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Best Affiliate Program for Blog

Best Affiliate Program for Blog [Complete List]

Best Affiliate Program for Blog – Most people think that affiliate marketing equals owning a market, which makes them make an affiliate program and recruit other affiliates as well. They start providing a platform for others to publish advertisements as a middle man. While the proposition may want you to make such a decision, people often underestimate the responsibilities coming their way. It is hence best for a person to start as a niche affiliate first. 

Some want to start producing their own product after the niche has been discovered; this is also not advisable. You must become a niche affiliate first because it will help you deal with the demand already present for your niche. However, if you start production right away, you won’t have time to deal with complaints and not make an impact. 

As a niche affiliate, you will be able to sell products that those in your niche demand. When you promote someone else’s product, you direct your attention to the niche, which makes you an expert concerning your niche. You get a deep insight into the sales pattern, understand the sales approaches that are crucial, and hence design experience following the demands of your niche and build creative and innovative solutions to address them. 

Once you understand the fundamentals, you will be able to build your own product. You will have the training to handle what comes your way. However, first, you need to build your credibility and authority. 

Find Best Affiliate Program for Blog Niche Using Offer Vault

Best Affiliate Program for Blog
Best Affiliate Program for Blog

Once you have thoroughly gone through niche filtering steps available in the plan I described in Chapter 1, visit to find affiliate programs for your niche. By doing so, you reduce your affiliate target to one. You can find programs about that specific need which will help you to understand the needs of your customers better.

Filtering Affiliate Products for your Niche

Best Affiliate Program for Blog – You will soon realize that the number of affiliate programs for your niche is quite high, so you can’t discriminate between them. They look very similar to each other with equal recruitments. They even share the same set of discounts and offer similar solutions to problems. 

If you want to tell them apart, four distinct methods will help you to tell them apart. These filters don’t guarantee a winner, and they simply increase the likelihood that the program you choose will provide you with the best benefits. 

Filter 1:: Ease of conversion

Visit all the websites that are offering affiliate programs, according to your Niche.
The pay sale conversion is basically the amount they will pay you when you send a visitor that bits and item. Check out for this rate. Another is the CPA conversion where they pay you when a visitor you send enters their zip code or their address.

Finally, the pay-per-click conversion is basically if the affiliate programs will pay you when someone simply clicks on the ad. Pay per click is the priority here because it is the easiest conversion. 

In case this is not available, choose affiliate programs that will pay for CPA conversation. However, if they are hard to find, go for pay per sale. Rank them based on the percentage you get. A higher percentage indicates better transactions. – Best Affiliate Program for Blog

Filter by The EPC

EPC is a metric that refers to earnings per click. Other things constant, when you send traffic to an affiliate, their average EPC must be considered. Be very cautious. Sometimes a companion offers a huge commission of almost $200-$300, but the number of people you have to send is very high. Hence the EPC is actually low for the affiliate program. 

On the other hand, some may pay you very little per conversation, but the conversation ratio is so high that it makes a profitable deal for you. EPC is very important because it provides a more accurate picture of an affiliate program’s ability to convert your traffic. 

Filter by Promo Material Availability

The next thing you need to consider is the availability of ads and promotional material that can be of use to you in your affiliate program. For example, if you are promoting by email, see if you already have prewritten messages or email swipes that you can use. If you’re choosing ads, see if they have ad graphics. The more the number of available material you have, the better it is. 

Filter by Promo Material’s Flexibility

Best Affiliate Program for Blog – The last thing you need to look out for is the amount of flexibility the affiliate program provides for making your own promotional products. 

The question of whether you have to use the material that they have given you? See if you can make any editorial changes to the promotional material. Can you make your own promotional material that is unique to you? 

You must keep in mind that there are a number of affiliate programs with a fence to regulate their affiliates strictly. They do so in order to limit any sort of misrepresentation of their brand and more. However, if you come up with a program that provides a lot of freedom, you must look a little close. Look for other things as well and look at the rate of conversion before other things. 

Sign Up for Numerous Qualified Best Affiliate Program for Blog

Now that you have found all the filters in choosing an affiliate program, you need to sign up for all the programs that have stood out through the four phases of the filter. However, not all affiliate programs are available across all countries, and that is a major restriction. But it does not mean that if you are an affiliate marketer who lives outside of a preferred country range, it does not disqualify you completely. 

Say, you live in the Philippines, but you have to send American traffic to a program because it only prefers or is looking for American traffic. If you can send them such traffic, then you will be able to work fine. 

Make sure to go through the list of accepted countries first.

Best Affiliate Program for Blog

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