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19 Best Digital Marketing Blog(s) to Follow in 2021

19 Best Digital Marketing Blog(s) to Follow in 2022

Digital marketing is all about learning new techniques and methods, as it keeps updating every day. Unfortunately, you can’t just get a degree in this field and stop learning about it for the rest of your career.

You need to learn and stay up-to-date with digital marketing. Without updated knowledge, you can never succeed in digital marketing. The question that appears here is how you can learn authentic and updated knowledge about marketing? Unfortunately, it is not something that will publish in newspapers nor in any book.

We all know that digital marketing works on the internet, so everything related to it is available on the internet. After deep research, we found that digital marketing blog(s) is an ideal source for staying up-to-date on the latest news regarding online marketing.

A digital marketing blog is a blog where some experts in their field write useful information related to digital marketing. Such blogs are the best source to stay up-to-date with the latest NEWS regarding online marketing.

Problem Related to Digital Marketing Blog(s)

The only problem related to digital marketing blog(s) is that thousands of blogs are already out there on the internet. Believe us, all of them are waiting for your attention. If we talk in figures, there are about 500 million blogs that already exist on the internet.

However, not all of them work on digital marketing, but at least you get the idea? So here comes the confusion that which blog you should follow for your digital marketing field?

We’ve got a solution, and you can just simply search “best digital marketing blog” on search engines and open any blog you want. The engine will show you hundreds of blogs. But, the main problem is that you don’t know which blog focuses on which thing. You don’t know which blog is best in which thing, nor you know whether that blog is good for your field or just a time waste!

Is Following Marketing Blogs Important?

A question might appear in your mind that why following a digital marketing blog is important? So, below we’ve cleared this confusion for you as well.

First of all, the main reason you should follow these blogs is to get the latest information. We already told you earlier that this field isn’t something you learn and setbacks to relax for your whole career.

Digital marketing includes SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, AdWords, and many other models. The working of these models frequently changes according to the market. Therefore, you need to keep up to date with new updates and methods. Otherwise, you might end up with a big failure in digital marketing.

Furthermore, you need to have a source that updates as soon as things changed and only focuses digital marketing niche. In that case, nothing is better than blogs. Because blog publishers usually have many writers that update you as soon as something gets changed.

However, you can also follow YouTube channels if you don’t like to read. But, in blogs, they have usually hire multiple experts of digital marketing. Whereas in YouTube channels, there is only one individual who controls everything. Consequently, you get faster updates, authentic and insights from multiple people.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2021

In this article, we’ve mentioned and reviewed some of the X best digital marketing blogs for you! From thousands of Digital, Marketing Blogs compared, reviewed, and ranked, here are the x Best Digital Marketing Blog(s) around. So let’s get into it!

Moz Blog

moz digital marketing blog

Moz Blog is one of the best and has the biggest library of information regarding digital marketing. The blog is perfect if you are looking for a source that keeps you up to date with the latest news related to SEO, SEM, and other models.

Every digital marketer understands the importance and value of SEO and SEM in this field. They know how to optimize web pages according to the search engines. So that search engine crawlers can easily read and understand your blog. The Moz digital marketing blog covers everything that you need to know related to online marketing.

They cover only those things that are important for you and affect your digital business. According to our experience, they never cover those things that can overwhelm you and may confuse you in the respected category. Even we noticed if you’re a beginner, Moz Blog is perfect for you.

All the articles are written so that even a newbie of SEO can easily digest the context. Each of their articles explains’ the stuff in a detailed manner and offers actionable insights or even “how-to” blogs regarding SEO. Every Friday, they upload exclusive articles for SEO to dig deep into SEO to an advanced level. In simple language, you’ll never waste your time on Moz’s digital marketing blog!

  • Founder: Rand Fishkin
  • Best For: How to’s and tips related to digital marketing

Content Marketing Institute

cmi digital marketing blog

Your content is a vital component of your digital marketing. Unlike other blogs, this website offers you some of the best advice and insights to improve the content. They mostly prefer to give you advice instead of “how-to” articles. However, it doesn’t mean that how-to articles are useless, but everyone has their taste.

After following this blog for some time, we’re pretty sure that you’ll get aware of the smartest and successful strategies of online marketing. From the latest trends to up-to-date practices, this blog covers everything for its readers.

Their main target is to provide information to the readers regarding marketing, SEO, SEM, and SMM. That’s why they organize online events frequently every month where expert digital marketers discuss different things regarding digital marketing that can help you to increase your impressions and business.

