10 Best Online Course Software and Tools in 2021

10 Best Online Course Software and Tools You Need to Know

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Best Online Course – Technology and the internet are getting more and more popular these days. It has changed the way how our life works, especially when we talk about our educational institutes. In simple words, technology has shifted our education towards a more comfortable zone and mobility. Students prefer online courses.

However, even the educational institutes are now choosing online courses instead of the typical physical courses. Using online courses are relatively cheaper than physical classes, and sometimes it is much easier to learn than the physical one.

There is no room for doubt that online courses are efficient and provide more excellent knowledge than campus-based courses. If you have an internet connection and smartphone or PC, then you meet all the requirements of purchasing an online course. Below in this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best online course platforms where you can quickly.

1. Udemy – Best Online Course Tools

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If you’re looking for the most authentic and branded source for purchasing an online course, then Udemy is the best option. This platform is one of the most senior online course selling and buying marketplace that has been running since 2009. This company was also the first-ever company that gave marketing and getting the courses online on PC.

Udemy is currently the world’s biggest and has the highest number of courses in its studies, making it the #1 online course platform for selling and purchasing online courses. It offers courses on almost every niche and topics like digital marketing, business, science, technology, fashion, and any other slot that you can place on.

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The best thing we like about Udemy is its transparency and purchasing protection. It means you can watch detailed videos about the course material on the homepage of the prestigious course.

2. SkillShare – Best Online Course Tools

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SkillShare is specifically designed for those who want to learn some skills on advanced levels. Skillshare has a collection of more than 300,000 courses that are available for the students to purchase. All the courses are divided into categories like fashion, cooking, business, and technology so that you can easily search for your favorite one by filtering on the category.

Skillshare varies based on the project-based learning concept where students can learn all the stuff through practical ways. This concept allows the students to expand their creativity and learn new skills more efficutanly in a short time. However, many courses on this platform are authentic and verified by their experts. Still, none of the courses are accredited by any institution because all the instructors work as private instructors.

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On your first sign-up, you’ll get a 7 day free trial from where you can try all the premium courses for entirely free.

3. LinkedIn Learning – Best Online Course Tools

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LinkedIn recently collaborated with an online course platform known as Lynda that was popular for offering business-related online courses. Now, Lynda’s content has been transferred towards LinkedIn’s new online course platform known as LinkedIn Learning. This new platform offers thousands of high-quality business-related courses that you can use to earn money.

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You can easily filter the courses from the beginner to advanced level from the filer button so that you could save time searching for an ideal match for you. Unlike Udemy and Skillshare, you don’t have to purchase each course. Instead, you need to purchase a monthly subscription to see and download all the courses on the platform for utterly free after purchasing the subscription. However, you can try a 1-month free trial. After buying subscription charges will be applied to the respected source.

4. Master Class – Best Online Course Tools

Master Class is an online learning or online course platform that is currently on the trending page. The main thing that makes it different from others is the course instructors. It contains some highly trained and expert instructors because getting approval as an instructor in this platform is difficult.

They always prefer and approve experts and mentors who are not just teaching the courses. Also, working in the same field which they are teaching. Their primary focus is on graphical niches like film-making, video editing, photography, photoshop, and many other categories regarding graphical stuff.

Its price makes us amazed, and we’re sure you’ll be too. For just 15$, you’ll get acces visual the courses on the Master Class for a month. Yes, it’s true. You’ll get unlimited access to all the courses available on the Master Class and can even download them for offline use, all these features for a whole month.

5. Thinkific

Thinkfic is our favorite online course platform where you can easily create and sell your online courses. However, it’s a paid platform where you need to pay to sell and publish your course, but you can use their free membership to get started. This platform consists of market than 55 K instructors working and making handsome earnings from Thinkfic. When it comes to the UI, it’s straightforward to understand and straightforward. The platform allows you to set an expiry for the course and set a maximum duration according to the package.

You need to purchase a plan to create and sell your online courses on the platform. All the plans come with a 30 day free trial.

Moreover, in addition to the course purchase, you can also earn money by placing Google Ads on your course videos, so that it would be better to reduce the price of the course that contains ads. If you like this service, why not promote it to your mates and earn money? They offer an affiliate program from which you can earn money for every purchase made by your referral link.

6. Teachable

Teachable helps people and creators to learn some new skills efficiently at affordable rates. To begin this online learning program, all you need is an active source of the internet and a device that can run browsers like Chrome or Edge. We recommend using a PC, as it would be smoother and easy to use in the web version. However, a weird thing we’ve noticed on these platforms is that you can’t reduce any video quality. All the Teachable videos will play at their highest quality, so we suggest you use an unlimited internet package like broadband. Overall, the Teachable is one of the best platforms to learn some new skills.

7. Podia

Podia is not an online learning platform. Instead, it’s a powerful learning platform that is dedicatedly designed for those who want to learn website development and any digital content. You can learn some website development, graphic editing, and many other digital things from where you can earn money.

Even if you’re incredibly new to website development and don’t know anything about web development, then you can use its pre-ready templates available for most of the niches and categories. Once you get signed-on this website, you’ll see a pop-up notification for entering our payment details. However, we suggest you first use its free membership before heading towards the paid one.

Podia also makes sure that the service and website you get always work smoothly, that’s why every template of Podia is highly SEO optimized and loads much faster (enough to maintain the good SEO score.)

8. edX

edX is one of the most popular platforms that offer the cheapest and high-quality courses in extremely cheap ratings. The best thing we like about it is its affordable rates and high-quality courses. edX makes sure every course on this platform is up-to-date.

They keep an eye on every course that has not been updated for the past 30-days. edX offers over 3.5 k courses, and their main focus is one practical course that usually contains more graphical stuff than the written content. Most of or even every course are based on visual stuff like real-time practicals based on the course’s subjects and category. We would highly recommend you this platform if you want to learn some advanced and elite skills.

9. Future Learn

Future learn allows you to learn some incredible new and creative skills by sitting in your home without needing to go anywhere like campuses or physical places. It offers thousands of courses in each category so that you’ll have a wide and massive variety to choose from. However, some courses are free, and you can access them without paying any money, but they are for the primary users.

For advanced users who want to learn expert skills should go towards the premium or paid courses. The best thing that we’ve liked about this course is its collaboration with over 50 multi-national popular companies. For example, they have collaboradeliveredwith Google, IBM, Airbnb, Microsoft, and even you’ll find certified courses by Stanford on FutureLearn.

10. Udacity

Udacity is highly recommended for those who want to learn new professional expertise for a white-collar job. This platform offers a wide variety of courses specifically focused on jobs like management, engineers accounting, and many other professional jobs.

The idea behind this concept is unique and targets a specific niche. Unlike other platforms like Udemy and SkillShare that only focus on internet-based earning niches, but this platform is the only one that we’ve found that offers skills for physical jobs. It will help you to learn your profession more quickly and efficiently while keeping you on your budget.

For example, we’ve found some courses like data scientist, mechanical engineering, HR management, marketing management, and many other courses to improve your skills in these professions.

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