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Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in 2021

Affiliate Marketing Platforms: 18 Best Alternatives to Grow Your Online Business

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Affiliate marketing platforms – The word affiliate marketing refers to a program or system where the affiliate earns commission by marketing products of third-party products. Affiliate marketing is the best marketing method in digital marketing.

Many marketers learn affiliate vending not only through business schools and universities but by learning trading or hawking courses online as well.

Affiliate marketing usually involves a group of three people.

The first person or company is known as the seller, who’ll be responsible for selling and managing the products to market. He usually has the highest amount of investment.

The second company is known as the network. The network is responsible for giving the platform to affiliates to choose which product they want to promote. It also handles all the sellers’ and affiliates’ payments, provides unique tracking links to affiliates, and manages all the things behind that affiliate link.

The third person is you, the affiliate.

Affiliate is responsible for promoting the products to his audience. As a bounty, the affiliate will earn a small commission from each made by his unique affiliate link.

In this article, we’re going to review the 18 best affiliate marketing platforms for your business to get more leads and increase sales! So let’s get into it!

18 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in 2021


affiliate marketing platform

GetRewardful is a completely SaaS-based platform where business owners can create their own subscription-based SaaS services. The payment and invoicing are all handled by Stripe, and users can integrate their GetRewardful’s SaaS service with their website.

After configuring the campaign and Stripe, the package will get live on GetRewarful service. When it comes to affiliate marketing in GetRewardful, yes, they also offer an affiliate program. Different affiliates can join this website as an affiliate.

They could be bloggers, social media influencers, or agencies. The affiliate then can choose any paid SaaS campaign and GetRewarful will provide them a unique affiliate link. The affiliate will earn a commission when a customer subscribes to that campaign through their unique affiliate link. Now, when it comes to the commission, it is completely dynamic. Every campaign owner can adjust the commission according to his choice. However, we recommend you to join the campaign that offers at least 10-20%. We don’t know about the life of their tracking cookie, but we guess they offer a 30-days tracking cookie. You can use Stripe, PayPal, or Payoneer to withdraw your commission profit.

Getrewardful Pros

  • SaaS-based products that provide high conversions.
  • 30-days tracking cookie life.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party websites

Getrewardful Cons

  • It takes 30 days to receive your funds in your bank account.

Getrewardful Price

affiliate marketing platform

Tapfiliate – Affiliate marketing platform

affiliate marketing platform

Tapffliate is a SaaS-based service that offers digital business owners to create their own affiliate marketing programs to increase sales. It helps online businesses by letting them create their referral programs and allow another 3rd party affiliate to join their program and drive the audience to their business.

The website owner will integrate the Tapfliate with his website by placing a code of automated bot in his website. The owner can then create any campaign, SaaS subscription, or just sell his products on the website.

If an affiliate gets interested in his products, he can sign-up through Tapfilliate and get access to the referral programs of the respected website. Tapfiliate will give the affiliate a unique tracking affiliate link so that all the customers that came from the affiliate’s link can be traced.

Whenever the customer that is redirected from the affiliate’s link makes a purchase, Tapfiliate will detect it and track the activity of the customer. If the customer makes a purchase within 30 days, the affiliate will get the reward as a small amount of commission from the total sale.

Tapfiliate Pros

  • Easy integration with websites
  • Easy to sign-up as an affiliate
  • Keeps tracking of activities of the customers

Tapfiliate Cons

  • Doesn’t offer campaigns on their own website.

Tapfiliate Price

affiliate marketing platform

LeadDyno – Affiliate marketing platform

affiliate marketing platform

LeadDyno is an all-in-one affiliate tracking service that allows e-commerce and

The SaaS-based websites run their affiliate programs and loyalty networks that increase their sales and profit. It works on the simple basis of commission. You install the API and integrate the LeadDyno with your website. Create and configure your affiliate program and get it live and it’s simply the best affiliate marketing platform we’ve ever seen.

The affiliates will visit your website, and if they find it interesting to work with your website as an affiliate, they can sign-up through LeadDyno and start promoting your website’s products to their audience.