The best thing is that the booking for their online events is completely free! You can also download their eBook and some other PDFs for more clear information. If we talk about their blog writers, don’t take them lightly. Most of their writers are experts in digital marketing, and very few of them are freelancers. However, they make sure that everything is covered and up to a point strictly in each article.

  • Founder: Joe Pulizzi
  • Best For: Learning about marketing for dummies

Marketing Land (ML)

ml digital marketing blog

ML digital marketing blog offers a ton of quality and useful news regarding all your Digital Marketing problems. The changes in the content marketing system to new features and techniques in SEM do everything for you.

This blog cover all aspects of the digital marketing industry that you may need to know. Their parent publications, MarTech and Search Engine Land analysts, work on this blog for you.

We noticed they usually cover website development, tips, and tricks that can increase the conversion of your branded website. Another great thing we like about digital marketing blog is their summary blogs. They have a dedicated label where they write a summary of some important events related to digital marketing.

These kinds of posts can make life easier for those who don’t have enough time to attend the event. In that case, you can stay up to date with the latest news and information regarding your digital marketing. Not just that, they have other categories for buyer’s guide where they discuss services related to online marketing.

Marketing Land even has a Mobile Marketing category where they tell you tips related to mobile users. However, unlike Moz, their blogs are a bit advanced. Therefore, f you’re a newbie, then you might not understand the content in Marketing Land. Other than this, Marketing Land is the perfect marketing blog to follow for experienced users.

  • Founder: Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman
  • Best For: Marketing and business practice


econsultancy digital marketing blog

The Econsultancy digital marketing blog is specified for some experts. Because they usually talk about advanced and dive into deep techniques of digital marketing. Therefore, only an expert in this field can understand.

The insights of this digital marketing blog range from online marketing to other niches related to PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM, and many others. They usually focus on those readers who are working for agencies or are agency owners. You can find topics and even interviews with other marketing agency owners. Unlike other blogs, they don’t have any space for how-to and tutorial articles.

This digital marketing blog doesn’t talk about anything related to newbies. But, we’re not saying that this blog is not good. It is awesome if you are already an expert in marketing and want to dive deep into this field. The blogs and articles they provide can help digital marketing agencies to succeed more faster in their campaigns.

Now let’s talk about the consistency of this website. They usually upload 6-7 blogs in a week. But, all are from different writers and believe us, all their writers are the experts of their field. When it comes to innovation, trends, and the latest news, Econsultancy always keeps you updated. Not just that, the blog offers some incredibly useful advice for B2B or B2C people. Again, all the advice is from those who are experts in their field.

  • Founder: Ashley Friedlein
  • Best For: Experts of digital marketing


The Kissmetrics website provides every practical that you must need to see in digital marketing. Unlike other blogs, they don’t just write about the topics, and they practically test them! So, the blog might be very helpful if you’re looking for a real practical test. Another thing that we like about this blog is its data-driven strategy teaching.

They have a dedicated section where you can find many tutorials and practical tutorials regarding data-driven technology. This strategy is used to describe how you can use the user’s correctly for your business. We all know the data of your user is incredibly useful for your sales.

If you learn how to use it, then no one can stop you from getting success. Yeah, we know it’s getting deep, but data-driven is the true expertise of Kissmetrics. These techniques can help you make your business and sales more effective by using the user’s data. That’s why Kissmetrics focuses more on this strategy so that you can get more output from your business.

The team of this blog keeps an eye on every change in trend so their audience will never be outdated. They generate reports and make changes in previous articles according to the new updates. In addition, they mentioned in previous articles whether this strategy is currently beneficial or not.

  • Founder: Neil Patel
  • Best For Intermediate’s of digital marketing

Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert offers is not just a blog; they offer articles, podcasts, eBooks, and video interviews. Jay Baer, who is CEO of Convince & Convert, is running and leading this website. Jay Baer is one of the top-notch digital markets on the internet, not just a digital marketer.

He has written many books regarding online marketing to give solutions to newbies regarding online advertising. Another thing that we noticed in their articles is they are short about 500-1200 words only. Unlike, other blogs they keep their blogs as short as possible. It seems like they aim to keep the article as short as possible but straight to the point and informative.

This strategy is incredibly useful if you don’t want any mess and just want to read the main points of the topic. Moreover, this strategy is also useful if someone doesn’t have time to read long pillar posts.

