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Instagram Tips for Cafe in United States - With Complete Data

Instagram Tips for Cafe in United States: With Complete Data

Best Instagram Tips for Cafe in United States

If you’re a café owner, then the first and most important thing that matters for you is marketing. Without a proper marketing strategy, no business can ever succeed. In the case of cafes, there is a lot of competition especially when we talk about it in the United States.

There are approximately 35,616 cafe bars in the whole United States. Using some Instagram tips for cafes might help you to get better sales and leads. With this competition, if you want to succeed and stand out from your competitors, you need to use a targeted marketing strategy.

Here, we’re not talking about regular pop-up ads or TV ads. Because most of your audience is youth and business owners and they don’t have enough time to watch your TV ads nor pop-up ads.

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Best Instagram tips for cafe

To reach out to your targeted leads, Instagram might be a better idea as your targeted audience is youth and some entrepreneurs who will use your cafe as a meeting point. About 80% of them use Instagram.

Therefore, in that case, if you want to reach your leads, you need to be on the same flight as they are. In short, we’re telling you to market your cafe on Instagram. But how Instagram can help you to gain more leads and customers, and why it is important for your brand impression? Below we’ve written an ultimate guide on the best Instagram tips for your cafe. So let’s get into it!

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How many US Citizens are on Instagram?

Best Instagram Tips for Cafe in United States

According to research, Instagram is the #3 most popular social networking site before Facebook and the 2nd most visited website in the USA. Since the first launch of Instagram back in 2010, there are over 1 billion+ active users on this platform. Not just that, Instagram is one of the biggest platforms of lead generation for many businesses and e-commerce stores not just in the USA but in the whole world.


Even there is much online business running only through Instagram. Online jewelry shops, tobacco shops, cafe’s and many other sophisticated e-commerce shops are working through Instagram only. With over 120 million active US users, that is higher than the population of Sri Lanka. Due to high competition, you might need to learn some best Instagram tips for your cafe to rank on Instagram SERPs.

Why is Instagram popular in the USA?

Best Instagram Tips for Cafe in United States

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Instagram in the USA is the way how Instagram works. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, where most of the posts are based on text data.

But on Instagram, the majority of posts are based on visual data. We all know our brain is highly attractive to visual and graphical-based content. Our mind only takes about 1/4 of a second to process the image, and on the other side, the brain requires about 20 seconds to process about 150 words of text.

Best Instagram tips for cafe

Simply, text-based content is not even close to visual content. That’s the reason why we’re attracted to visual content more than text-based content.

The same strategy is used on Instagram. People can share their updates and tell other’s what is going on in their lives through images or videos.

This is why Instagram isn’t just popular in the USA but in the rest of the world.

We hope that after these stats, you’ll know how important is it to learn Instagram tips for your cafe.

Important Stats about Coffee Consumers in the USA

Surprisingly, every day Americans consume over 400+ million cups. In percentage, it becomes 160% of the US adults who drink coffee every day.

Because the total population of 18+ adults in the USA is 250 million, this calculation proves that an average person drinks a cup of coffee at least twice a day. This figure shows us how important is coffee for an average American.

About 107 million of people in the USA use Instagram to find new and better cafe’s around them. On the other side, cafe owners are in constant research for Instagram tips for their cafe.


If we talk about caffeine only, 79% of Americans’ drink coffee as a source of caffeine, and 21% of them take it either from energy drinks and tea.

According to one survey of Ameri-Sleep, they took the survey about the cause of consumption of coffee. Amazingly 42.9 of people said that they drink coffee only because they like the taste! 12.1% of people said that they drink coffee because they like the taste, 26.2% drink to gain energy.

Survey Source!

Effects of Coffee on our Mind

Coffee is still the most controversial drink in the world. There are numerous after-effects of coffee in our minds and body. It all happens due to the massive quantity found in coffee.

Coffee is the only beverage that contains the highest amount of caffeine than other naturally occurring beverages.

According to the research of Health Line, there is about 95 mg of caffeine (equal to 70% of Red Bull can) in a cup of one coffee. Here, 95 mg is an average amount, including drip, ground, espresso, and instant coffee.

In comparison, an average cup of black tea contains only 47 mg of caffeine. This figure proves that coffee contains the highest amount of caffeine in all naturally occurring drinks.

Evidence: HealthLine Article!

side effects of coffee

According to the research, after taking a cup of coffee, the caffeine inside the coffee stimulates our brain and gives an instant boost to your brain. It releases a tremendous amount of dopamine and instant energy boost to your brain.