LeadDyno allows you to create an affiliate portal for your affiliate where they can keep track of every sale, click, and conversion. On the main admin dashboard, the website owner can see and track all the campaigns, leads, visitors, total joined affiliate, and purchased items. Not just that, you can also send emails to your affiliate so that they’ll know about your referral program.

Leaddyno Pros

  • Supports more than 20 most popular integrations.
  • Dedicated admin panel for keeping track of your affiliate’s
  • Dedicated dashboard for an affiliate.

Leaddyno Cons

  • They don’t support Payoneer, so people, where PayPal and Stripe aren’t supported may face difficulty.

Leaddyno Price

Refersion – Affiliate marketing platform

No matter what you are selling online, creating an affiliate referral program is a great way to effectively grow sales and drive leads. Refersion makes affiliate marketing easy, and with their live checklist, you can get go live in seven minutes or less. Instantly connect your shopping cart, customize your affiliate registration page with branded colors and special fields and start tracking orders immediately.

In addition to links, Refersion is one of the few platforms to support tracking through unique coupon codes as well as SKU. Finding affiliates is now simpler than ever with their post-purchase channel that converts customers into affiliates and the reversion marketplace directory that helps bring affiliates to you.

Each of your affiliates will have their own personal dashboard where they can share their link, grab embeddable banners for their personal site, and track activity in real-time. You can stay in the loop with affiliates. Using the email channel, easily edit and auto send notifications to affiliates on different events. For example, upon approval of their account, when they referred a new sale or when they have a payment headed their way. It’s simply the best affiliate marketing platform for newly started businesses.

Refersion Pros

  • Easy integration with Shopify and PayPal
  • Customize the dashboard in the way you want
  • Allows you to send custom emails to the affiliates when they complete the desired action.

Refersion Cons

  • The prices are a bit higher.

Refersion Price

Post Affiliate Pro – Affiliate marketing platform

Post Affiliate Pro is a cloud-based SaaS tool that offers digital business owners to increase their sales and gain leads through starting running an affiliate program. It works by offering the business owners to create their affiliate programs, referral programs, or voucher promotions.

You don’t need any HTML knowledge; everything on this tool is completely GUI-based. It lets you easily create your affiliate programs so that other people will promote your products, and they’ll earn a commission from every sale they made.

The tool gives you the ability to track all your registered affiliates, their performance, total sales made by affiliated customers, and even their location as well. You can reward your high-performing affiliates so that they’ll continue to work with you with the same motivation in the future.

Besides rewards, you can disable the inactive user account to save space for other affiliates. With over 170+ payment integrations, you don’t need to worry about the payment system. All you need to do is to add the code HTML code to your website, and Post Affiliate Pro will handle the rest.

Post Affiliate Pro Pros

  • Fraud protection
  • Automatically detects bot traffic.
  • Excellent customer care
  • Offers more than 50+ integrations

Post Affiliate Pro Cons

  • Nothing unique. Others offer the same service at the same price tag.

Post Affiliate Pro Price

First Promoter – Affiliate marketing platform

The first promoter is one of the most advanced and high-tech affiliate tracking systems that we’ve seen so far. It works on the system of tracking the links of affiliates. First Promoter allows you to create affiliate campaigns, vouchers, and referral programs. The affiliates will have their own dashboard where they can see all the performance of their redirected audience and the total amount of commission of the current month.

You’ll have access to the admin panel, where you can keep an eye on all of your registered affiliate’s performance and the total invoice to be paid to your affiliates. If we are talking about payments, we would also like to mention that you can easily pay thousands of affiliates in just one click. Through its integration, you can directly link your PayPal or Stripe account with the First Promoter. The payout amount will be deducted from your integrated patent system. It also offers fraud detecting AI, which automatically recognizes bot traffic and bans those affiliates who use bot traffic to scam your campaign.

First Promoter Pros

  • A most advanced type of affiliate tracking service
  • Set your own dynamic commission rates.
  • Additional campaign bonuses are supported.

First Promoter Cons

  • Not good for e-commerce websites that sell physical goods.