This offers you more than one way to consume the content that the blog is providing. Convince & Convert usually covers SMM, SEO, PPC, and many other topics related to digital marketing. If we talk about their difficulty, the articles are perfect for a newbie. They also cover “Top x” based topics that may increase your knowledge. The tips and tricks section may increase your knowledge regarding your respected niche.

  • Founder: Jay Baer
  • Best For: Learning advanced things related to digital marketing

Social Fresh

sf digital marketing blog

The thing that makes Social Fresh awesome is that many of their blogs include alternative media embedded in them. This blog isn’t like a typical blog where the writer writes an article on different topics.

They are one step higher than articles. They do podcasts and take interviews with many successful digital marketing experts. Not just that, Social Fresh even arranges monthly webinars. In these events, the digital marketers from different countries discuss related to new and updated strategies.

Don’t take Social Fresh lightly; their work is way bigger than other marketing blogs. This makes it perfect for those who don’t like to read text articles, and they can watch videos and webinars as well.

Including visual content in the blog makes it easy to understand those unfamiliar with reading. That’s why Social Fresh includes visual content in every heading of their articles. When it comes to the audience type, they do talk about basics.

But, most of their content is related to advance and professional digital marketers. We’ll recommend this blog to those who are intermediate in online advertising—also those who’re earning great money from this field. If you fall in any of these, then you must go and follow their newsletter.

  • Founder: Jason Keath
  • Best For: Experts of SEO and SEM

Neil Patel Blog

If you ever searched on Google related to digital marketing, you might see Neil Patel’s digital marketing blog. Those who are already familiar with digital marketing must have heard about Neil Pate. For those people who are don’t know about Patel, he’s the king of digital marketing. Patel ranks among the top 3 digital marketing in the world.

Forbes officially named him the 5th best digital marketer entrepreneur on the internet. He also runs his blog names Neil Patel Blog. What could be better than the third-largest digital marketer teaching digital marketing for free? On Neil Patel’s blog, you can get free knowledge regarding online marketing in Neil Patel blog. But, you might think, what’s so special if it is free?

The answer is that most of the blogs are being written by Patel. So you get the insights and information for free, and it is open to read for anyone. Whereas, he’ll charge you about 5,000$/hour if you want to ask anything from Neil Patel. Ranging from basic to advance SEO, this blog is perfect for anyone.

We’re sure that no one can provide you the knowledge and material you get from Neil’s blog. Even some of the blogs copy the ideal of Neil Patel. If we talk about the difficulty level, the blog is suitable for newbies. They go deep, but anyone can understand the style they use. In short, Neil’s digital marketing blog is one of the best blogs that every digital marketer should use!

  • Founder: Neil Patel
  • Best For All those who are associated with digital marketing and SEO

Afrefs Blog

We know most of the readers are listening to this blog for the first time. But., believe us, this blog is a perfect key to get success in digital marketing. They tell you everything related to online marketing, SEO, SMM, and other marketing models.

However, the unique thing is that they only post 1-2 blogs every week. Yeah, like you, we also know it’s a very low quantity, but Ahrefs says they need quality over quantity. They stood completely on what they say. We test out their blogs, and it seems like they focus on pillar posts.

Most of every blog of Ahrefs is a pillar post, which means you get more detailed information in each article. Moreover, Ahref is one of the digital marketing blogs that provide the most easy-to-understand topics. Therefore, almost any newbie in digital marketing can understand their article.

They don’t usually go into deep topics, but they do get deep into the topic they are writing about. Furthermore, Ahref’s main project is their SEO solution SaaS tool. In that way, they collect the data and use it on their blogs to get better insights into the market. Hence, you get better results and information in this digital marketing blog.

  • Founder: Dmitry Gerasimenko
  • Best For Who wants to know about the insights of digital marketing

SEMrush Blog

If you ever used SaaS-based SEO tools, then you must know about SEMrush. This company is well known for its popular SEM and SEO tool known as SEMrush. The company is currently the leader of all SEO tools out there on the internet.

About a few years back, they also launched their digital marketing blog that targets only digital marketing. Yeah, you guess right! SEMrush only talks about digital marketing in its blog and where the data come from? It comes from the users who use the SEMrush tool. They collect all the information regarding your site’s traffic, strategies, paid and organic searches, and all other important things like that.

After collecting it from you, they used it to make their service better and in their blogs. They have detailed reports of the latest trends, what people are doing wrong, best strategies, and many other useful insights into digital marketing.

Then, SEMrush shares it with you through their blog. The process is the same as you get in Ahrefs and Moz. Because they both have their SEO solution tools available for users. However, every blog is different from the other. SEMrush digital marketing blog mostly focuses on those things that matter to you!

