happy to be spending my summer with you! ??
  22. Just a couple of #boatnerds for the love of my life ??
  23. A cute way to show your love on a boat.
  24. Our first day out on the water together and we already feel like a couple of #boatcaptains ??‍???‍?
  25. I love you more than the sand on the beach and I want to spend my boat life with you.
  26. The ocean is a place of infinite #beauty. It’s also where I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you ?
  27. Not only does this boat have a cool name, it’s also the perfect place for me and my #boatcaptions ??
  28. We’re off to the #island for a romantic getaway with my love ?

32 Boat Captions for Dogs

  1. “I’m the captain now!”
  2. Hey, I’m not just a boat. I’m also the captain of this boat!
  3. My dog loves the boat so much he can’t help but look super comfy in it!
  4. I’m the captain now, and I’m steering this boat to a new #dogfriendly beach ?
  5. I’m a good boy, I swear. My human just wanted to take me on a boat ride for the first time ever! #boatlife
  6. Choco is the captain of this boat, and I’m just a lowly deckhand.
  7. I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat!
  8. Scooby doo and the gang are ready for a day on the water! ??
  9. The Scooby Doo gang is ready to set sail! ??‍♂️
  10. Scooby doo and Shaggy are out for a boat ride. Scooby’s favorite thing to do is go boating with his friend Shaggy!
  11. We are so excited to see our new friends in the neighborhood! ??
  12. My dog is always ready for a boat ride.
  13. I’m so excited to hang with my new #boatbuddies this weekend! ??
  14. Boats are for dogs too! ??‍♀️
  15. Look at that dog go!
  16. Our dogs are so excited to go boating! ??‍♀️?
  17. It’s a tough life out on the open sea. But my #dog has been trained to stay calm in any weather!
  18. #doggo #boatcaptions for dogs
  19. #BoatCaptions for #Dogs: You’re a Good Dog, That’s Why We Keep You on the Boat.
  20. My dog is still learning to swim but I’m confident he’ll be a pro in no time. ??
  21. This is my dog, he loves to take boat rides.
  22. I’ve heard that you don’t have to be a dog person to love dogs. #getmyboatready
  23. 3 things are matter in my life, my boat, my doggo, and myself.
  24. I’m here to take a selfie with the dog, not get wet.
  25. I'm just a dog living the good life on my boat. #doglife
  26. I’m not a boat dog, but I do love the water. ??
  27. I’m the captain of this ship and I say we go where no dog has gone before.
  28. My little #doggy just loves to go boating with me.
  29. My #puppy loves to go boating with me. It’s a great way to keep her cool and get some exercise in the sun!
  30. I’m the captain of this boat, but I let my dog steer. #funnydog
  31. This is my life now. I’m a boat dog and proud of it!
  32. My dog loves the boat. He’s always barking at it and trying to jump on it.

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