However, that boost is temporary; after some time, that energy converts into dizziness, fatigue, and tiredness. But, almost every American adults above 18 still drink coffee twice a day.

However, drinking over 3-4 cups in a day is fine! That is why most people are now moving towards Cafe business and marketing through Instagram and searching for the best Instagram tips for their cafe!

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Can Cafes Afford to Not Be on Social Media?

Best Instagram tips for cafe

In simple language, a big No! According to Q3 of 2016, 75% of people purchase a product because they had already seen it on social media. 60% of people need to see the product on social media before they make the mind to purchase that product.

If we talk about Instagram especially, more than 445 million posts are tagged with #food. 32 million posts are tagged with #drink.

This figure proves how much food and drink businesses use social media for their marketing. In this case, if you’re not using any social media for your cafe, then you’re missing out on a large customer base.

How do I promote my cafe on Instagram?

Today, there is a lot of competition on Instagram related to coffee bars, restaurants, and other food corners. If you want to rank faster, you need to learn some extraordinary strategies of how Instagram works and what people want in your posts.

That’s why in this article, we’ve written some successful and authentic Instagram tips for your cafe! So let’s get into it!

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Best Instagram Tips for Cafe in United States

Use Easy Username

First of all, while creating an account for your cafe, you must consider the username. Your username should be easy to pronounce, writeable, and related to your cafe.

A complex and hard-to-type username might affect your leads. For example, a complex and hard-to-pronounce username will make it difficult for the customers to share, making it difficult to pronounce the username. Moreover, an irrelevant or complex username will make your Instagram page look unprofessional.

The Game of #Hashtags

Hashtag (#) on Instagram is the combination of letters, numbers, and emojis. It is used to describe the trend and category of the post and make the post discoverable.

Hashtags on Instagram are the best and most successful strategy to get rank on Instagram. No doubt, it is one of the best Instagram tips for your cafe. For example, if you use the hashtag of coffee (#coffee), then whenever a random user enters this hashtag on Instagram, the algorithm will rank your post where you used #coffee.

It works based on a categorized ranking. Whenever you use the hashtag in your post’s description, the algorithm will send that post to the corresponding hashtag database.

In this way, you get better chances of getting rank on Instagram through hashtags.

However, we suggest you recommend you use only 12 hashtags in each post. Because using more than two hashtags will make your post look messy!

Image Quality

Talking about Instagram, how can we forget the image quality? If you want to get potential customers through Instagram, just make sure that you use high-quality and eye-catching images.

People always wanted to see only those images that appeal to the eye. If possible, then purchase a cheap budget DSLR for your cafe Instagram posts.

A cheap 100$ such as Canon 350D or Nikon D70 DSLR with a 50mm lens is perfect for your Instagram posts. With a 50mm lens, you’ll get awesome blur, and even an 8 MP DSLR is perfect for coffee cup captures. Just make sure to must use photo-editing software. Adobe Lightroom (android) is perfect for Instagram editing!

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Never Upload Simple Coffee Pictures

Do you think people will get attracted to your cafe with simple milk and coffee pictures? Never! If you look at any existing cafe’s Instagram post, they always use latte arts in their Instagram posts.

Latte art is the art of designing created in the microfoam on top of the espresso or cappuccino. An Instagram post of the cup of coffee with latte art over it, what could be more eye-catching than it! You can hire a latte art expert, or you can practice it yourself.

Make your Interior Beautiful

Do you know why people prefer to have a cup of coffee in cafe bars? Of course, they can prepare the coffee in their home as well. Most people use coffee bars as a meetup area, business deals, or to work peacefully. In that case, your customer wants a beautiful, stylish and peaceful environment.

That being the case, you should focus more on your cafe’s interior because people are attracted to your cafe’s interior and environment first than your coffee.

We highly recommend you to use modern, unique, beautiful, and eye-catching decoration pieces in your cafe. It will give your cafe a flagship look and ideal for your clients.

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Conclusion for Best Instagram Tips for Cafe in United States

Instagram is mostly popular due to the reason of its photo-sharing ability. In this platform, people prefer to share images and pictures in their posts. That is why marketers benefit from this strategy and use Instagram as a source of digital marketing.

However, today, there is a lot of competition on Instagram, especially when we talk about cafes. If you’re new in marketing your cafe through Instagram, it might be difficult to succeed now! But not until you read this blog.

That is why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide and the best Instagram tips for your cafe!

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Hope it helps 🙂

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