  • Founder: Oleg Shchegolev
  • Best For: Those who want to learn insights into SEO

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is better known for an SEO guide blog more than a digital marketing blog. They usually publish all the latest news regarding the latest search engine algorithms and updates.

The blog is best if you want to know the advanced and latest updates on search engines, SEO and SEM. Their main focus is on the SEO of your website. Unlike other blogs that cover all digital marketing categories, Search Engine Land only covers SEO. For your information, SEO and SEM are also a sub-niche of digital marketing, and this one has a main focus on this field.

Another thing that we like about this blog is you get deep insights and even upcoming strategies for your websites.

These strategies can give you better output with better SERPs. They also do podcasts, interviews, and webinars. In these events, SEO and SEM experts worldwide give speeches and share their experiences and insights regarding respected topics.

That way, you get to know other SEO strategies that will help you in the future. In short, this digital marketing blog is perfect if your target is to learn SEO.

  • Founder: Danny Sullivan
  • Best For All those people who want to learn about SEO


smrp digital marketing blog

Smarp is a unique and different type of digital marketing blog. If you don’t follow a unique and innovative blog, then you can skip this one. Employee advocacy is a great way to dig deeper into the marketing mindset. Also, encourage a culture of engagement and connection in your organization. If we talk about the SMM, the only way you can gain success is through your smart-working employees.

Your company’s success can be unlocked when your workers are smart enough to understand digital marketing strategies. Therefore, you need to make your employees smart enough to get employee advocacy. This promotion of your company by the people who work for this company is something that every marketing agency wants.

That’s what Smarp focuses on, and you’ll find hundreds of articles that post about bigger-picture ideas. For example, this Employee Advocacy: How to Get Started with Employee Advocacy Program will guide how you can get more output and efficiency from your employee’s in a short time.

This article also explains the true formula behind employee advocacy. We tested this blog and rode some of their popular articles. They work smartly. Smarp focuses on sub-conscious mind techniques and gives you techniques to alter your employee’s minds. This alteration in the subconscious mind will help you get more profit and get more efficiency from workers.

  • Founder: Roope Heinilä
  • Best For Intermediates dedicated to SEO

Orbit Media

Orbit Media digital marketing blog

Orbit Media is also known as popular by Orbit Studios, a web design studio that creates and designs websites for large-scale businesses. They have been the leading web developers on the internet and created millions of web designs for many large companies.

A few years back, Orbit Studio partnered with Result Driven Marketing Blog. With this collaboration, they launched a website that focuses on a digital marketing blog. We’ve told you that Orbit Media had already created tons of websites for their clothes. Therefore, they how to make your website more SEO optimized. Also, practices to increase your site SERPs and other things that can earn you more traffic. A leading website development company is now working on a website optimization blog.

What could be better than that? Design a tactical website that works as a conversion rate machine to marketing it and calculating your results. Orbit Studio has a fantastic crew and guest writer roster doling out advice.

However, they don’t just talk about website strategies and optimization but also about other aspects of online marketing. But, website optimization and strategy is the category that this blog specializes in. Therefore, they have hired some of the best guest bloggers that are experts in their fields.

Moreover, the information related to SEO and digital strategy you get from Orbit blog cannot provide it because there is no developing website company that also blogs on web strategies and SEO. Overall, Orbit is your perfect digital marketing blog in 2021 if you want to learn web optimization and strategies!

  • Founder: Andy Crestodina
  • Best For: Those who want to stay u to date with every event related to digital marketing.

HubSpot Blog

hubspot digital marketing blog

HubSpot not only offers an amazing digital marketing blog, but it’s the most visited website in competition to other blogs. They are a standard gold marketplace of digital marketing where you get the most precious knowledge.

If you’re on the hunt for the most informative and accurate information regarding digital marketing, HubSpot could be your best choice. With over 1.5 Million average traffic in a month, HubSpot is on the top of digital marketing blogs. However, we’re not writing it based on average traffic. The traffic of any blog doesn’t determine the quality of that blog. HubSpot is a well-written, concise, and super educational blog for all those who want to learn marketing.

HubSpot also offers a tool known as HubSpot CRM. A dedicated tool designed specifically for digital marketing. In that case, they can use the user’s data to understand what people are doing wrong.

