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Best Instagram Tools

Best Instagram Tools To Grow Your Restaurant Instagram

Best Instagram Tools – The number one tool to use for your restaurant marketing is definitely Instagram, so that’s the reason why today we’re shooting the 10 Instagram tools to use so that way you can leverage these tools to up your Instagram game.

So make sure you guys keep reading until the end. 


Best Instagram Tools

What is Canva

The number one tool that you should definitely utilize, and that’s what we use all the time is Canva.

Canva allows you to go on their site and create different templates out there.

You don’t need to be a designer.

All you have to do is drag and drop, drag and drop. And a lot of different templates are out there for you.

The size of the images is already preset. So you don’t need to worry too much about how it would come out with your Instagram stories or your Instagram post, they’re preset.

You’re able to add different techs on there and different graphics on there and you can even add your own images on there.

So then that way you can create these appealing esthetically nice images for your Instagram. And once again, use these to your benefit.

So then that way you can attract more customers to your restaurant.


Best Instagram Tools

The second tool that we utilize a lot is called Snapseed


It is a phone application that allows you to edit pictures, specifically pictures that you take with your phone. A lot of us don’t have the budget to have these crazy cameras, DSLR, etc which is the reason why we take pictures with our phones.

And a lot of times the lighting might not be perfect.

The colors might not be perfect, the contrast might not be perfect. And that’s where SNAPSNEED comes into play. We are able to edit the picture on your phone, the different contrast, the different hues.

So then that way you can really elevate the photo quality of your images. And that itself would become super appealing to the people who are browsing through your Instagram.

That’s the reason why you need SNAPSEED to help you enhance your photos. And that way you can draw more customers to your restaurant.

And just as experimentation, would you rather have this picture, or would you rather have this picture for your Instagram profile? Which one would have more customers coming in through your doors?


Best Instagram Tools

The third tool that we utilize a lot is called Later.

What is Later?

Later is basically a Web application that allows you to schedule your posts in advance. And that means you can actually put in 30 different photos and captions and schedule them in advance.

So then that way you don’t need to be on the computer all day long, all the time.

You can just be on your computer for two or three hours, put all the different images in there, but all your captions in there, and you can forget about your Instagram for the next whole month and every single day you can schedule them to post on your behalf.

And another amazing tool and feature about Later is the fact that you can actually see how it would look esthetically.

So, for example, this is what it would look for, the whole months of content that we push up, and that way you can drag and drop and you can switch things around to make your feed look esthetically pleasing before all the pictures go out.

And this is a tool that is a lifesaver, saves a ton of time. And on top of that, they have a lot more advanced tool that allows you to repost when people post about your picture and when people use your hashtag, a lot of different crazy features.

But nonetheless, this is going to be a lifesaver for you because it saves you a ton of time and allows you to be a lot more efficient on how you spend your time on Instagram before tooled up with up.


Best Instagram Tools

Your next Instagram game is called Link Tree.

Instagram allows you to only have one link on your bio and oftentimes it is just not enough to convey all the different information that you have to your customers. And that’s where Link Tree comes into play.

Allows you to have multiple links within a page. So when you click on it, it brings you to a different page that has many different buttons.

So then that way you can share your website, you can share your menu, you can share your blog, you can share your YouTube channel, you can share your link to anything you want to share.

You can actually put it into the link. Link Tree allows you to customize the different buttons. So then that way you can actually share with the world all these different goodness that you have within your restaurant.

And in that way, people are much more informed and much more inclined to come and eat at your restaurant.


Best Instagram Tools

The fifth tool is a little bit more advanced called Upviral.

What is Upviral?

They are basically allowing you to run contests. So, for example, if you want to market and cross, pollinate and cross-promote your different channels, such as your Facebook, such as your Youtube.

Such as your LinkedIn or your blog, you can easily set different types of rewards for your customers to perform different types of actions.

So, for example, if you want people to like your Facebook posts, then you would tell them that, hey, you know what? When you enter through this contest, you would get five points and five entries for liking our Instagram posts or our Facebook posts. Or if you share it, you’re going to get 20 different points. So this app allows you to be able to customize the different rewards for different actions that they take and in turn allows you to grow multiple channels all at once.

And as a disclaimer, this might be a little bit more confusing, a little bit more advanced for the marketers out there.

But nonetheless, this is a great tool for you to use and exploit if you are a little bit more advance in the marketing game for your restaurant.

Instagram analytics

Best Instagram Tools

The sixth tool that we utilize a lot is Instagram analytics. Now, you might be thinking, why would I want to know numbers? I hate numbers. It’s boring. Well, you need to know what’s working.

You need to know what’s not working. Instagram analytics allows you to see behind the scenes of the demographic as your followers.

Who is following you? Are they male? Are they female? What’s the age range like? Are they local or international? This allows you to also see your best-performing post.

So then that way you know that you can post more of that type of content because it’s engaging with the audience and that allows you to actually up to your Instagram game and allows you to know which levers to pull in order for you to have an amazing, engaging Instagram that not only good content, but actually acts as a tool to bring in more customers through your doors.

Pretty Captions

Best Instagram Tools

Last but not least, the seventh tool that would up your Instagram game is called Pretty Captions.

What is PrettyCaptions?

A lot of times when you’re actually typing out your captions, it’s like a paragraph long and you want to be able to break it up at an emoji. So then that way it’s easily consumable for your customers. Now, how do you do that when you actually type on your computer and when you actually upload it, all the different formatting comes out all jumbled and stuff like that?

And that’s where pretty caption comes into play. Pretty captions allow you to actually format your captions in a way that is easily digestible and add your own flair into it. And then that way you can just copy-paste on Instagram and it’s good to go.

And this acts as a really good way to help your consumers digest the type of content that you have. And oftentimes that increases the engagement rate a lot and increases the fact that customers are actually reading through all your captions altogether.

And that’s the reason why it is super important because, at the end of the day, we want them to consume everything that we push up. If it’s not consumable, if there’s friction, then that’s no good.

And that’s the reason why we utilize pretty captions.

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