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AI-based SaaS Service: Akhil Suresh, Xena Intelligence’s Founder

AI-based SaaS Service: Akhil Suresh, Xena Intelligence’s Founder

AI-based Saas Service – Xena Intelligence is an AI-based SaaS service that helps you boost your Amazon or other e-commerce platform sales. Xena is a SaaS service that integrates with your Amazon, Walmart, Shopify & other e-commerce platforms. It helps to boost your sales through an AI proprietary algorithm powered by intelligent data analytics.

The company CEO and Founder, Akhil Suresh, is now making about $15,000+ per month from his Xena Intelligence. Their clients have created a total revenue of about $250,000+ through Xena.

Today, in this video, we will talk about the story behind Akhil Suresh. We’ll also talk about how he came across this advanced AI SaaS service.

Who is Akhil Suresh, and what does he do?

Akhil is the CEO and Founder of his e-commerce assistance SaaS service: Xena Intelligence. He’s about 30 years old and lives in Boston, MA. Akhil has an engineering background, but he got an MBA degree from Babson College in Massachusetts.

Akhil is currently working on his company: Xena Intelligence. The company provides a SaaS platform that uses an AI algorithm. The algorithm provides intelligent data analytics, designed to help e-commerce sell more on Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and many other e-commerce platforms.

Akhil says that their company works on a subscription-based business model. The unique thing is that the first charge you a fixed fee + percentage of profit that Xena will bring to your e-commerce business.

The background and idea behind Xena Intelligence.

AI-based SaaS Service

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In an interview, Akhil says he immigrated from India to the USA with an engineering degree. After that, he did MBA from Boston College. If we talk about his company Xena which earns him more than $15,000 in a month, he said that Xena was a fun project.

“ I started Xena as a fun side project as an experiment. I already had a marketing consulting company for small businesses before the Xena.”

The idea came up in his mind since he observed a huge need for automation and software services for e-commerce sellers, which can help them handle their sales and growth more efficiently and save time because the manual process of running campaigns and analyzing data is highly time-consuming. Secondly, a manual calculation can never basso accurate as compared to the processing done by a computer program.

Akhil’s idea was to automate the whole process and let the e-commerce sellers optimize their future sales through a computer program and intelligent algorithm. This was the fundamental base of Xena Intelligence. His experience with small businesses gave him better insights into what a small-scale e-commerce seller could need. That’s how he built an efficient SaaS platform for small-scale e-commerce sellers, which helps them do their ad campaigns efficiently and helps to grow their sales.

The journey of an idea from the product

Akhil started a marketing consultancy company for small-scale businesses. During his work with those businesses, he realized a huge gap in the market for online selling automated management. At that time, no such system existed in the market that offered an automated management tool for e-commerce sellers. This was when the idea of automated e-commerce management for small e-commerce sellers appeared in his mind.

However, the biggest obstacle in his startup of Xena was to convince the sellers to let Xena handle their account. Moreover, this obstacle became more considerable when the clients asked about their experience regarding e-commerce because Akhil said, “we’d no prior experience on experience”. Luckily he got some clients in the first stage, leading the Xena from an idea to a full-fledged SaaS tool.

Marketing Strategies used by Akhil

Akhil’s strategy was to position himself as a market expert in e-commerce on a smaller scale. He did many seminars, webinars and different e-commerce sessions to market his business to his potential customers. Now, you might wonder why he chose these seminars and business sessions for marketing instead of traditional advertising?

It’s because Akhil knows that small businesses have heavily relied on word of mouth. That’s why he chose seminars and webinars so that people will understand his business model, and they’ll spread his business through word of mouth. As a result, he found traction for his business model and got people’s queries and emails.

What is Akhil doing today?

In one interview, Akhil said that he’s currently working on his Xena Intelligence. He now has over four clients who are handling more than 250 products on Amazon. Moreover, Akhil revealed that all four clients generate about $250k from their Amazon through the Xena platform.

According to some journalists, if we talk about how much his company generates in a month, Akhil is generating over $15,000+ in a month. He has a team of five people + some B2B software that assists him in his business. Akhil said that his future goal is to expand his business from small scale to enterprise-level clients.

The main lessons that Akhil has learned from his life

Akhil says that the most important lesson that he has learned from his life is persistence.

“A river cut through the rocks, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”

He shares that the worst thing in every business person or entrepreneur is getting influenced by negative comments by the market. Moreover, overcoming what others think about you or observation is the constant battle that every entrepreneur and business person has to face. This ability can conquer any impossible thing in life because people who think about the impossible are the ones who conquer impossible things. Similarly, the rule of society is to stop and criticise those people for doing something unique that nobody has done in the past.

Mistakes that Akhil has to face and how does he get rid of those?

The biggest problem with Akhil was the doubt of whether the project in which he’s investing and developing is worthwhile or if it’s just a waste of time. Because, if this idea is valuable, why hasn’t anyone ever thought about it in the past?

At early stages, he thought that his startup was nothing more than just an imaginary wish which hasn’t anything to do with practical life, and anyone can find mistakes in your idea. He said that he kept working on his idea, and it was a terrible thing to spend day and night on a business idea that has a very high probability of failing.


Starting from a doubtful business idea, peer pressure, and a high probability of getting failed, today, Akhil is a successful entrepreneur who’s running his own SaaS platform: Xena Intelligence. He converted his unique idea to a product, and the result is $15,000+ per month revenue. It’s all because of his out-of-the-box business idea that no one had ever thought of in the past.

“Never give up on your business idea, just because no one has ever done it in the past.”

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