First Promoter Price

Ambassador – Affiliate marketing platform

Without effective brand ambassadors promoting, it’s difficult to gain mind share and market share. Ambassador is the only platform that automates and scales all your relationship marketing efforts like customer referrals, affiliates, influencers,d partner programs. From easy sharing experiences tracking and attribution to custom rewards and commission fulfillment ambassadors and their world-class success team allow you to manage and optimize all these programs with Ambassador. B2C and B2B brands can now rapidly implement and own the entire experience with features like simple website integration, branded share links, a visual editor to design and update your program in real-time. It also provides dashboards for your brand ambassadors to see their individual results. Their direct integration with CRM, e-commerce, and billing applications, plus an open API, allow you to customize your program and reward specific goals like purchases, leads, downloads, or revenue thresholds. Robust analytics give your team the information necessary to continually optimize for success. Referred customers spend more and are more loyal and more likely to make referrals.

Ambassador Pros

  • Best for large scale businesses
  • Send payments in one click
  • Free API supported

Ambassador Cons

  • The dashboard might be complicated for some new users.

Ambassador Price

iDev Affiliates – Affiliate marketing platform

iDev Affiliate is an online tool that allows you to create affiliate campaigns and manage them. According to our research, iDev affiliates is the oldest affiliate tracking platform on the internet.

They offer the business owners to create and keep track of all of their affiliate promotions or campaigns. Users can configure their website with iDev’s API so that you can create and configure the campaign in steps. All you need to do is to complete the ten steps configuration for your website, and your campaign will get a life!

You can send the email promotions to your registered or subscribed users to increase the number of your affiliates. The best thing that we like about the iDev affiliate is that they offer your affiliate’s the ability to share content directly from their affiliate accounts.

In this way, you can easily build your business presence on social media as well. Moreover, you can send direct coupon codes to your affiliates. So that the buyer will get a discount, you’ll get a sale, and the affiliate gets a discount!

iDev Affiliates Pro

  • Easy integration with social media accounts
  • 10 steps configuration and launch your affiliates program in a matter of minutes
  • Let your affiliate share the products on social media through their account

iDev Affiliates Cons

  • You don’t have an option to buy a customized enterprise package.

iDev Affiliates Price

Impact Radius – Affiliate marketing platform

The impact is not just an affiliate network but a complete solution for digital businesses. They provide solutions to digital businesses and help them to solve their common problem. The main services they offer are email hosting, mobile apps, and affiliate.

But here, our main focus is on their affiliate system. Impact website is basically not an affiliate tracking website, and you don’t need to install and create the affiliate promotion sign-up page on your website.

Instead, the affiliate will contact you through impact. You can say it’s a marketplace where the seller and affiliate can contact each other through the Impact website. All you need to create your affiliate campaign, make it live on the impact, and that’s it.

The impact will send you some highly professional affiliate. You can shortlist and send them a proposal to join your campaign. Sellers can also apply for your campaign through their own accounts.

You can review their past performance and make decisions wisely. The seller and affiliate will have their own dashboard, and you don’t need to contact the affiliate yourself. The impact will do this task for you!

Impact Radius Pros

  • Excellent if your website doesn’t have enough traffic.
  • You don’t need to install the Affiliate program sign-up page on your website. BEcause affiliate’s can join your campaign on Impact’s website.
  • No coding required

Impact Radius Cons

  • Some spammers also exist in this marketplace, just like other marketplaces.
  • High price

Impact Radius Price


ShareASale Affiliate marketing platform

ShareASale is a completely different and unique affiliate marketing platform for both affiliates and for sellers. All you’ve to do is just install the tracking code on your website so that ShareASale can track the sales and actions made by affiliates.

You don’t need to make an affiliate campaign on your website and search for affiliates yourself. Instead, the company will provide your affiliates. You create your affiliate campaigns, set commission, minimum order value, category, and all that TOS for your campaign.

The ShareASale team will review your campaign and make it live on the platforms. Therefore, you can say it is a marketplace where merchants and affiliates can contact each other. On the affiliate’s account, they can see your campaign; if they find it interesting, they can apply for it.

You’ll see their applications on your ShareASale merchant’s dashboard and select your partners wisely. However, its subscription fee for the merchant is extremely high (550$), which doesn’t make it good for small businesses or websites.