Then they simply act on it and use it on their blog. HubSpot usually focuses on almost all the aspects of digital marketing that are important for you. Ranging from SEO to SMM, they cover everything for you. However, when it comes to difficulty level, then off-course all 1.5 million are not experts. So their articles and blogs are perfect for newbies and experts. We will highly recommend you to follow HubSpot if you want to learn something new in digital marketing.

  • Founder: Dharmesh Shah
  • Best For All digital marketers of any field

SE Ranking

This blog focuses on Search Engine strategies, ranking, and other SEO techniques. Their main focus is SEO, SEM, and other search engine marketing techniques. This blog will help you understand how the search engine works and the latest updates in the algorithm because we all know the algorithm of SE like Google and Bing updates regularly. Another thing that we like to mention here is that majority of the writers on SE Ranking Blog are experts of SEO.

They will never put the wrong information, and all the editors are authentic SEO experts. We love their style of writing that everyone can easily read it. Of course, more than 800k people read this blog every month, and not all 800k people are SEO experts.

SE Ranking usually covers some latest techniques of SEO, updates, and tips to get your page on top of the search engine. When writers of this blog chose a topic, they study it from multiple angles, and the content turns out to be engaging, big, and informative. We can assure you that no one can give you the information of SEO you get from here!

  • Founder: Valery Kurilov
  • Best For: Dedicated to SEO.


Marketo is more than just a digital marketing blog. This blog focuses more on advanced-level topics that are good for expert digital marketers. For those who are new to marketing, we will not recommend it. But, if you’re a pro-level digital marketer, then this blog is perfect for you.

The unique thing that we’ve found on this website is they also write guest blogs. Like, they recently wrote a complete article on Announcing the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards. Here they have mentioned everything you need to know about Adobe Summit 2021. They talked about the contents of Adobe Summit, summaries of content, and announcements.

This type of guest writing impresses us. We all know that for a digital marketer, it is important to keep an eye on different events, webinars, and conferences. You can’t just sit back. Relax and stop researching the market.

The more you research digital marketing, the better results you’ll get. Adobe Summit wasn’t the only guest blog on Marketo. They have a dedicated category for all the guest blogs on different important events related to online marketing. This strategy is best if you don’t have enough time to keep an eye on and attend all the events. Instead, you can get in one place on Marketo’s digital marketing blog!

  • Founder: Phil Fernandez
  • Best For: Those who are interested in events and webinars related to digital marketing

Search Engine Journal

sej digital marketing blog

Search Engine Journals is one of the first blogs that started to work on the SEO category only. They were among the first marketing blogs that started working on the sub-niches of digital marketing. SEJ mostly focuses on categories of digital marketing that are related to search engines.

The writers of this blog are highly efficient and expert in SEO. They tell you everything that you need to know about SEO. However, the blog isn’t great for elite SEO experts but perfect for intermediate, pro, and newbie of SEO. We’ll highly recommend you this blog if you want to stay up to date related to SEO. Whether it’s SEO, SMM, or anything related to Search engines, SEJ keeps you updated.

Another thing that we like about SEJ is their top x article. Like 7 Ways to Improve SEO on Your WordPress Site. Such kinds of blogs are perfect if you want to get straight to the point without any mess!

  • Founder: Loren Baker
  • Best For All those who wants to learn in-depth about digital marketing

What to look at in a Digital Marketing Blog?

So far, we’ve reviewed and mentioned all the best marketing blogs that you can follow. Now, here comes the question, what actually should you look at in a marketing blog?

We know we already have mentioned in the above reviews, but we didn’t tell you from your perspective. We told you about this from the blog’s perspective.

So, first of all, the main thing you should look at in a marketing blog is to make sure that the blog matches your category.

They work and write articles in which you work. Because digital marketing is a broad term, it has many sub-categories like SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, and many others.

The second thing is to look that you’re following talks on your level. If you’re a beginner, then follow a marketing blog intended for beginners.

If you’re an advanced-level marketer, then find the blog accordingly. There are many other things that you’ll realize once you start following some marketing blogs.


In digital marketing, you can’t just take the course and sit back for your entire life. Just like doctors who keep studying all the time, digital markets are the same. They need to keep study all the time and learn new and latest trends and techniques.

If you just sit back and follow your old-school strategies, you will fail successfully. Digital marketing has to do with the internet, so if you want to learn it, the internet is a great resource for it!

Because it is not something that will appear in the newspaper or books. Therefore, marketing blogs are perfect for learning the latest and modern trends! They keep you up-to-date with new and improved strategies, techniques, and trends!

Parker Casio Patty
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