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7 popular misconceptions when creating a logo

Creating a logo – Logo design has always been one of the mysterious aspects of branding. Some confuse a logo with a brand, while others assume that a logo is only a marker for an organization. Irrespective of the efforts big organizations and small businesses invest in creating a logo; they encounter the risks of inappropriate perception of the logo. For example, if your logo has a font similar to that of your competitor, your brand’s reputation is at stake. 

In such cases, you should take a step back and think about the efforts invested in designing your logo. Therefore, you cannot let the investment in logo design go to waste, and you can achieve the same with the best practices for logo design. The following post helps you reflect on one of the most important practices in logo design, i.e., avoiding myths. 

How Can Myths about Logo Design Affect a Brand?

The significance of a logo for brands is undeniable in any sector. On the other hand, logo design is a creative and intensive process that incorporates various aspects of the organization. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you avoid common misconceptions which can influence your logo design. You must learn about general misconceptions regarding graphic design here. The origins of graphic design date back to the early 20th century, with an introduction to the term “Graphic Designer” in 1922. Gradually, graphic design became widely prevalent for the development of visual materials such as posters, signage, and print ads. 

As time passed and technological advancements made their way into graphic design, it expanded into a global industry. On the other hand, the multiple definitions and methods used for graphic design over the years have spurred some notable myths about the term. The same applies to logo design, which can result in critical consequences when left unattended. For example, people assume that graphic design in logos is all about branding. As you can notice, it is quite difficult to determine the thin line of difference between truth and myth about logo design.

Myths about Logo Design 

The journey of a business owner in logo design starts with the rebranding, refreshment, and creation of new logos for the company. However, a lack of research and information could end up with prominent setbacks for the organization. You can explore multiple resources on the importance for marketing of your business. On the other hand, it is also important to identify some misunderstandings in the logo design process, which could affect the final result. Here are some of the notable misconceptions about the logo design process. 

  1. The Idea of a Perfect Logo

One of the top myths about logo design is the idea of a perfect logo. Business leaders and managers seek the ideal branding strategy for their company, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, setting the bar of expectations too high would not offer any viable results for the organization. Managers could attend to their primary responsibilities without searching for the perfect logo. The logo builds the reputation of a brand gradually as customers associate it with positive brand experiences.

  1. Pushing the Designers Gets the Job Done

The impact of unrealistic expectations also translates to designers. As the opportunities for lowering costs gain priority, small business owners and leaders are likely to consider investments. In such cases, business owners assume that the logo is insignificant. You can learn more about the impact of unrealistic expectations in logo design. Companies generally assume logo design services as costs, thereby reducing the possibilities of engagement with graphic designers. But only graphic design software can cost a lot. The solution points to offering room for creativity to logo designers along with more significant limits on resources.

  1. Hiring a Good Designer Gets a Good Logo

Another common misconception about logo design is the fact that you can hire a good designer and you would have a good logo. You can see how difficult it is to deny such a claim. However, most leaders and company owners think that a logo would awe their customers. Now, this creates the possibility of another set of unrealistic expectations, even for the best designers. Remember that your logo must look good, but your customers come for your products and services. 

  1. Logo Design is a Sequential Process

Business owners also have a common misconception about logo design with respect to the methodology of logo design. It is right to believe that a logo design process starts with the basic design of the logo in black and white, followed by colors and then the font. However, there is no specific restriction on how you want to design the logo, as you can work on all these elements simultaneously. 

  1. Looking for Many Alternatives

The next addition among the myths regarding logo design points to the selection of multiple alternatives. New business owners would love to check out many options for finding the perfect design for their logo. However, it is also important to understand that there is a specific limit on the number of options you can consider. Multiple logo ideas could land you in confusion, and you might miss out on good designs. 

  1. Different Agencies Do the Job Perfectly

The list of myths about logo design also includes references to the way businesses prefer to approach the service. For example, seeking different components of a logo in parallel from different vendors seems like a plausible idea. On the contrary, you would have to compromise on the synergy between different processes of logo design. 

  1. Logo Design Needs to Be Trendy

The most important myth about logo design is that logo design must follow the latest trends. Graphic design is a creative industry, and many new trends come and go within a quick span of time. Nobody knows what design will be popular tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance between existing trends and aspects of timeless design. 

Are You Ready to Design Your Logo?

The overview of myths regarding logo design shows that a professional logo design service provider could offer significant value advantages. Brands should focus on ensuring that their logo design stays close to their values, beliefs, and customer experiences. Learn more about logo design services tailored to specific brand required

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