ShareASale Pros

  • No need to create the Affiliate Sign-up page on your website.
  • No need to search for an affiliate by yourself; ShareASale will do it for you.
  • Transparent and real-time updates on the dashboard

ShareASale Cons

  • Extremely big hidden changes.

ShareASale Price


ClickBank Affiliate marketing platform

ClickBank is the Affiliate marketing platform for both merchants and for the affiliates. We’re not just telling you randomly. In 2018, it became the first affiliate platform that crossed the total revenue (paid) of 3.1 billion USD.

Now, in the current date of 2021, it has currently paid over 4.2 billion USD to the affiliates, and still, no one can beat him. With the highest number of affiliates in the world, it makes it the best place for merchants to start their campaigns on ClickBank.

The thing that we like about ClickBank is that they don’t charge a high amount of money and no hidden charges. You only pay what you see, no hidden charges. Another main benefit of using ClickBank is that you don’t have to worry about the affiliates to invite them.

Just like ShareASale, ClickBank will send you the affiliate’s proposal so that you can choose them wisely. You’ll pay one time 50$ for each campaign and 7.5% of Clickbank commission with a 1.5$ fix transaction fee every time.

ClickBank Pros

  • Best for small businesses
  • Get rid of inviting affiliates yourself
  • Low cost and no hidden charges

ClickBank Cons

  • Spammers are also a part of every popular marketplace.

ClickBank Price


FlexOffers Affiliate marketing platform

FlexOffer is an online SaaS-based service that offers solutions to digital businesses to help them in growing their brand and increase their sales. They help those companies by offering them an affiliate program where other people will promote their business, and as a result, the business will pay them a fixed amount of commission on every sale the affiliate will make.

You don’t need to find an affiliate yourself, FlexOffer will send many high-performing affiliates to you, or you can contact them through FlexOffer.

However, their work is a bit different from Clickbank, but one thing which is common in FO and CB is that they serve as a marketplace for both publishers and affiliates.

FlexOffer may contact you and offer you only three conditions.

  1. If your website is already running an affiliate program,
  2. You don’t have an affiliate program but are willing to invest to gain more customers.
  3. Or you can apply for the affiliate campaign by yourself by visiting their website.

FlexOffer Pros

  • Sends only targeted affiliate’s who already have worked in your niche before
  • Best for mid-size companies who wants to increase their customers

FlexOffer Cons

  • The security fee is a bit higher: 120$.

FlexOffer Price


Awin Affiliate marketing platform

Affiliate marketing platform

Awin is an award-winning online marketing platform for publishers and for advertisers. Awin is the second biggest affiliate marketing platform after ClickBank that has a network of 15,000 affiliates and 200,000 active affiliate’s currently working on the platform.

Awin marketplace is basically designed for large businesses and agencies to offer them marketing solutions and help them to grow their brand through affiliate marketing.

However, for new businesses and beginners, they’ve introduced “Awin Access.” Specifically designed for entry-level businesses with low-cost subscriptions and low commission fees.

In Awin Access, you can’t earn the traffic like normal packages, but enough to make your entry-level brand popular and earn leads. This concept makes it the best affiliate marketing platform for all kinds of businesses,

Awin Pros

  • Low-cost start-up
  • No monthly fee. No hidden charges.
  • Awin Access is best for entry-level businesses.

Awin Cons

  • Affiliate is 14x higher than advertisers.

Awin Price

Affiliate marketing platform

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate marketing platform

Affiliate marketing platform

CJ Affiliate is another best affiliate marketing platform for merchants. It works on the basis of campaigns. You need to make your affiliate campaigns, publish them on the website, and CJ Affiliate will handle the rest.

The CJ affiliate will promote your campaigns to the affiliates available on their platform. The affiliate can apply for your campaign, and you’ll receive their applications on your admin dashboard. If we talk about their commission, you can set the commission amount by yourself.

But remember, the higher commission you pay, the more authentic and large audience-based affiliates will contact you. If we talk about the pricing of CJ Affiliate, they’ll charge you about $3000 for the first time. It includes all the registration fees, security deposit, and all required fees. Not just that, you’ll have to pay a 500$ monthly fee to CJ Affiliate.

Therefore, we will only recommend this platform to you if your website is large enough to pay for its purchase with your profits. But believe us, the affiliates of CJ Affiliate are targeted and give you wish conversion rates than any company can give you.

CJ Affiliate Pros

  • CJ worked with some of the biggest multi-national company
  • Only sends targeted affiliate to you
  • Best for large scale businesses

CJ Affiliate Cons

  • The pricing of CJ isn’t suitable for small businesses.

CJ Affiliate Price

Affiliate marketing platform

Avangate Affiliate

Avanggate Affiliate marketing platform

Affiliate marketing platform

Avangate Affiliate is a cloud-based affiliate network that works just like ClickBank or ShareASale. It’s based on the marketplace concept where both affiliate and publisher can contact each other in one place.

You can publish and submit your products on the Avangate that you want to promote. Must select the accurate category because your product will rank in that category. The affiliates can contact you themselves, or you can search for some high-performing affiliates and send them a proposal. It’s that simple!

According to Avangate itself, they have more than 50,000 affiliates that are currently working on promoting your business to their audience. One main drawback of Avangate is that they don’t have any Android or IOS app, so that you can only use its web version on your phone.

There is a one-time fee that is dynamic according to your product. Their agents will decide the fees to charge you after looking at your products. The only thing we know is that they charge 3.5% of commission + 1$ fix amount every time when you pay to affiliates.

Avangate Network Pros

  • Over 50k network of affiliate’s
  • Best for mid-size businesses
  • Dynamic subscription fee

Avangate Network Cons

  • No Android or IOS app

Avangate Network Price

Max Bounty

Max Bounty Affiliate marketing platform

Affiliate marketing platform

Mx Bounty is a cost-per-action affiliate marketing platform that works on the basis of the CPA model. You’ll pay the affiliate only when his referred audience takes the desired action on your website, like purchasing or subscribing to anything else on your website.

Whereas another affiliate website also works on CPI (cost-per-impression.) CPI model is also beneficial that lets your visitor hover over your website and may possible that in future he purchase the service from you when needed. You’ll pay the affiliate when the visitor visits and views your website. But in CPA, no matter how many impressions you get, you’ll only pay the affiliate if his audience makes a purchase.

The same applies to Maxbounty, it works on a PPC model, and you’ll pay your affiliate on a PPC basis. All you need is to sign-up on the platform, pay the subscription charge, and get your campaign live!

The affiliate can see your affiliate campaign and may contact you if they find it interested. However, if we talk about the pricing of Maxbounty, they didn’t mention it on their website. We guess it’s dynamic, and you need to quote the pricing by contacting them. But we know enough that they charge a one-time fee for the campaign + security deposit and a commission fee + transaction fee when you pay the affiliates.

Maxbounty Pros

  • PPC based affiliate marketing
  • No CPI (cost-per-impression) payouts

Maxbounty Cons

  • A low number of affiliates because they don’t support CPI.

Maxbounty Price

Partner Stack

Partner Stack Affiliate marketing platform

Affiliate marketing platform

Partner Stack is an online SaaS-based affiliate marketing program that helps small and large-scale businesses to grow their company and increase more sales. It works on the basis of affiliate marketing where the publisher, also called affiliate promotes the advertiser’s product to his audience, and as a reward, Partner Stack pays him a small amount of commission according to the value of the sale.

The thing that we like about the Partner Stack is their subscription fee. Unbelievably, they only charge 25$ for your product campaign.

In comparison, other companies charge at least 50-70$, it’s way affordable! They didn’t mention the commission they charge from you, we guess you need to contact them for this inquiry. If you’ve ever used CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, or ShareASale then PartnerStack would be perfect for you.

Partnerstack Pros

  • Beautiful and modern UI
  • Great customer service
  • Trusted by top-notch affiliates

Partnerstack Cons

  • Not optimized for smartphones

Partnerstack Price


SkimLinks Affiliate marketing platform

Affiliate marketing platform

SkimLinks is a unique affiliate marketing platform that works on the basis of different marketing models. One thing that we liked about the SkimLinks is that this platform is suitable for almost any kind of business.

Whether you need just impressions, sign-ups, sales, you can choose SkimLinks to find affiliates for your website. Whereas, most of the other website’s doesn’t offer this feature. The merchant can choose the commission method that could be CPA , PPS, or CPI.

In CPA, you pay the affiliate when his referred audience takes any desired action except purchasing. Like sign-up, form filling or anything that you choose. PPC means that you pay commission only when his audience purchases something from you.

CPI means that you pay when the audience visits your website. You can adjust the commission amount by yourself. All these features make SkimLinks one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for anykind of business.

Skimlinks Pros

  • Support CPC, CPA and CPI models.
  • Best for almost anykind of businesses

Skimlinks Cons

  • Low number of affiliates

Skimlinks Price

How to Choose the Best affiliate marketing platform for Your Business

Now, the question that appears is that there are thousands of affiliate marketing platforms out there on the internet. So what platform should you choose for your affiliate marketing? Below we’ve written a small guide and explained as short as we can that how can you choose an ideal best affiliate marketing platform for your business:-

Fits within your niche

One thing that you should remember is to always work with a platform that offers your niche and has affiliates working on your niche. However, this idea has nothing to do with non-marketplace-based networks, because there you choose the affiliate of your own choice.

In the case of affiliate platforms, we recommend you first have a look if they already have some active campaigns on your niche or not. So that you can identify if that platform is good for your business or not. It’s important that the platform you’re choosing already has some active campaigns on your respective category because affiliates commonly choose those categories that have the highest number of campaigns.

Commission levels and earnings

Commission levels mean the amount of commission they deduct whenever the sale is made from an affiliate. Here, it’s not that one-time subscribing fees that the platform charges from your when getting your product live.

It’s the commission fee that the network deducts when your affiliate makes a sale. For example, if an affiliate earns 10% commission then your affiliate network will charge 2-3% additionally. However, most of the time affiliates have to face this fee, you only pay the subscribing fee. When you pay the affiliate, the marketplace deducts commission from your payout and then sends the final payout to the affiliate.

Platform support

Customer service in every business matters a lot. If you’re running a business that doesn’t have good customer support, then you can never get success in your business.

The first thing that people look for before paying to any business, is the quality of customer assistance of that business. The same applies to affiliate program companies.

The best affiliate marketing platform must have good engaging customer support. There is no tolerance for customer care, if your chosen platform has bad customer support, then remember, you’ll never have a good experience with that company. Suppose, something goes wrong, you contacted them, but their customer support is worse and they solve your problem, what would you do? Not just that, the CS of any business shows how good and loyal they are with their customers. So never ever work with a company that has bad custom care.

Platform reputation

Platform reputation means how popular the platform is and how many affiliates they’ve. Working with a platform that doesn’t have a large number of affiliates is just a waste of time.

Platforms like CJ Affiliate, ClickBank and ShareASale, all have a good reputation and are the best affiliate marketing platforms. However, the reputation of the brand doesn’t decide whether it’s worth buying or not, but it shows that the company is trustable.

Platform Portfolio

Platform’s portfolio means their partnerships and for which companies they’ve worked before in the past. We advise you not to believe what the company says on its homepage, whatever they say. For example, some companies even say that they have worked seriously with Amazon and Microsoft.

That’s why we recommend you to read their reviews from third-party reviewers. Only they can tell you the truth! Just search your desired affiliate network on Google and you can see many third-party websites that have already written an honest review on that company.


Affiliate marketing is getting more and more popular these days. It’s because of the fact that digital business has drastically increased. We bet that there are millions of businesses already out there on the internet and they are going successful.

So now the question that appears is how you can reach out to your customers and run your game when there’re already good players on the ground? That’s when affiliate marketing comes. It’s all about growing your brand and increasing sales. A third-party person promotes your brand to its audience.

His audience visits your website and may purchase a product if they like. As a reward, you pay a small amount of commission from the sale he made. Affiliate networks allow you to connect merchants and affiliates to connect with each other and as a result, they charge some small amount of money from both sellers and merchants.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best affiliate marketing platforms for your business!

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